Live Coverage: Analysis As Redacted Mueller Report Is Released | NBC News


25 thoughts on “Live Coverage: Analysis As Redacted Mueller Report Is Released | NBC News”

  • What the left is doing is the same thing they always do in a country , when they are attempting to shove communism down their throats

  • Lol NBC and the false and very fake narratives they push make watching them and CNN or ABC and MSNBC a real knee slapper when I need a laugh! Keep it up you morons.

  • Trump is given away USA to Russia for his own personal gain. Trump has been a crook all his life, he thought running USA is the same as running his shady business……

  • Joao Ribeiro says:

    First of all, and to make it clear, I do NOT have a dog in this fight. That been said it is ridiculous how all of this people ( fake news and minions ) accuse the AG of biased towards the US President. Mind boggling stuff. It is more than obvious that is something to celebrate the innocence of an innocent person. My guess, logic, its what lacks to all of you, the delusional, the biased, the narrowed mind. And than we wonder wy the fake news label.

  • julia dulchitiz says:

    I love to watch the MSM these days. They basically look like headless chickens chasing geese in the yard. There is no collusion, so they decided to chase the obstruction narrative. They do not seem unaware that FISA warrants will be up next and will expose Comey`s crimes, thus validating his dismissal by President Trump. Comey was a bad cop working to unsit an elected president. What you are hearing now will fall apart just as everything else they spoke on Russia collusion for the past two years. Everything you heard on the Russia collusion was a waste of time, wasn`t it?

  • kb csDJvno ]][,. says:

    "Rachel 'Mad Dog' Maddow is the Lezzy Borden of the 21st Century. He/she/it hates Trump and that's mucho bueno!"
    —Sheikh Raz-Matazz, Emir of Bootystan
    Director, U.N. Supreme High Commissioner for Titz and Twotz

  • No one man becomes a tyrant without his committed enablers.

    American citizens ELECT their representatives to Congress to make laws for them so their lives may be defined and protected by the rule of law. Some monarchical revisionist(s), not voted for by any citizen, sat at a corner office and thwarted that collective aspiration by putting in place a policy that puts the President above the law: The DOJ Rule!. You can't accuse the president and you can't indict a Seating President? What a distorted paradigm? So some Revisionist political hacks at the Department of Justice, (DOJ), for all practical purposes, have effectively taken us back to the era when the king was above the law, and could do NO WRONG. With the benefit of history, we know how that worked out.

    Now, this "coupe d' law" becomes the default by which we are negotiating these serious issues of corruption, felonies, abuse of power/office, obstruction of justice and treasonous actions of the president, his cronies and henchmen. And even after all the struggles to hold him accountable, he can pardon himself and his henchmen? This distorted logic has no place in a civilized world if America were a democracy. That's NOT how to hold as self-evident the TRUTH that all men are created equal; And that no one is above the law.

    Deal With This Vexing Issue of DOJ Rules Or Wave Bye-Bye To The Idea of American Democracy and Equality Before The Law. Q.E.D!!!

  • Reporters are such desperate idiots. They wanna be the Enemy of the People and lie lie lie. Shove the lies down our throats. There’s no collusion except by The Democrats!!!!

  • Mary Mclendon says:

    Now Trump is going after the illegals that is coming into this country if you ask me I would tell not to come because this is not 💯 a good place to be it's not a place that I want to be here anymore for this is a country that you can get away with anything if you have money

  • Mary Mclendon says:

    Barr is good but he is not GOD this man has known all along that the mulleur report will not hurt Trump it's going to help him and that's that

  • Fate News are very negative and untrustworthy for future references. American people do not trust these Fate News outlets. They're all work for George Soros.

  • Don't be stupid moron. There weren't any collusion. You people "Fate News" are haters. The Democrat are finish and that go alone with your fate news people.

  • Alfred Neuman says:

    MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! The media (on the Left anyway) will draw this out forever – for one reason, and one reason only: ratings. That's it. If you think the all the fuss about the released report is about ANYTHING else but TV ratings, you are being played.

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