Live:Program Breaking Point with Malick 26 July 2019 | HUM News

Live:Program Breaking Point with Malick 26 July 2019 | HUM News


27 thoughts on “Live:Program Breaking Point with Malick 26 July 2019 | HUM News”

  • Afroz Khaleel says:

    For what you guys did to me good God has put you into terminal illness…good pray for your dirty deeds …and all those involved will also go through such illness and will pay for their sins directly to God …ask for mercy as long as you want he will not spare you????

  • PTI's government has not been made by religious extremists nor it has been made by non literate population , it has been made by Pakistan middle class , it's TRUE that middle class is in shock but they r not going to accept thiefs frauds and extremists. Current government is going no where coz middle class is busy in metting there end

  • Afroz Khaleel says:

    Ian not Imran Khan to marry someone three four times for business purposes????which woman on earth would leave her grown up childeren and be desperate to marry someone someone solely for being either a gold digger or to save her family or protect some XYZ crime …maybe her ex husband crime who was in customs department…

  • Afroz Khaleel says:

    He claims that he gave me money for his wrong doings or backdoor deals of courrouption or conspiracy cases or money laundering cancer business of courrouption…ask him not to involve me in any dirty cases which I have no knowledge or permission given to any one to deal any matters which fall under me …iam old enough to deal my matters by myself….my case I will know…how will.any third party interference work on it …more over you cannot justify as well …where all will be a mess…stop making money illegally….

  • Afroz Khaleel says:

    I will sue your whole media for misusing me and throwing dirt on me from past two years and doing media trials without the permission over here…I don't care if you are government servevant …since you violated the law …you guys will be accountable for destroying my life and make it miserable to a point where someone could end his or her life …I will see you pay a price for ypur sins definitely..since your operating organized crime scheme..

  • Plz sirf irshad bhati k saath show kiya kro …maza aata hai daikh kr…fun k saath saath information bohat milti hein.or dil krta hai sara programe daikhny ko

  • Malik kanjar jab shaid masood sahb ko hathkarhyan lagi bina kisy ghalt kam k kya program main name b liya.
    Aur jb is kanjar ko ju AP main say hi hai mirchein lag gayein apko.
    Sharam kero is dunya main main b AP per tho tho log kertay hain .
    Aur qiyamat k din zerdari nawaz Sharif teray sath nhi houn gai
    Aur na hi tera lifafa wala pesa sharam aur hayaa ker.

  • Muhammad Abrar says:

    Imran or army is mulk ko tabahi ki tarf le ja rahay hain 1 saal ma koe acha kaam nai kiya or ye army imran ko use kr rahay hain…

  • school shooter says:

    Media courts honi chahiye tm log aasmani makhlook nhn ho koi media ka ehtisaab b hona chahiye kch b bhonk dete hn

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