Lost Media That Never Existed | blameitonjorge

Lost Media That Never Existed | blameitonjorge

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on your first device by going to – lang comm forward slash quartet then if you want to go premium you can use the promo code whore head to get 10% off things to get a – Lang for sponsoring this video when it comes to lost media rumors can run wrap it with little to no evidence whatsoever I mean it's incredibly easy to make up something and say that it's simply lost the time to explain why you don't have any proof to back up your claims sometimes information is even readily available that showcases how these don't exist yeah we just don't accept them because it's the mystery that these things could exist that's so exciting well today we're going to be looking at that information to debunk some of these rumors let's take a look at lost media that never existed with an episode title like special ed it's just begging for urban legends and rumors to pop up this episode of Edie Edie and Eddie was a proposed concept during the creation of the series in the 1990s the only evidence that confirms this episode was planned comes from a interview of series creator Danny Antonucci where he stated that the episode never came to fruition do the being too real no storyboards or scripts were created so any actual information about the content of the episode remains unknown despite this many people believe that materials were created for the episode and just became lost due to time this was debunked on October 10th 2016 when bedhead Burnie proved that this episode never got past the concept stage citing a query with a storyboard artist from the show that nobody from aka cartoon the production company behind the series remembered anything about the episode cementing its status as a simple idea that never made it past a few talks it's unknown what Antonucci could have meant by 2-wheel but given the title of the episode perhaps it focus on mental health or genetic disorders while we're on the topic of and antonetti there are a few video games space on de series have been made over the years jawbreakers on the Gameboy Advance scam but a century on two DS and the miss adventures on basically everything available at the time granted that's only three titles but for a single series that's actually pretty impressive according to the rumor though it was almost four titles instead junkyard scramble was a rumored Game Boy Color game based on the series developed by crawfish interactive and published by BAM entertainment it was thought to be a puzzle game that would cost around $29.99 it even had a page on IGN and an eBay listing for it most believe the game was cancelled in favour of jawbreakers onto Game Boy Advance which was also published by BAM but was a platformer instead of a puzzle game all rumors of this game's existence came to an abrupt halt on October 1st 2017 when lost media wiki user Comi Kidd uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he details his recent interactions with Cameron Shepard who worked at crawfish interactive at the time of this game supposed a development shepard stated that he and several other crawfish employees search for anything related to the game on their computers but couldn't find anything leading us to believe that people simply confuse this game for jawbreakers it's unknown where the title platform and gameplay genre rumors came from but it mostly was like a game a telephone where the truth became more and more distorted with each retelling from 1996 to 2000 Nickelodeon ran a sketch comedy animated series known as KaBlam the series had a total of 48 episodes over its four season run with little to no mystery or events surrounding any of its existence it ended and that was it so why are we talking about it well an episode known as episode 29 appeared on TV comm and Wikipedia episode guides in the early 2000s leading many to believe there was a lost episode of the series now the actual 29th episode was called your logo here and it aired naturally and can be viewed online but the rumor suggested that this was an entirely separate episode that was simply called episode 29 not the actual 29th episode of the series The Plough was rumored to be as follows Henry and June finally and their comic book series June reveals her crush to Henry and kisses him and they say goodbye to their audience however given the high ratings of the series this plot was scrapped in favor of continuing the show this was circulated around the internet for years until December 7th 2015 when the creator of Henry and June mark Marek finally had enough and decided to put the rumor to rest he released a full episode of the series on the KaBlam corner on his websites simply titled episode 29 upon playing the episode it was just your logo here the actual 29th episode of the series this was just his cheeky way of saying episode 29 does not exist in 2011 Marek also loved to comment on a now-defunct fan site where he stated that Henry and June do not have feelings for each other further cementing that this episode never existed however no screenshot was ever taken of this comment so I'm not sure if it's valid many who claim to have seen this episode are most likely confusing it with another episode with a similar premise most descriptions of episode 29 involve being like an award show of sorts which was already a scenario that was explored in the episode resistance is futile and the life with loopy birthday calibration others believe that since episode 29 was supposed to be the finale its segments were repurposed into the life with loopy birthday special after they discover that they were being renewed on a September 1998 TV Guide II confirm stats by showing that the special would I've aired far before episode 29 would have so yeah just another case of people misremembering and mixing up episodes that already existed on April 18th 1983 the Disney Channel launched nationwide along with several original programs such as you and me kid contraption Mouser sighs and welcome to poo corner however rumors were circulating that a fifth original program was meant to premiere alongside these for a series titled dream finders the series was actually advertised in the official Disney Channel Magazine meaning that the show as a concept did actually exist at one point it was described as a show about a group of children in a real world setting coming across problems the dream finder or old Eli as they called him would take the kids to the realm of imagination or they would use their imagination to find a creative solution the villain of the show was known as fear and would try to steer the children into a dark world called the bewilderness although the show never aired an illustration of old Eli appears in the magazine as well as an appearance by him in the countdown to the launch of Disney Channel the search for the series was fairly uneventful until December 12 2016 we're lost media wiki user CSIS NT posted a thread asking for people to help find the series a few days later on the 16th user the rein crafter was able to track down and make contact with a writer for the series who provided him with a script of an episode titled just in time the script along with other information provided by the writer confirmed many of the speculations about the series as well as the description in the magazine the official archives of d23 the fan club website of Disney contains a brief tidbit of information about dream finders dave smith the chief archivist and emeritus confirms that no episodes were ever completed the original series of Pokemon had its fair share of controversial episodes from cyber soldier porygon which caused seizures across Japan to beauty and a beach where there's a scene with James using inflatable breasts that was banned in America there's another episode of rumored to have been dubbed in English but was ultimately banned that being the legend of dirty knee the plot follows a Shinto gang making it to the safari zone then asking the elderly director about the existence of a dirty knee who is being treated as a legendary Pokemon for some reason Ash sees a basket of Safari balls and a fishing rod and eagerly grabs him the director stops them and points a gun at his head which is a pretty fucked up for the series for America Pokemon was dubbed by 4kids entertainment who are known for heavily censoring any sort of controversial themes as well as any reference to Japanese culture for some reason given the presence of a real-ass gun in this episode four kids immediately banded and no English dub was ever produced however footage of this episode was used in the pokerap that for kids produced meaning that they had access to the footage at one point many fans speculated that an English dub did exist but simply was never aired but this was later D confirmed at anime Midwest 2015 by Brock's voice actor Eric Stewart I don't know if you were of the band Pokemon episodes one of which involved a man holding a gun again a shinto gang was there ever an English dub for that specific episode so a good question about banning episode so so so the way it works is this every script every show every episode every every character name all of that stuff goes of the network so yeah it would be great if you could just keep things exactly the way they were but that's not the way Saturday morning cartoons work because it's geared towards children in America so an episode where someone's pointing a gun and it's someone's head might work on the Japanese animator it might work on and don't swim but not for kitchen so all of the tweaks if there's one genre that ruled the 90s it was a 3d platformer thanks to the success of Super Mario 64 spyro the dragon and banjo kazooie it seemed everyone wanted to try their hand at making one well there was one mascot that was there at the early stages of the genre that doesn't get brought up much anymore croc legend of the Gauchos was released on the PlayStation Sega Saturn and Windows in 1997 and was developed by Argonaut Games it was a pretty average 3d platformer following the titular croc as he goes through missions similar to that of Crash Bandicoot despite its average reception croc received a sequel two years later simply titled croc 2 and although both games were pretty mediocre rumors began circulating for years about a third and final croc game to finish off the trilogy titled croc three stone of the gallows it was planned to be released in 2005 but Argonaut Games closed in 2004 leading them to sell the croc IP to ZeniMax Media Inc who continued development croc 3 force for a while after until it was ultimately cancelled truly a sad tell for a finale to what is surely somebody's favorite childhood franchise except that none of that happened all the information above was sent to unseen 64 a website that discusses beta versions and canceled games after reporting the information it was revealed that it was fake after numerous inconsistencies were found such as croc being owned by ZeniMax Media now when in actuality the Wrightson never left the original creator unseen 64 user old classic gamer then decided to contact but this still works a subsidiary Cinemax who confirmed that they did not nor have they ever owned the croc IP only one image was revealed from the prototype of croc 3 and even that was proven to be a fake perhaps there was once a croc three developments but none of the information about it such as its co-op mode or development troubles have anyway to them it's simply a hoax and nothing more


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  • blameitonjorge says:

    Get 10% off Dashlane Premium with checkout code “jorge”: Dashlane.com/jorge

    Consider this video another Lost Media Update video — halfish. I've talked about Special Ed, Dreamfinders, and Episode 29 all before. But they all ended up not existing, I thought I collected them all and make a video about it. Oddly enough this video idea was suggested a looooong time ago, and I just never went for it haha.

  • Nightmarefuel Gamer says:

    The Pokemon episode should have been a no brainier.Why would a company waste time and money on an episode that would never air?You have to pay these voice actors for their time and talent, just to waste it on something no one would ever see.And that wouldn't be cost effective, and those bastards are nothing but cost effective.

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles says:

    Dumbo's Flying Circus & Welcome to Pooh Corner were probably the first TV my little baby eyes ever saw, & after being reminded of them, I find on the Lost Media Wiki that the vast majority of their episodes are lost.

  • If lost media never existed is it really lost media in the first place? Shouldn’t these things have a new term to refer to these pieces of media?

    Just a thought

  • Burning Typhoon says:

    Why do I remember an ed, ed & eddy title card for "special ed" if it doesn't exist?… Something like that would definitely stick out more than the other puns.. -_- What's next? You're going to tell me the tentacool and tentacruel episode from pokemon doesn't exist?…

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  • Thank God that they didn't release that "ED" episode. That "To Real" make me…. uncomfortable. (ALSO DAMN 4KIDS FOR HATING Japanese things!

  • Connie Wonnie OwO says:

    Hey, wait a minute!
    That's Figment!
    The purple dragon from Dreamfinders? That's Figment from "Journey into Imagination"!
    And Journey into Imagination had a character called "The Dreamfinder" in it!
    THAT'S why kids supposedly "used their imagination" to defeat the villain!
    I KNEW this sounded familiar!

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