Local Elections –  2 May BBC News

Local Elections – 2 May BBC News

In St Albans, I was there in the
campaign just a few weeks ago. We’ve got a great team there, led by Daisy Cooper
who has got a great chance of being the next MP for the seat. And you
know the team there was just so positive, upbeat. And of course, I mean, North
Norfolk, the area where my colleague Norman Lamb is the Member
of Parliament. And they were actually quite different in terms of its profile, in
terms of Remain Leave. So I think what we’re seeing is that for all the Brexit
discussion that we’ve had in a heated way just now,
actually as Lib Dems we are making gains and being able to punch through
in both Remain areas and also in Leave areas as well. So that message is
resonating, it’s obviously about Brexit absolutely, we’re the party that
wants to stop Brexit, but it’s also about what our local community champions are
doing on the ground and other issues as well.


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