26 thoughts on “LSE Events | Prof. Richard Rumelt | Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: the difference and why it matters”

  • Why negative comments? Be grateful such a long informative presentation was put on
    YouTube for free. btw He is a professor. What more do you want. Thank you for your insight.

  • General motors went down for other reasons. While product differentiation is a valid strategy for other type of industries, not necessarily for automotive. Good strategy is to fill in all price ranges along with quality products to prevent newcomers from entering unattended niches. Having competing products within an organization prevents outside competition from stepping in..specially y high volume markets.

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  • For everyone who seems to comment, on what a good "strategy" is are rather infuriating. If you know anything about business let alone strategy, you would understand that strategy is only relevant to your specific circumstances. There is no blanket just theories which may help you tailor your own strategy. So anyone who has commented on the lack of a good "strategy" must seek to learn more about the topic.

  • Feel bad for those who had to sit through this and are vaguely familiar with history. Usually very suspicious of people who speak in near absolutes with little to no calibration or hedging of thoughts. Prefer Lawrence Freedman for strategy talk.

  • I wasn't keen on the presentation style or examples used in the presentation BUT I did think the presenter was really pretty good in the questions and answers section starting at about 1:09:00

  • he say:" make action coherent" and show a lot of example and then he say: " number 3, insight"
    which one is number two?????

  • Damien Bates says:

    What a load of hot air and fluff. If only he would spend more time actually talking about good strategy that was relevant.

  • Interesting and engaging. The timeline for the comments for a 5 year old recording really speaks to how this topic is still relevant and challenging.

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