Loro Parque: ORCA BABY ULA erkundet Orca Ocean 😍 | zoos.media

Loro Parque: ORCA BABY ULA erkundet Orca Ocean 😍 | zoos.media

Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. The moment we found out that Morgan was pregnant we were all really super excited because it’s so awesome to get a baby killer whale. So, the first thing we did, or course, was monitor Morgan really good. We kept track of the whole pregnancy and we did that by doing ultrasounds. In the beginning of the pregnancy, we did ultrasounds about every 2-3 days and the more closer against the birth, those ultrasounds came up so every day. So, we monitored the health of the baby, we monitored the heart rate, we monitored if the baby was growing really good inside of Morgan and so we kept track of health of the baby. For the begining, this all looked really good like the baby was healthy, everything seems perfect inside of Morgan. The closer we came to the birth, Morgan started to get much bigger because of the pregnancy. So, we gave Morgan some more time to rest. She was in the back pools with other animals, she would not participate so much in the shows, so, she could like have a more relaxed pregnancy. The more closer he came to the birth, the more, of course, we had to monitor Morgan. So, about one and a half months before when Ula was born, we actually started doing Night Watch as well. So, 24 hours there was always a trainer present to keep an eye on Morgan to make sure that she was okay and everything went fine. So, what we did was – eventually about a month or three weeks before the birth – we started separating Morgan in the night in the c-pool because that was where she was about to be giving birth and we always give a watchful eye of her and from the beginning till basically the birth, everything looked perfect like the baby looked perfect, Morgan behaved really well during the whole pregnancy. The day of the actual birth – because we didn’t know, of course, when actually Ula was gonna be born, you know? We we had an idea: it could be around the middle of September till the end of September but we didn’t know exactly, of course, which day it was gonna be. So, we were all really nervous around the time like maybe it’s gonna be today, maybe it’s gonna be tomorrow – we didn’t know for sure. Well, I remember really good like on the day of the actual birth, Morgan was in c-pool and we just walked by the glass and suddenly saw like a really small tip of the Ula’s fluke coming out. So, we were like: “oh, it’s gonna be today, it’s gonna be today!” So, it was really really cool. Of course, we called everybody in, all the vets came by, all the trainers were present and we put Morgan in c-pool on her own, so, she should give birth, you know, in the most relaxed way for her. It was really, really awesome to see. We had like trainers everywhere, we had trainers at the glass, we had trainers above. So, we could film and we could see everything, you know, to make sure everything’s gonna go good. It was really awesome to see how slowly, bit by bit, like fluke came out and slowly, slowly a little bit more of Ula’s body. It was coming out and it was pretty nice to see how the fluke developed – because when the fluke comes out, it’s a little bit like that. It’s still closed because inside of Morgan’s body the fluke is really close and the longer it is outside in the water, the fluke starts to open, it starts to come in its natural position and that’s why it’s so important and we were so really good lucky that Ula was born with the fluke first because otherwise, when the head comes first, it’s much more difficult for baby killer whales to come up and use the fluke because it’s still close. So, it’s more difficult for them to swim in the beginning and what the birth process went actually really, really good. Morgan did a perfect job but she did it really fast as well: in about two hours from the beginning to the end Ula was born and Morgan did like the best mother job ever. In the moment Ula was born, Morgan picked her up straight away to lift her up to the surface to have the first breath and they swam together and Morgan was helping her really much to find her way and to swim next to her and helping her to make curves and swim in a stable way. So, it was a perfect birth for us. On the day, when Ula was born, she was together with Morgan at first and we were able to get them into the big pool, a-pool, we wanted to have them together in a-pool because it’s the deepest pool and the most long pool, so, it would be more easier for Ula to drink milk of Morgan. It looked all actually perfect, so we left Ula and Morgan about 36 hours in a-pool and always on close watch of one or two of the trainers, who were always always looking at them but the first thing we noticed already real soon was that Morgan was not really producing any milk. So, Ula was not drinking but, in the beginning, that can be normal because sometimes, it’s a little bit difficult for the baby especially – because this was also the first calf of Morgan – to find the right position for the baby to drink the milk but as the time went on every time we came to about one day and there still was no milk production, we still hadn’t seen Ula drink any milk. So, we decided to leave them two days together and see if maybe the milk production was naturally. Well, after two days, we had to make the decision to separate Morgan from Ula because Ula’s life would be in danger, of course, if she cannot drink any milk from Morgan. So, we were able to separate them really smoothly and we were able to give Ula her first bottle because she needed this milk, its vitamins and the calories for her body to grow, of course. In the beginning, when we had Ula here in the med pool, we had to help her a little bit because such a really small baby doesn’t really know how to swim correctly or does not really know how to stay in one position to drink. So, we had to help Ula with two trainers in the water to hold and then we could slowly teach her how to drink from a bottle but that was only in the beginning and we used to give her every 2-3 hours, so, also in the night we were here, this bottle of milk. Now, at the moment, Ula has grown so much and she is doing absolutely amazing. So, she’s almost six months old and she is a perfect swimmer. She knows exactly how to swim, she knows exactly how to stay still. So, at this moment we are at a really good place because we can call her over and she comes and we do not have to help her anymore and we are able to give her in a bottle in a really easy way. She is such a professional bottle drinker already she knows exactly how to put her tongue around the bottle and she drinks actually perfectly. At the moment, we are almost giving her 14 litres of milk every day and we are giving her now about every 2-3 hours one bottle any day and then it’s a night only two times. So, it slowly going to a direction that she learns, she’s only gonna eat during the day and in the night we are gonna slowly build it off a little bit. Write your questions in the comment section down below and please don’t forget to give this video a thumb up. In order to never miss a new video subscribe to our channel for free.


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  • Einerseits ist es natürlich etwas schade, dass ihre Mama sie nicht säugen kann – andererseits baut das kleine Orca-Mädchen auf diese Weise schon früh auch eine sehr enge Bindung zu ihren Pflegern und den Tierärzten auf

  • skinny wenis says:

    When will Ula meet the other orcas? I’m curious because I saw her and Adán sky hopping to look at one another in the background while Renee was talking.

  • schön, dass es den Beiden so gut geht.Ula ist wirklich niedlich…Morgan soll ja taub sein, da wäre es doch spannend zu erfahren, ob das die Interaktion mit dem ihrem Baby beeinflusst und in welcher Weise die Kommunikation sich evtl anders gestaltet.

  • Enelya Saralonde says:

    Sie… ist sehr süß…😍😍😍 aber wie schaut es aus, wenn ula größer wird! Bleibt sie im Loro Park? Ich habe ein Bericht gesehen da war es sehr ähnlich aber da musste das Orka Baby umziehen in einen anderen Park! Was übelst traurig war…😢

  • Eine Frage, wie wird man Orca-oder Delfintrainer, Mein großer Traum ist es nämlich mit diesen Tieren zu arbeiten.

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