#LivePD #NYPD live radio calls #DutyRon Retired NYPD Detective

#LivePD #NYPD live radio calls #DutyRon Retired NYPD Detective

DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective around 1:00 a.m. it’s a late night for
me it’s a late night for me but I am up we are gonna do some live and YPD New
York City police radio calls and I hope you guys will enjoy this video tonight
not gonna stay live too long because it is kind of late but I figured I’d uh
come live and say hello to everybody and see what see what you all are up to on a
Saturday night we had a little snow event here in New
York nothing major just a couple of inches of snow nothing crazy um really
for me it was just like a I felt like it was a dusting hello Michael be good to
see you man how’s it going I hope your weekend is going good I know mine is
pretty good we got a little bit of snow today a little bit of a dusting hello
gale good to see you gale we’re trying to get
the chat up so I could see everybody oh there we go
there we go but always I like it when a plan comes together
there’s the chat now I could see it we see it on multiple devices hello life
with Linda good to see a faithful one mrs. mcdee agar fire bury the fam the
fam good to see a Barry McBride hey Barry what’s going on man thanks for
always supporting me coming into my live streams I greatly appreciate that thank
you so much for being in here and Morris nurse nanny nurse Nana Nana patty thank
you so much for coming hold on let me get to chat up over here so I could see
it in two different locations hey guys okay I got it now all right we’re good
we’re good to go let me just lower that so I have um I
have the seven three and the seven five these are precincts that I used to work
in so I’m really familiar with these precincts
I’m almost killing myself here the the 737 five is East New York and
Brownsville Brooklyn so these
busy spots and Canadian which is good to see a lot of a lot of channel members
coming on in and I appreciate you guys coming I have my thin blue line kind of
sports shirt my wife calls a sports shirt it’s got a little zip in the front
a little collar and it sports the thin blue line flag for support of our Police
Department so that’s what I’m doing 28 degrees over there 65 and some rain but
you are down a little bit south not to give your location away but you are in
the southern region Mike so that’s about normal with the temperatures probably
around this time of year right thank you so much for joining lynn moon says hi
everyone I’m new here thank you for you to support in the community hey listen
what’s been going on in the communities been crazy lately I want to try to keep
this broadcast upbeat and positive as we know a lot of different creators have
been getting swatted and different kinds of craziness going on but that’s not
what this is going to be about we’re going to be doing a live police radio
call show where I break down the actual calls that come over on the police radio
these will be live actual calls that are being dispatched to my fellow NYPD
brothers in blue welcoming Paul Peck drywall down from sunny Florida thank
you for so much for joining so yeah you know
this is a kind of broadcast that I’d like to do every once in a while I don’t
do this all the time but I like to do it so this way you guys can hear the actual
police calls and I could break them down for you because I know the codes they’re
still in the back of my mind Canadian which is great to see you
julienne thank you for coming in and thank you for being a channel member
Linda Halcro thank you so much for coming in and hanging out with us
you so tonight I was you know we have an
all-wheel drive vehicle so me and the wife me and the missus went out there
you guys were buried in oh and says she’s buried in with snow
Wow how much snow did you get in how much snow did you get and where are you
at if listen if you guys are new anybody
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way you can get all things Duty Ron when I go live Elizabeth M thank you so much
for the super love greatly appreciate that thank you so much for the super
chat great great to have you in Elizabeth M so let me know where you’re
watching from veggie girl who blows it is the super Loeb thank you thank you
for the super love veggie girl good to see you checking in Mary swampy Channel
member in the building crews Boston I’m listening to the live and watching
Starsky and Hutch how appropriate that is awesome
guys I hope you having a great weekend I am a retired New York City police
detective for anyone that’s new I do have a lot of new subscribers lately I
did get a surge of subscribers from some of the other community some of the other
communities around YouTube so I want to welcome in all the new replay viewers
and all the people who are new subscribing from the different crime
communities that are out there sleeping beauty thank you for becoming a channel
member hey everyone hello dude iran says sleeping beauty Patty’s mom good to see
you Mary swampy always checking in with
emojis there’s the you police emojis got I love I love the you police
I hope the audio is good I hope it’s not too hi big Frank good to see you from
Cleveland Ohio be safe out there my brother my brother in blue hello from
Northern Ireland in the UK Lynn lune new to the channel thank you so much for
being here appreciate you coming on in and hanging
out with us I got a little treat for you I’m gonna play about 30 minutes of live
NYPD radio calls now just to give you guys a little background I worked in
this area this is the action patrol area for one decade that’s ten
years for those of you who don’t know what a decade is I know all of you do
I’m just being silly but for a whole decade I worked on patrol in this
neighborhood so I know the these streets like the back of my hand so that’s the
reason I choose to listen to this and talk to you guys about it because I know
the area I know the buildings I know the makeup of the actual the actual radio
zone and where all the calls are going on I could give you guys a good synopsis
of what’s going on so let me share this out on to my social media if you haven’t
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share it out on to your facebook if you have it ladies and gents
Sophia Howard channel member patreon supporter and a great family member of
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your support and also the comments that you guys are leaving I go and I look for
the comments and any time I’m tagged in any of the comments I always like to go
on and say thank you so Michael B I appreciate you being a
moderator and a good friend to mine and a patriot a true patriot so thank you so
much for being in here on my live chat I greatly greatly appreciate that all
right let me share let me share thank you and for sharing out let me do my
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all right so let’s do this community post I got a I gotta find an assistant
that would maybe be willing to do my community post for me so I don’t have to
do it while I’m live uh let’s try it hey picture it positive
thank you so much for being in here JBD can Mormon calm I’m screwing that up
jbd thank you so much for being here I know I always screw up names I’m always
good for that what I want to say live and YPD radio calls
I am live okay and at the end of this guy’s at the
end of this Linda Halcro thank you so much for the $2 super chat for the
parrot I forget hold on what did she say I forget who the super love thank you
for the super love his his name is Popeye
his name is Popeye hello Bridget good to see you thank you so much for being in
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are gonna I am gonna cover the Long Island serial killer I just got
sidetracked guys on that I got sidetracked on that because of some of
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here I’m happy that you’re here as well make sure you guys support each other
it’s really good to do that so Popeye the parrot gets $2 from Linda Halcro in
New Zealand um sending a lot of love and respect
back to your country and prayers also going out to my good friends in
Australia for those wildfires that are going crazy over there still you know
it’s a long long time going so I’m gonna start the music music I’m gonna start
the the radio player so these are gonna be some live coals coming over so it’s
I’m gonna try to work on the volume guys let me know if it’s too loud and I’ll
lower it down a little bit um thank you for sending me – Bridget’s love her
Channel and her channel is fantastic Bridget Parker is top-notch aces she is
aces the bee lady apiary thank you so much for being in here good to see you
so yeah this is a different kind of livestream I don’t do these that often
but I do get a lot of requests for this so what you’ll hear going on in the
background is a New York City police radio live 7375 that’s East New York and
Brownsville Brooklyn so we got a plan there was a couple of
shots fired calls right before I went live there’s been rain in Australia I
believe that that’s good Heidi thank you so much for coming yay
I quote duty live duty run live insomnia for the win
bingo Yahtzee collect 200 awesome I’m good I’m glad that you’re here I’m glad
that you’re hearing you caught me life with Linda says be lady
yeah the bee lady apiary is in the building all right so let’s see what’s
going on here for some odd reason I don’t hear anything okay so hello Simone thank you so much
for joining thank you for being here Bridgette says will you cover the Tanja
tragedy I’m not so sure about that but I will look into it if you can send me an
email or a DM on social I will definitely take a look at it absolutely
I found duty Ron from Tori Hartmann months ago and this guy is definitely in
my top five love his channel I’m happy I made the top 5 listen I would be
thrilled Stephanie if I made the top 100 I was in the top 10 I would be happy but
I made the top 5 so it makes me even more happy so thank you for that I
appreciate that a lot of love a lot of hearts to you and thank you to everyone
who has become a channel member I just opened up the memberships in 2020 that
was new for the new year I opened up the channel memberships again I’m a retired
New York City police detective I do talk about all things crime related police
public relations so I do a lot of that stuff lovely Lisa the warrior thank you
so much for coming in Simone a spinet thank you so much for the compliment
there Simone spinette says my pleasure Ron I love your content hey I love
having that here so thank you so much amy is our new subscriber thank you so
much a me new soya on mommy ramblings the
other night that was last night and awesome I’m glad that you saw me on
there I’m glad that you took the opportunity to subscribe to my channel
and I hope I don’t let you down looking forward to making the water news tonight
some more okay so this is a unit that’s given back a final from a previous job
there’s been a couple of murders in Auckland okay a woman was shot in her
home Wow so yeah a lot of lot of things going on
let me scroll back Carrie says hello found you from Makeup mobsters Channel
I’m also in New York Rockland County my sister lives up in that area and I get
up there I’m gonna actually be going up to Rockland next weekend so I’ll be up
in in that area I’ll do a live stream from my sister’s house cuz my sister is
a ham she loves to get on YouTube with me and she loves to yuk it up so my
sister tries to take over my channel when I go to her house I give her my
iPhone and she runs around her house doing a live stream there’s two replays
accidentally two videos in my playlist of family it’s labeled family and that’s
my sister taking over my channel okay so they’re just doing a directed patrol at
10 Amboy it’s a 17-story building and what that directed patrol means is two
officers or more are going to go up in the stairwell walk up the steps to the
top sometimes they take the elevator up and then they walk the steps down so
that’s what a directed patrol is is these large housing complexes ten Amboy
is right next to the 73 precinct so it’s close by so we’re gonna we’re gonna just
remain a little silent I’ll start reading some of the comments in my head
so I could scroll back so I don’t miss anybody southeast border of New Jersey
says Carey okay cool cool Sleeping Beauty says grab some popcorn
let’s listen to some true crime this is legit live content this is you know as
close as it gets to being out there in the radio patrol car with the officers
because this is going to give you a good it’s a Saturday night so this is one of
the busier nights yeah we did have some snow here so that’s gonna keep people
inside there’ll be a lot of disputes okay so the dispatch just asked that
unit if they were okay so it’s gonna be a busy night for disputes because people
are inside there they’re hitting the sauce so to speak they’re drinking and
um you get you get a lot of disputes on Saturday and I say this through
experience because I’ve worked many many Saturday nights in this area and there’s
a lot a lot of disputes a lot of disputes go on because people like to
hit back on the on the sauce so that’s that’s how that one goes
so it’s a cop’s nightmare these these Saturday nights excellent picture it positive has live
PD on while I watch this that’s like double that’s like a double it’s like
double jeopardy okay so quit dispatcher saying she’s on the landline so 10 3
means standby until she’s off the landline unless there’s an emergency
your dad used to be a firefighter pretty cool
duty Ryan you should ask your sister if she had a channel what would you call it
I’m gonna ask her that that’s a great question Cruz Boston thank you for
submitting that question for my sister but you know next Saturday we’re gonna
be out there so a lot of belligerent drunk ease yes that’s a good word a lot
of belligerent Jagga loons jag Alone’s hello Mejia how Alfre everybody welcome
my moderator from Saudi Arabia he’s a good friend of mine he comes in and
helps out with the chat Elizabeth thank you so much that’s my platinum Mimi
blows thank you for super love I love that
pre-recorded message that’s obviously me saying thank you for the super low 50
49.95 I call it a 50 spot from platinum Mimi thank you so much for that you are
so generous and kind almost 80,000 super hearts on periscope today and then
coming on in with $50 super chat thank you for that our case is hi Ron new to
the channel greetings from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania love the state of
Pennsylvania hey there’s my friend mob over from she’s just recently moved for
Las Vegas Nevada so welcome in mob she is a good friend of the channel she is a
family member of a victim of a crime and famous crime
let me know the second okay guys I got to pause this I’m muting the audio on
this okay let me scroll back right here mom ma V marina I’m probably you me if I’m wrong mob mob is a family
member of a brutal and I mean listen I’m not doing this to I want to just give
you a proper introduction she is a been a guest on my show she’s having a guest
at my channel her cousin was brutally slain along with her two children up in
Canada um a little bit over two years ago and she was kind enough to come on
it’s my show and do a phone interview with me we tried to do a zoom and it
didn’t work out but mob is a wonderful friend of the duty Ron family and I
implore each and every one of you to please give her some positive vibes and
um you know a warm welcome she’s part of my family now we communicate on a
regular basis back and forth so mob is a wonderful wonderful gal but her family
was fell victim to a Chris Watts esque type crime her cousin’s last name was
Forman and she is in heaven with her two young children so mom I welcome you to
the channel and I thank you for being in here and I thank you for sharing your
story with us in in my live stream it was an honor for
me to have you as a retired law enforcement professional and I’m also
honored that you felt comfortable enough to share your story with me so thank you
so much for being a part of this duty Ron family and entrusting me with your
family tragedy to speak about it and honor your cousin and her two children
in in a proper way with respect and dignity and love so thank you so much
mom for being here each time you come into my chat you know obviously I don’t
do this each time but I feel just I just feel I feel so fortunate to have you
here so thank you so much for that and anytime that you need anything from me
or my community here on YouTube you always have my
channel as your voice to get out your message at any time and I’m hoping that
I can have you back again another on another time we have the zoom all set up
perfectly now so the zoom is ready to go where where everybody could see you
properly and things of that nature so thank you to everybody in the chat for
welcoming mob to the Judy Ron family so if you guys want to google the the her
cousins crime it was up in Canada the last name was Forman I don’t even want
to mention his name but I’m gonna have to so you guys can get the case it’s
Jacob Forman Jacob Foreman is the evil
murderer that took her cousin’s life so okay B lady a Pieri
I’m gonna show that uh let me see what she says here hold on a second dude Iran
Channel Wiggy savage paranormal in Pennsylvania first responder assistant
fire chief 9/11 lost three hundred-plus men gotta go check his channel out and
if he’s in here thank you for being in here all right let me let me get back to
the let me let me go back to these radio calls Thank You frog push I own weather I love that message I have to screenshot
that message and I gotta put that on my website I’m gonna put it on duty wrong
comm that message right there this community is so amazing it gives me hope
that’s a beautiful message and I love it I love that this is the type of this is
the type of community that I want to emulate throughout YouTube and I’m glad
that you’re here and glad that you found she just stumbled across my channel
because she was probably googling you know about her cousin and she saw that I
had done I had done a live stream about it and I’m she she messaged me and when
she messaged me you know guys as a as a as a do tear on desk move I you know I I
need to verify everything so I needed to verify that she was in fact legitimate
hello Sharon Cordwell hello Judy Ron from New Zealand great to have you and
thank you so much for coming in I have a good friend from periscope from New
Zealand she’s from Auckland yeah Auckland New
Zealand and she I met her twice I had dinner with her twice came to Arkana me
and Joey Brooklyn took her out you took her out for a a wonderful dinner she’s a
tremendous tremendous friend and travel agent from New Zealand louise poppy she
has a channel here too and she is a moderator on my channel so I love the
people the great people of New Zealand yes kia ora a fellow kiwi linda is also
from auckland new zealand so we have a couple of Aussies in here definitely a
couple of New Zealand folks Kiwis not Aussies Aussies are from Australia good
Iran is et it’s late and I’m drinking a lot of water so
staying hydrated hydrated all right so we got some activity going on thank you
to everybody we have 70 in the chat that I could see right now that’s
a comfortable number for me I like to have under a hundred so I can see
everybody and communicate with you guys if I missed any comments pologize it’s
the 75th precede a family dispute a very dangerous call very dangerous call sons
father needs to be escorted in the house we’ll see how this one goes Hey HW how are you good to see you thank
you for coming in hugs right back to guy and Jackie guy and Jackie’s in the
building good to see guy and Jackie hey guys if I uh if I missed anybody I
apologize let me know where you’re watching if you’re new your city your
state I could give you a shout out if you’re outside the US let me know the
country you’re watching from if you’re new so I can give you a warm welcome and
everybody in the chat please let the new new people that are coming in and let
them know that we are here for them and we welcome them with open arms domestics
are one of the most dangerous for police officers marry that is a fact that is a
fact I can tell you that I’ve had some very close calls on domestic time this is supervisor sergeant one
mobilization is so for something big it might be an essay on kid boxing MMA coming in from Ireland great
to see you thank you for joining that’s a great friend of mine I have the don’t
tell me anything about the fight level one mobilization I said it had to be for
missing sure was HW great to see you I know that’s good
that you did that Paisley dreams welcome in thank you so much sleeping beauty in
the building good to see you Joey Brooklyn Bridget is
checking in from new comes on she’s new here and she’s from Tucson Elizabeth I
know you’re from Texas Ontario Canada says Barry McBride good friend of mine
thank you so much Barry for being here boxing MMA says this community is so
welcoming and the community extends around the world it’s amazing at mouth
can come in and get love and respect always from everyone 100% and feel
comfortable that’s how it goes here on the duty Ron family this is how it goes
on my chat Carolyn to be free hello saying hello to the bee lady ayperi good
to see you veggie by veggie vibes is in the building hello hi oh hello he Oh
good to see you thank you for joining us see definitely rocks don’t tell me about
the fight because I’m reporting it new lady says did you see Atlanta police
chief no chase policy that’s bullshit that is BS they’re mobilizing to search
for this ten year old missing 10 year old so this is a mobilization for a my
missing child all right guys you’re gonna see something that I never had to
do before I have to exit this location where I am for the super love Diane
Jackie thank you for the super love this is gonna be a first for duty Ron I have
to actually move out of this location because my son just came home so I’m
gonna carry the laptop blue coat blue sneakers a short dark
hair brown eyes for physical control okay this is gonna be interesting us not
sure how this is gonna guy you’re gonna experience a move that I’ve never
conducted before I don’t know how I’m gonna do this this is gonna be difficult thank you thank you for your 999 super
check girl hurt ogre dawn thank you so much all right here we go never seen before never done before okay that’s never been done before looks like all right that was a quick
move a different look I’m gonna shut those lights behind me let me know if
those lights behind me are too much on the counter sometimes those overhead
lights over here kind of overpower everything it was a quick move let me
scroll back and see what I missed let’s see you nailed it that relocation
I did it just fine says happy-go-lucky boxing Emily says works perfectly open
mind says hello she opened minds had no clue was going on is like hello
everybody in the chat I don’t know what deuterons doing but it’s working
let me see if I missed some super chats Elizabeth there she is
I got that one guy in Jackie and the last one was a guard Owen Gert Gerta
dawn is that right Gordon I’m screwing that up I’m just gonna say
Thank You dawn for the super tracker 99.99 thank you so much for that are we
going on a SAR adventure I’m scrolling back to read the chat okay Joey
Brooklyn’s here open minds Anna Mars hello young man
that’s my son yes he saw my son that’s a new definition of a mobile unit yes
Caleb are we making sandwiches Ron no it’s like shaky cam on a blackout there
you go I’m glad I provided you guys with a little bit of a little bit of humor
that was I didn’t expect him to come home at before 2:00 a.m.
usually usually my son is he’s usually like a 3:00 4:00 a.m. er so he caught me
by surprise at least you didn’t get kicked into the garage that’s correct
that’s correct all right so we’re looking for a missing
ten-year-old male Hispanic they were putting over all of his information on
on the live stream so now there’s going to be a rapid mobilization probably
probably 15 to 20 officers now do searches of the area grid searches
everywhere all the buildings all the buildings in that general vicinity will
get checked and and they’ll be this is a big deal this is a big deal and as it
should be you hold on I got to get the chat back up
because chat is lagging for me there’s a ton of officers out there searching h/w
good night thank you so much for being in here
Lonnie s 2:06 great to see you thank you for being here
melly-mel are we going for a walk no no we’re we were up to a hundred and the
chat says Stephanie I don’t like it when it gets above 100 because then it
becomes unmanageable I gotta put everything on slow and now we got to
regulate people from sending messages every 60 seconds it’s a P ia it’s a real
P ia I don’t like P is those of you who don’t know what a P ia
stands for it’s a pain in the ass managing more than 100 in the chat is
impossible 44 a.m. that is a physical fight going on this child is missing we don’t remember
we don’t know the particulars if the child got out of the house or just
missing hello enterpise good to see you thank
you for joining okay let’s see if they get someone to
come to this job right here let’s see if they get someone to come to the work to
this call Canadian witches Calgary Alberta Canada
in the building good to see you CIA I had to think about that one pain
in the ass there you go happy-go-lucky it’s a PIAA and nes Michael Riley
welcome these are very this isn’t a men’s shelter very common Mike I do all
of my social media is all one word duty Ron strand posted or Instagram Twitter
Facebook for one word duty laughs she said arrive alive advise when you’re 84
never send me a DM Mike and we’ll talk about it send me a DM so it’s three
males fighting against one at a men’s shelter it’s a homeless shelter difficult breather this is an added
bonus is for an ambulance the difficulty a person difficulty we’re
having difficulty breathing so that’s a 54 is an aided case so this is you know
I’m retired some time now and I still know these these guys are on a car stand
out you okay Mike I’ll look at it after the live
stream is over open mind saying hello to Joey Brooklyn hello Judah’s life thank
you so much for being here and a special thank you to all the new members all the
new members of the channel subscribers that have said that is my role 20
degrees F my water bottle you can yeah I love to to things with water in the
room a 10 year old that’s 20-something degrees what is here on degrees outside
on the Fahrenheit scale I’m going out I’m hoping that he’s found quickly
hoping he’s found sooner than d90 good to see it d90 in the building
you changed the name a little bit d90 Belle yes guys if you don’t mind please
hit the thumbs up thank you for that I appreciate that
Anna thank you so much for your reminder guys while you’re in here if you could
just hit the thumbs up on I do to Julie guys at the end of this livestream I
have at the end of this livestream I have two videos I want to show you on
swatting I have two videos I want to show you on swatting and then I’ll wrap
up everything probably in another 20 minutes only be live Frenchy good to see
you thank you so much for coming in so females inside the apartment is male
black trying to break into her apartment it’s coming over as a suspicious male
call this could be someone that’s locked out of the apartment but Frenchy
Frenchie’s checking in from Alberta blue and light happy New Year to you and a
family thank you so much I haven’t seen in a
while great to sign over here Blackburn coastal North Carolina welcome in I love
the I love the people from North Carolina I got a lot of friends who
relocated from New York down to North Carolina it’s a beautiful state thank
you for being in here um I did hear about it there’s many
channels doing videos on it so I don’t want to do a video on a chat on
something that many other people are covering so I’m gonna probably pass on
that so but I did look into it hello Black Rose good to say you’re welcome
Frenchy kiss thank you so much pressure kisses Alberta blues thank you so much
for being in here happy-go-lucky saying hello to enterpise d90 check
annoying with black rose another great moderator and friend of mine
Linda nevermind I hope the child is found Syria I want to say I think we all
definitely do Linda anytime there’s a missing child ten
years old in the middle of the night it’s 2 o’clock in the morning this kid
is missing good night Linda thank you so much for being in here all the way from
your neck of the woods to ours always great to have you I’m wondering if mob
is here or did she check out on us enterpise good night saying good night
to Linda Midwest Wisconsin I of Pluto hope you’re
doing well duty Ron I’m doing really great and thank you for joining thank
you for joining a live tree the bee lady has her clicker
she’s like you ever see the doorman at the concerts they click people as
they’re coming in be ladies doing the clicking 104 watching duty Ron oh we got
107 now click click click thank you be lady thank you
love and respect maybe you just snuck away from home to
go to it I you you you can only hope that you can only hope that this person
this family member let you know somehow let this kid slip out and he use at it
aunts or uncles or a or nephews or you know a friend’s house but 10 years old
is a little boy it’s a little kid 10 years old
Tory Hartman good to see you there’s my good friend guys if you’re not
subscribed to Tory Hartman you’re not doing YouTube the right way if you’re
not subscribed to Tory Hartman you are not doing YouTube the correct way let me
just say that one more time if you’re not subscribed to my dear friend Tori
Hartman you’re not doing YouTube the correct way did I just say that three
times I think I did I won’t say it fast I can’t help my child’s Masuda news it
would have been hoho I can’t imagine yeah oh yeah as a parent
said I’m a parent of two kids I couldn’t imagine lunar door thank you
so much for the hearts guy in Jackie waving a hand 87 likes 107 people Anna is doing the
clicking on the likes so she’s checking out the likes for me thank you Anna much
love and respect for the clicking let’s get that eighty-seven up to a hundred
and whatever one hundred six hundred and seven alright so for those of you just
coming in Astro haterade thank you so much for coming we’re listening to live
New York City Police Department radio calls thank you for subscribing to Tory
we are listening to live radio calls at this time and I got to tell you guys it
is it is definitely a pleasure to have each and every one of yous in on the
broadcast thank you so much for joining patreon there’s my patreon thank you for
putting that out there greatly greatly appreciate that so what else shall we Brooklyn in the
house thank you thank you for the thumbs up I appreciate it thank you very swampy
snuck in in on the broadcast very very swampy slipped in on the broadcast thank
you so much for coming in Hershey it all right the radio got really quiet
let’s see what’s happening here Radio got quiet
so we’re hoping for the early return of this ten-year-old
going back here into Brooklyn we’re hoping for the early return Tori I hope
everything’s going well with you I hope all is good in your world and great to see you it’s great to see you
on the lives I don’t usually stay up this late but you know I was waiting for
junior to get home he finally got home so now that he’s home it’s all good yes
100 viewers 93 likes woo woo thank you thank you for that
I appreciate it yeah that’s you know listen Mel Melly Mel that’s good we can
hope for that we can only hope for the best that this kid would be brought home
safely hey how are you Lisa Ward good to see
you thanks for joining thank you thank you cruise Boston another great
moderator of mine a good friend thank you so much for being in the chat thank
you thank you yeah ten-year-old Jonna ten-year-old missing
in East New York at this time veggie girl with an a-plus thank you thank you
guys preciate it keep the likes up I love it hippie chick
thank you so much for that I appreciate it thank you thank you I’m just trying to remain quiet so this
way I can hear if there’s any updates but it’s it’s definite
you know definitely quiet they’re out there doing the grid searches and if
grid search is very involved here’s another directed there’s another
directed patrol right there there’s the directed patrol at a particular location
so they’re going through all the buildings in search in the buildings so
you you yeah oh yeah you know the NYPD is the
largest Police Department in the world so if you do have a child that’s missing
these are the guys you want out there searching for him that’s the trap
they’re definitely the guys you are searching for yes they definitely will
say if they’re found if the child is found but there’s no guarantee that
he’ll be found tonight he could be returned home tomorrow you know he could
be somewhere sleeping you know at an another family members house you never
know you should do one of these on a full
moon it is Veggie girl it’s off the hook on a full moon totally off the hook on a
full moon the radio is I probably wouldn’t even be able to get any words
in Leeza Beth thank you so much for coming in um we got a bunch of people
Black Rose Cruz Boston Joey Brooklyn a lot of great channels in here I greatly
appreciate you guys we’re live fifty-two minutes I’m gonna wrap it up right
before an hour so we’re just gonna be live for another couple of minutes but
I’m definitely I don’t like the lot I don’t like live streams going more
than an hour it gets kind of redundant in my eyes but this kind of this kind of
broadcast is good because it’s always fluid there’s always something going on
you know so we got a report in now we are a hundred percent in the likes and
views thank you all awesome Greta Holland hi Judy Ron just wanted to
say hello I just wanted to stop by and wish you and the chat a nice weekend
hugs from Norway good to see you from Norway rupal faker
thank you so much for coming appreciate you coming in
I don’t know tour it didn’t say it didn’t say it didn’t say obviously they
got a call I got a report for for missing child but it didn’t I didn’t
hear how it came over I didn’t hear on chemo I’m not I’m not a
hundred percent sure so yeah late night for a lot of us yeah two o’clock we’re
gonna wrap it up in a bit I’m keeping I’m keeping track of the
time I’m at 53 minutes right now yeah what happens is is once the
detectives get the case and right now the there’s a night launch detectives
that cover the night overnight once the date they the daytime detectives come in
they’ll catch this case and then they’ll start reviewing and pulling the cameras
from any homes or stores in the local area so they’ll do that they’ll start
pulling things you know listen as a retired New York City police detective I
have been on these missings more times than I’d like to say and 90% of them 90%
of them returned home safely and that’s a good thing you know we had like close
to a 90 percent return rate most of them are you know just you know
miscommunication or a relative you know sorum you know or just in you know let
them come into their home and then just didn’t say anything and things of that
nature some silly stuff you know if they find the child duty Ron can you tag in
the comments to let us know absolutely sleeping beauty I will keep an eye on
this I will definitely keep an eye on it and I’ll let you know my dog had six
puppies by c-section two days ago so I’m up for that next few days I can hear
that noise right now the crying right oh my goodness Wow yeah so thank you
d 90s thank you putting up t-90s up my battery’s going low on my watch time to
charge it up yeah most most of these most of these kids get returned home
also them get returned off is there a minimum age for taking the subway or do
people not care much over here there’s no checking there’s no checking but you
know symphonic a copy gotcha
Thank You Stephanie 30 people fighting to Tory goodnight get
some good sleep thank you thank you for that good night Anna thank you so much for
being in here 30 people fighting yes firing employment crazy crazy I tell you typical Saturday yes 30 people fighting
I mean that’s that’s a lot of people so they’re going to have a lot of units
responding to that 30 people fighting exactly Eevee exactly I’m
beyond that this is a ten-year-old so this is a serious that’s for sure okay that’s a good one
High Plains Drifter says hose them down hose them with a fire hose there’s gonna
be a lot of Units responding to that but the very first initial units will say
either no further or more so they’ll say either no further and if they say no
further then it’s not 30 or they’ll say give me more units so we’ll hear that
coming we’ll hear that coming up you 7:00 in the morning interesting thank you my heed much love
and respect back to you and our good friends in Saudi Arabia thank you so
much for that so Joey I don’t know if you saw but a
hyo came in of veggie vibes veggie girl is here veggie vibes was here he made a
guest appearance quickly and then he disappeared all right
so I am going to I’m getting some I’m getting some frame velocity this is like
the good old days absolutely Joe absolutely 100% I like to
do these every once in a while I like to do these kind of live streams I really
do I enjoy
I enjoy doing these live streams from me they’re a lot of fun okay cold in Holland I can only imagine
and it’s freezing cold here it’s cold here it’s definitely cold here no doubt
about it we had a little bit of a snow event
nothing major I think Joey correct me if I’m wrong maybe an inch or two you know
some place has just got a dusting some got more good night to Torrey Hartman
it’s always great to see her everyone subscribe to her channel you won’t
regret it she’s really cool she’s really cool story Hartman’s Austin what if half of the 30 are armed then
that’s trouble huh that’s trouble but I doubt that that’s
going to be the situation I doubt that’s going to be the situation negative 46 is
that that’s Fahrenheit right you guys go by Celsius there okay here we go
someone’s there two units are at the scene yeah ours turned all terrain – we
get the same thing you get Joe we get the same thing that you get send me some
cold I have my AC on in south Louisiana hot and humid hot and humid down in
Louisiana so this is part of the search doing the directed patrols Ohio got
glazed doughnuts hold on a second Heidi says Ohio got glazed donuts for
cars my daughters and I call it Smith it’s name armed with beer muscles or
beer goggles correct – nine degrees here in hometown of Norway wow that’s
horrible that is cold
I’ve seen Black Rose hikes in height of black rose is definitely an understatement
excellent Julie I’m glad you like them thank you so much for emojis love the
detective emoji zero tolerance
yeah freezing here in northern yeah there’s no need to shovel when it
rains you don’t have to shovel there yeah when it rains you don’t need to
shovel I just let the rain take care all right so they didn’t say no they
didn’t say no further what do you find degrees in Tennessee is
that it’s crazy oh no problem Evy bubbles thank you so
much for that she said much luck for you for helping
Carolyn feel better after what happened yeah it was good to see her smile last
night it was good to see her smile don’t have to shovel sunshine either there you
go I see you you see me good one that’s a good one
Touche Touche on you Touche 44 degrees in California nice yeah
there’s no need to shovel when it’s gonna rain and now the sidewalks are all
clear so but some people just you know some
people just have to do it some people have to shovel it and just can’t sit
still or you know it’s like an OCD thing where they have to shovel the snow
you know I’m referring to a friend of mine she knows who she is she’s got a
shovel that snow but it wasn’t even necessary
9 degrees in Utah what the heck is going on with mother nature
seriously well the nature is angry very angry at us other nature Wow Thanks I mean I still still see
precipitation I have my cameras looking at my outdoor IP cameras and it’s still
actually raining right now there’s definitely precipitation coming down so
it is raining I’m not quite sure what the temperature is but it is it is cold
it is definitely cold no doubt she freezes us to death Mother Nature global
warming says Frenchie kiss kiss kiss Alberta blues I thought it would never
cold and Kelly too but you know what I’ve come to from being a livestreamer
I’ve learned that it does get cold in California and some of these warmer
climates listen we got snow in Texas a few times already this year and I saw
snow in Las Vegas that’s crazy one of my friends in Nevada was showing
me it’s no disorderly person you could read you can rename that a drunk person
that’s a drunk disorderly right there drunk disorderly you I’m starting to get tired and I’m over
the hour mark our in six minutes ladies and gents 21 degrees Fahrenheit
it’s raining but it freezes as soon as it hits whatever yeah well I think
tomorrow correct me if I’m wrong it’s oh it’s 39 degrees here nothing is gonna be
on the ground it’s just gonna be pavement tomorrow there’s not gonna be
anything maybe on the grass maybe on our grass there’ll be some snow but that
that’ll be about the extent of it it’s it’s 35 not cold there you go yeah 35 is
not that cold so yeah I still see I still see the rain from the cameras difficult to convert I know there’s
people in the chat that could do the conversion from I think 20-something
degrees is like 1 or 2 degrees Celsius here it’s an easy conversion but it is
it’s difficult when delije when ely s nice to meet you Ron I’m in Las Vegas
hello is it true that Las Vegas got some Chanel just got like a second wind I was
kind of tired and then I just got a second wind
and uh you know I I’m up usually I’m not up at this time usually sleeping
honestly these lead rooms thank you so much for being in here good night get
some good rest I’m gonna be hitting the hay in a short short so I’m only gonna
stay on so far response to know be honest if you
want that to el shrinko handles orally upon solutions you you so this is my blue line support shirt
for the police all asleep going to bed wish
we’ll finish watching tomorrow enjoyed the calls Thank You B Lily Aunt Mary
thank you so much for being a part of the duty around Francis building
hallways in the chat in the comments by the thumbs up by watching the replay us
letting the videos play and the commercials plays thank you for
supporting my channel always be lady happy Erin awesome awesome thank you so
much for that me too I hope so too I’m just gonna hope and
pray that the boy is somewhere warm and at somebody’s house and it’s probably
sound asleep that’s what I’m gonna hope for you
I’m basically punchy from 36 fourth-graders that’ll do it that’ll do
it a wildlife says was asleep woke up my
mind wouldn’t let me go back to sleep so I saw you were on that’s how it goes you
know you sometimes you try to count sheep and it doesn’t work you know so
with the windchill it feels like minus 17 in central Illinois yeah see my to
see it’s it’s freezing cold in that area unbelievable
Julie M good night thank you so much for being in here I think I’m gonna wrap it
up to guys I was gonna play a couple of swatting videos but I’m gonna let that
go I’ll save it for another time I’ll save it for another time
appreciate each and every one of you is building I thank you for all the
generous Supercat thank you to everyone who has shared the stream who has
interacted positively in the chat section will leave comments comments are
always answered and read I never ignore the comments as long as they are
sensible thank you to each and every one of my moderators my patreon supporters
my channel members all of my good friends who are always showing up here
we’re gonna pray for this 10 year olds return I’ll keep you guys updated on
what goes on with this probably won’t be anything on the news but I will
definitely take a peek at it and see how it goes exploring ginger hello I’m on my
way out the door so thank you to everyone for being in here and much love
and respect from my house to yours Judy Ron signing off for the evening and
I’ll talk to you guys on my next live stream much love and respect good night
guys enjoy the rest of the weekend thank you


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  • *** UPDATE *****@ 0310 hrs Eastern time Missing 10 Year Old Found @ a friends house sleeping over Another Great Job by the NYPD!
    Please consider watching one of my other videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7vUvfzySeMBqiZNcc9hMpv6j1GLsh5po Thank you! I appreciate you all so very much!

    We had an 11 y/o schoolgirl rescued off the Mass Pike by Massachusetts State Police just a few days ago!
    An Amber Alert went out & within hours citizens started calling in with the description of the car & driver in their sights! Mass Police were on it… and she was saved!! πŸ’•πŸ™
    Citizens working alongside with Law Enforcement…. there is nothing we cannot accomplish together!

  • Awesome Live! I really enjoy listening to radio activity in New York. In my career past I have been a dispatcher, volunteer fire fighter and I retired as a paramedic/flight medic. So I miss listening to the radios, but my town is small compared to New York. Thank You for all you do! Julie M

  • I subbed after seeing you on MRB. This was such fun to have you interpret the calls. I frequently listen to the Chicago scanner at night. It helps me fall asleep. I have learned a lot from your live. You are such a positive and caring soul. I am going to have to catch up on you videos now. Hugs

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