Lisa Raye McCoy’s Truth!

Lisa Raye McCoy’s Truth!

(pop music) Our first guest is known for a lot, including her role in Single Ladies and The Player’s Club where she played Diamond. She’s also a reality star who’s always a hot topic. In the last, I would say, five weeks, we’ve talked about her at least eight times, randomly. So we had to have her here on the show to talk. Please welcome LisaRaye McCoy. (audience cheering wildly) I want some! Let’s have it! Girl. Beautiful as usual. Have a seat. All right. All right.
Get to it, right? Okay, first shoe cam. Model your feet.
(audience cheers) There you go. Uh-huh! Beautiful! That’s a really good pedicure, too. Oh, thank you. Oh my gosh. My white? All right, but you’re not wearing all white, which this is one of the firsts. Yes, this is true because I have on my own collection. And you brought me some, please? Not yet because they’re out in February. Okay, but they do a lotta stretching? Absolutely. And holding?
Women that have the curves. (audience cheers) Let me see, if you don’t mind. Turn around. This is my signature– Oh no, don’t! This is my signature jean. This is the Diamond jean. Okay. ♪ Yeah, yeah. ♪ (laughing) Woo hoo! Okay, so you just got crowned queen. Like, we’ve talked about you so much in the past few weeks. I’ve heard, I’ve seen a little bit and you all over the place. (audience laughs)
I don’t know how you keep popping up in the middle of the stories! I’m hot! (audience cheers) (Wendy laughs) Okay, so one of the stories we talked about is so now, you went from First Lady of Turks and the Caicos and now you’re the Queen of Ghana? Queen Mother of Ghana. (audience applauds) And that’s really big for what I’m doing now, using my platform for the better me, for creating peace and awareness for education over there. I’m wanna do a small school over there, so I’m doing a lot of educating and stuff now. Yeah. Good for you!
(audience applauds) And then we talked about you regarding Michael Misick, the divorce, and Nicole Murphy, and Rocsi, and just all got really blurry, and then we had Nicole on the show. All right, the first thing is you and Michael were married for how long? Long enough. (audience laughs) Couple years. Yeah. And then you filed for divorce or he did? I did. What was the last straw? You know, neither one of us was 100%, you know? I will say that I cannot point the finger at him. When you’re coming out of a divorce and you have to reflect on who you are, you know, I was doing this to him and it was like, “Well, wait a minute. “What did you do? “And what part did you have in the marriage?” I went through that. But the last straw was just a lot of shenanigans, you know? It’s not honest, and not being one-on-one. Did you walk in on him in bed with her? Nobody.
Rocsi? Okay. I’ve never walked in. That would be a different story and I probably wouldn’t be here.
(audience laughs) What role did she play? Because her name was mixed up in the hubbub. I don’t know what role she really played in his life, I just know that I’ve seen her a couple of times in places that she shouldn’t have been. Okay. Gotcha. Now, you tell me about Duane Martin, who’s married to Tisha Campbell, who’s good friends with–
About to be divorced from Tisha. Her soon-to-be ex. I heard about that. I didn’t know what to believe. Unfortunate they’ve been married for so long and– He’s still good friends with Will Smith though, correct? I don’t know that either. I just know he’s not my friend anymore. (audience gasps) Okay, how close were you guys? Very close, he was my costar in All of Us, he was my brother, I called him my brother, and for me at the time, he was my example. Being a married couple, I wanted to be around them because I wanted them to show me how to be a new wife. Oh! And this is when you were with Michael at the time.
Right. And so then Michael got closer to him than you? That’s what I say. That’s what we talked about on Hot Topics. Explain that. Well, you know, when you introduce your friend to your husband, I did that for business, for association, for relationship, and when it went sour and I had a sidebar with Duane and said, “Hey, what are you doin’? “And why are you doing it?” and I don’t want you– He became better friends with your husband than you were. Yeah, he started being in places that he shouldn’t have been– Where?
With my friend. Just along with the shenanigans. In your living room when you come home from work and you’re like, “Duane, what are you doing here? “I didn’t call you. “Michael, why are you entertaining him?” I made it very clear that we were not friends anymore and that he was not welcome in my home anymore, and I would come home, and my butler called and said– Your who?
(audience laughs and applauds) Speak on it! Go ahead, LisaRaye! So my butler called and said, you know, “Mr. Martin is in the guest house “and he’s coming to the big house.” And I thought that that was disrespectful to even be in the guest house because I had told him I didn’t want him– I’m that kind of friend, too, and I’ve explained this to people, when you’re my friend, you’re my friend. If LisaRaye McCoy and I are friends, and I introduce you to Tracy, Tracy better not be calling you behind my back. And like, I’m selfish like that. We get together, the three of us, or not at all. I like that. And that happened, too. But let me be clear, I never said that Duane broke my marriage up, I said that he was a friend of mine and that he shouldn’t have been in places that he was in with my now ex-husband. In other words, your property. ‘Cause you’re not being specific. Well, you know, I don’t really need to be because he– Yes, it’s Wendy! Come on! (audience applauds) Well, I’ll say this when you tell a person that you’re no longer my friend, if I see you, you don’t have to ever speak to me again. If you are on fire I wouldn’t spit on you. (audience gasps) If I said these things to you, that means I no longer give a damn about you. So okay, this is what we said on Hot Topics another day when your name was brought up. Wait, lemme say this. I know that we can not break up my marriage, no one can do that because you’re only responsible, you and your husband. Correct. So I wanna clear that up. (audience applauds) I’m not that foolish, at all. But there’s a code of conduct that you must have when you’re in a relationship.
Correct. And he broke that. He just, he broke the friendship– What we said on Hot Topics was, and correct me if I’m wrong, that Duane was introducing Michael to women. (audience gasps) (laughs) Oh! I will say that he was with him, definitely, I know that. He was him a lot of times, you know? Michael doesn’t have a problem finding relationships, you know what I mean? He was a playboy when I met him, so he doesn’t need anybody to coach him in. Was he with Nicole Murphy? Was who with Nicole Murphy? Michael? Yes. (audience gasps) Yes. Well, she was here and she denied that. I know she did, she did a play on words with that. She said, “I did not break up LisaRaye’s marriage.” I wouldn’t give her that much credit to say that she broke up– (audience gasps and applauds) – And then you were on TMZ and you gave it to her straight. Yeah. I gave it to her straight ’cause my thing is this when you a woman and you’re grown, let’s handle it like a woman. (audience cheers) Let’s talk face to face and let’s get it out. But here’s the thing, I sat with her a couple of months ago, longer than a couple months ago, about six months ago– This was after the alleged affair? Before. And I said, “Let’s talk about it,” ’cause I waited a very long time for you and I to get like this right here, face to face. (audience member boos) No, she’s talking about Nicole, not me. (LisaRaye and audience laughs) Relax. And we had a good conversation because she said to me, “You know what? “We’re two older women that look good “that’s in the business. “I hate this.” And I do too because I hate when we can’t bridge the gap between woman, you know? (audience applauds) You should not be in that position. I will say this, I’m not a saint, I got some skeletons in my closet as well. They may come out, they may fall out
I bet, Diamond. But right now, they’re in. (audience laughs) But my thing is this, when you have skeletons, you have to be able to say to me, “Less game peep game, truth peeps truth. “What’s up? “Tell me, what’s going on?” And she sat in my face and lied, so when she got here and said that I lied, it was like, “Wait a minute. “You should’ve plead the fifth.” Because pleading the fifth woulda been like, now you outwardly saying that I’m lying, that’s a lie. So that’s why for me it’s like, “Hold on now, “you know we had a conversation about this. “Come talk to me.” And here’s the thing, Don’t make me do it with the receipts. Don’t make me do it! Do it! (audience cheers) Because here’s the thing, I don’t ever talk about nothing I don’t know. Just know that about me. Did you find a condom in the bed? What receipts? I got proof, you know? What kinda proof? The kind that I don’t need to ask nobody else about. (audience cheers) A secret camera? Or something? Oh, now hold now. (audience cheers) I tell you this, the only reason why this is comin’ up again, ’cause I’m almost like, “Why am I talking about this again? “I’ve been divorced for almost ten years! “What is this?” But I’ve done some soul searching within myself, some reflection– Your hair, by the way looks beautiful. Thank you. (audience applauds) Like, head to toe. And I’m cleaning up my own mess, so when I actually Tweeted with the Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua thing, I did not know it was gonna go viral. I just made a comment because you see a friend that is messing over another friend and you doing the same thing and the shenanigans. I was just like, “Girl, for real? “Not again.” And it just blew up! (audience laughs) You know what I mean? And so when it blew up, they took it everywhere, and so they put it in the headlines I said that she messed around with my husband. Well the thing was, once they asked me, I told ’em the truth! We saw it on TMZ! I did, too. Yup, you talked like a champ! (LisaRaye laughs) So now look– I am. So look, are you dating Noel Jones, Grace Jones’ brother, the pastor? That’s another rumor– Well, we talked about that on Hot Topics! That was so old! Well, that’s why I invited you here! And I told you years ago that that was never true then and it ain’t true now. Well, you had a double back by! No, I don’t do that either. (both chuckle) But here’s the thing, he’s very handsome, he is a great preacher. Before I found my church home, which is One Church LA, Pastor Toure Roberts, and Sarah Jakes, T.D. Jakes’ daughter, I’m there and I teach there, so I’ve found my home. I’m a Christian, I’ve been baptized now, so I’m trying to change my life (audience applauds) for the better, and y’all keep trying to pull me back in! ‘Cause you’re always in the headlines! We got a job to do! But no, I’m not dating him. He’s helped me tremendously with the Bible, he’s a good friend of mine. What’s up with your love life? Not a thing. (LisaRaye and audience laugh)
Really? So you’re totally eligible? Look, like you! Oh, no, no, no I am getting a divorce, but I’m– I’ve gotten mine, and so– I am very claimed. You are claimed already? I’m very claimed. (audience cheers wildly) I’m glad you came. Give it up, everybody, for LisaRaye McCoy! For more information about her new jeans line, go to! (pop music)


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