Local hospital demonstrates how Google Glass can be used in medical services   구

Local hospital demonstrates how Google Glass can be used in medical services 구

And in this next report, we see how Korea′s
healthcare industry is seeking to incorporate technology into its medical services.
Our Kim Min-ji takes us to a local hospital… that′s demonstrating how Google Glass can
be used in the emergency room. This patient has just been hit by a car,…
and is bleeding severely from his head. An ambulance worker puts on a smart, wearable
device and starts recording what he sees and this can be seen from the hospital emergency
room. I think the patient needs an I.V.
Okay. Please give me permission to insert it.
Yes, you have my permission. “In the 15 minutes it takes to get to the
hospital, the paramedic follows the directions of the doctor, while hospital staff prepare
the necessary medical equipment for the patient.” It′s a scene that could be from a movie,
but is part of a “smart” emergency medical service demonstration by Myongji Hospital
in Goyang the FIRST of its kind in Korea. Using state-of-the-art-technology in this
case, Google Glass, which enables real-time video communication the service aims to provide
the best possible response in the shortest amount of time for patients that could be
in critical condition. “Google Glass allows doctors to see the exact
condition of the patient, and therefore allows for clearer and more effective treatments.
The paramedic is also less burdened, as they have both hands free to use when attending
to the patient.” In this situation, Google Glass enables doctors
to not only check the medical records of patients,… but also lets them view X-rays and CT and
MRI scans… just by scanning a QR code that′s loaded with the patient′s details.
Officials at Myongji Hospital hope to later adopt the technology in all areas of the hospital,…
from wards and outpatient clinics to operating rooms.
However, there are some obstacles they will have to clear beforehand.
Not only will the system be costly to adopt,… Google Glass first needs to be authorized
for medical use in Korea. Security issues are another concern,… as
the device can currenly only be connected by wi-fi,… and not all of the data exchanged
may be encrypted. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.


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