Linkedin Marketing: 3 FAST Ways To Get Clients With Linkedin Using Content [2019]

Linkedin Marketing: 3 FAST Ways To Get Clients With Linkedin Using Content [2019]

hey everyone this is Ron welcome back to another video in this video I'm going to talk to you about using LinkedIn to generate clients for your business your agency regardless of what it is I'm gonna show you step-by-step exactly how we get leads to book appointments with us and get on the call with us to inquire about services just by using LinkedIn now in this video it's gonna be pretty in-depth on using LinkedIn as an overall tool and resource and there's a very interesting statistic of a percentage of people that actually check out your LinkedIn after you send them an email which is now something that's starting to be measured and tracked by a lot of marketing people so that's something that you want to really pay attention to because if somebody searches for my name and then they search for my LinkedIn and I have nothing showing up or even worse I have something bad showing up it's likely that they're not gonna reach out to me people really like to see LinkedIn is it's a way to get warm with people before you actually contact them so let's start with the profile okay this picture right here is really bad in fact I was supposed to change this awhile ago it looks like I'm in the dark room and very tan I'm not I'm actually really pale but you can see here that you know I have my headline here as SEO digital marketing analytics website design I don't like saying xeo expert or digital marketing expert or anything like that because what you'll notice is LinkedIn is full of spam it's a all spam so you've really got to be careful of not looking like spam when you create your profile and that's just something that you really want to take into account so the next thing that I really did was I looked into my description and Tom wrote the description for me Tom on my team and the description kind of goes like this Ron Marino is a digital marketing and SEO specialist generating content to increase awareness of service and products you guys can literally just copy and paste this and spin it with your own little thing he is the founder of develop mark a small digital agency in Connecticut is focused every day is on his clients what they need and what they will bring to one step closer to their goal se and then you put your little niche right here so then you could say SEO or website design or graphic design whatever is that you're selling or landscaping or whatever it is SEO is an online tool blah blah blah blah and then I kind of like list everything that I'm really good at and then I just kind of like list my phone number email and website address here very simple nothing crazy I've never really had a case scenario where someone was like you I read your description and it looked but people do generate people do generally like the professionalism on the profile so you want to make sure that your profile is really professional so the next thing you can see here the past week I've been using a pretty pretty general LinkedIn strategy which I'm going to share with you that's been getting the plus 91% profile visits every single week over week and it's very simple I'm going to show you kind of diversified content that I put on here on LinkedIn and what you can do if you're a small business or if you're watching this video and you're doing client work etc one thing that you can really do to make sure that you look extremely credible on LinkedIn is get licenses and certifications now a lot of times they have these credentials from these classes that you can take on LinkedIn platform and it's amazing to see this simply because you can literally get a ton of free education just by using LinkedIn learning and when you finish these things you're gonna get this awesome little license and certification and this license and certification is going to be great because when somebody comes onto your profile and they've searched someone else's profile and they see this it's social proof that you are consistent with your learning okay so you want to make sure that you start getting some license and certifications when you have time unfortunately where I am in my business I can't spend time on education because I have to spend time implementing but if I were to start over again I would spend a lot of time getting these licenses and certifications give me a second I'm gonna take a sip of my water and I would recommend getting these inside of your niche I really would I would recommend getting these inside of your niche so I would go back and do a bunch of SEO ones or a bunch of you know these are good you know the ones I chose are good I'm not gonna lie so these are good right these are good ones to take and then the next thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that you get a lot of skills and endorsements from people that you've done business with or maybe that you've been helping going a little more advanced if you have a following on YouTube if you have a following on Facebook if you're following an Instagram sending traffic to LinkedIn is one of the best ways to start getting these up because people will endorse you even if they've never worked with you getting recommendations is also amazing right so a lot of the times you can get people to say really nice things about you all you have to do is click on ask for recommendation and then you can ask a specific person so if I wanted to ask Thomas Karras for example I can go in and I can ask Tom to leave me a recommendation and here I can select the position that I select which is SEO expert develop mark and have him send me recommendations these are very important these are people that are personally vouching that you are good keep in mind your LinkedIn profile is a social proof profile it's all about the social proof and the better that you look here the more engagement and the more things that you're going to get done especially when clients look here to actually reach out to you so now that you have a clean profile I'm going to take you behind kind of my strategy with LinkedIn LinkedIn's algorithm is pretty weird it like picks up overtime it's kind of like SEO which is really cool when you really think about it at the top here you have an ad which you can pay for but it's extremely expensive actually it's you know it's not as it's it's pretty up there with like Google AdWords and stuff like that and then you have your headline picture and then your profile picture I'm not gonna go into pictures you don't really that doesn't really matter you should know you should know that your profile should just be a headshot cetera the content that I post on my LinkedIn is not that crazy strategic so one thing that I post is just like the videos that I normally post on YouTube I share a lot of things especially if it's at somebody that I really like I'll share their stuff I like Nathan so I shared his GOC SEO enrollment is open for enrollment and then I'll share some other things like rankings that I've recently gotten and this is New York SEO at the time of recording this is what I've gotten recently in terms of decent rankings so then I posted that in here then what I do is you know I share articles that I really like and it allows to just build trust with the audience that I kind of you know I have my head on straight right and then the next thing is like I shared this webinar that I did on LSA I shared some statistics on Yelp these are just some statistics recently on the income education and age of people on Yelp and I share like just general keyword rankings now what you'll notice with these posts is the the post that gets the most reach gets the most likes unlike Facebook or unlike any other platform it's a lot about likes you can see here that this one right here got no likes yet this one didn't get a like on my page I liked it this one got 499 reach with nine likes which is pretty good this like this this post was dead on site because it didn't receive any likes from the following that I had on on my LinkedIn when they saw this post and this one got four likes so it made it somewhere it made it to 5:13 this one got three likes made it somewhere this one got 27 likes and reached 1600 people and that is exactly what I'm talking about right there right because if it's reaching 1600 people and it has that many likes sorry guys just fixing my mic rater that is the reason why a post will perform on LinkedIn okay that's the reason why a post perform so now that you have that in mind what posts perform well after doing a few things day in and day out and really testing things out it's all about getting the likes if you can get the likes then you're going to get a ton of posts now people really like to relate on LinkedIn so you can do things that are like this that I created and this was just like a picture with a meme on it I mean I took a meme and then I kind of just said like I like what you have but reach out to meet you in the new year if you're in sales watching this video you'll know exactly what I mean and that's just a good way to keep the audience engaged with having a just a clean way to post on LinkedIn and people will be able to relate with it this one I created some people liked it and then what you're gonna be able to do is just really be able to get some likes here and stuff like that once you have engagement on your posts now it's time to network okay and once you're posting I'm gonna show you firsthand that this stuff works okay so one person said they wanted to work with me okay they have a digital marketing agency and they saw my post cetera this guy here was talking about some other stuff let's here so you really start to see that you're gonna get a lot of messages and especially if you're posting okay so this one right here they want to work with us right and you're gonna get a lot of messages some of these will be spam some of these will be really good but what it is is gonna do is it is gonna offer you an opportunity to start networking with people okay and when you start networking with people you start tapping into network LinkedIn is a very very very very qualified audience of people that you want to start getting in here in networking with as you can see right here this person is leaving blackberry so the fact that she's leaving blackberry likely means that she knows some of pretty decent people in the world and that's who you got to start connecting with so what I would do is like here commoner stuff and literally follow her and start commenting on her stuff and engaging and that's how you're gonna build a relationship with a lot of these larger end clients with decent-sized budgets for whatever it is that you're doing as a service so for me I would look into her network and I would just start to see like is this relevant does she talk to businesses that may need search services or does she talk to people that may want to purchase search services course or anything like that we're consulting her something along those lines and she was an Account Director so she was working with small businesses right that had you know phones with blackberry you know very protective phones probably like political and stuff like that and she's clearly you know very you know very well Hurst in sales etc she was on AT&T which I also worked for Intel and blackberry which is very cool so this is someone that I would just like start engaging with on her content and say congratulations on leaving blackberry you know I know it's a big thing etc and build the thing and then eventually naturally what's gonna start happening is is you're gonna be able to start talking about specific conversations so you're gonna be able to have a conversation with melody and she's just gonna be like well what do you do and when you tell her of what you do and she finds out what you do she might say well hey I know a client here and there that wants to work with you do you know what do you what do you charge etc and then you're gonna be able to get a lead right then and there which is pretty awesome right so that's the goal with LinkedIn there and then in the initial start okay and when you go down and you start to really think about like you should be posting every single Dan LinkedIn you know the next thing you want to do is to start growing your network your network is really really important as you can see I 423 invitations here and you want to start growing your connections because more connections you have obviously the more reach that you have now you want to be careful with this because you don't want to add random people you want to add people that kind of make sense to you right as I'm sitting here adding every single random person that I can find but yeah so you really want to make sure that you're just adding a bunch of people and all these people you know should be inside of your vertical and you know they should be you know but you want to avoid the spam you really want to avoid the spam because a lot of spam and Linkedin a lot of spam but then you can see here we offer a hundred-plus group by tools and these people are just spamming accounts and Lincoln's really starting to fight this there was a tool that was really popular called jet buzz IO which is now not a website because LinkedIn put down the hammer of justice and just completely annihilated jet buzz dot IO and it was a tool that allowed people to basically you know it's a basically an outsourced LinkedIn engagement and they didn't do that so that's really what I like to do on LinkedIn now one more thing that I'd like to do besides like commenting and engaging other people's posts etc is I'll write articles that I take from my site and I'll also cross post them on LinkedIn so this allows people to see my expertise level in a different way and as you can see like this one's really old I might actually delete this yeah I'm gonna delete these were here but they're really old and they get to see your expertise on your profile so it's really good to do that especially if you're in search especially if you're in a you know a field where you have to demonstrate some expertise sometimes writing this may be just the step someone needs to start contacting you and that's why it's so important to do this stuff is because not because you're gonna get a ton of clients from it but when you're when you have a client that you're working with and they're a larger opportunity what you're gonna need is you are going to need the social proof backup that's the only reason I invest in news that's the only reason I invest in you know PR it's the only reason to invest in my own website is because social proof is everything if the client sees that you're doing what you're telling them to do it's way more likely that they're gonna engage with services for you or with you I should say so hope you guys enjoyed this video hope it really gave you some light as to what you should be doing on LinkedIn day in and day out and I'll see you guys next time


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  • The Influencer Project says:

    Great job, Ruan. LinkedIn is such a powerful tool proven to drive sales and leads—if you have the right strategy.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. I am still relatively new to LinkedIn and every little piece of info is helpful. This was one of easiest to understand. I think you stripped away some complexities that I've seen in other videos.

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    I tried watching, and I believe the content is great, but after 23s I'm dizzy, as you used only the right channel in the video export. Unwatchable on the headphones :/

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    I have recently discovered affiliate marketing and wanted to use linkedin as a platform to generate traffic to my blog page.  Do you think i should create a new linkedin profile for this?

  • Great information. Thanks for sharing.
    My question: How would you handle posting in two languages because I want to reach local plus international businesses?

  • Princess May Aquino VA says:

    thank you Ruan..will apply this to my linkedIn.will do also the Certs plus I will filter now my of writing I have 400 connections

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    Awesome Value Content Ruan! Do you think owning a Linkedin Group is a great strategy in 2019 ? What's your thoughts on this?

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    Hey Ruan, wonderful content. But I prefer automating the entire process so I can do other stuff with my time. I I am currently using we-connect and it works like a charm.

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    Hey Ruan, wonderful content as always. I like the connecting with people part. Well, manually getting leads is good but what about if you could automate the entire prospecting process & free up your time? We offer the best cloud-based automation tool. Try us for free today!

  • Hey Ruan, great overall video – really like the idea with certificates and recommendations. Especially liked the part about connecting with the right people (like the BlackBerry employee you analyzed). Would you make another video that's more specific as to how to ask cold connections for referrals?

    To give you a better idea, a lot of times I find people who I know can refer someone to sign up for our SaaS but I'm not sure how to "provide value" to them first without being too pushy and self-centered so that they feel comfortable learning more about what we do and ultimately recommending someone from their network.

    If you don't see the topic as a video format, what about a blog post?

    MM @

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    Great post Ruan! There is another method to getting high paying clients on Linkedin that i use, you can see the video on my channel.

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