LinkedIn Headlines For 2019

LinkedIn Headlines For 2019

– Wanna make sure you have
the best LinkedIn headline on your profile? I’m talking about the line
that appears under your name on your bio and all over LinkedIn. By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how
to optimize your headline to make more connections
or referrals and business and friendship for that matter, if that’s what you’re after on LinkedIn. I’ll also show you why
you should fill it out on a mobile device in the app instead of on the desktop in a browser. It’s a weird reason, but
I’ll show you what it is. It’s all coming up. (upbeat music) What’s up, busy people? Welcome to Five Minute Social Media. If you struggle with your
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Subscribe, click that bell, (bell tinkling) and that way you’ll be notified every week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter and today we’re talking
about LinkedIn headlines. LinkedIn is exploding. It’s not the place you go dump your resume and then ignore until you’re looking for a job again anymore. If you’re watching this,
you may already know that, but you wanna make sure that
your headline is optimized so that you can create
networking opportunities, referrals, new clients,
all of those things. A lot of people don’t even realize how many places their
headline shows up on LinkedIn. Obviously, it shows up on your profile right underneath your name. It shows up whenever you post and it also shows up when you comment on other people’s content, which for me is the number one way that I connect with new interesting people is in the comment section, so you wanna have that
first impression be perfect. But it shows up a little
differently each place. So by default, if you’ve never set it up, your headline, under your name here, is just going to be your
current job title and company, but it can be so much more than that. First of all, if you
wanna be found in search, then you’re probably
going to want to use words you wanna be found for. So even if you’re job hunting passively, you wanna have your job title there, then you can add more to
catch people’s attention like your Qualifications. So I might have it there with
my two titles at the agency, Chief Marketing Officer,
Creative Director Specializing in digital marketing for
restaurants and breweries. Another strategy is to put
something there that stands out. So, maybe you keep the job titles there and then just add something corky and fun like Ramen Noodle Chef. I make a mean pack of
25-cent dried noodles, that’s all I’m sayin’. Now if you’re not worried
about being found in search, then you can kinda change things up. So I use LinkedIn primarily
to network with people, to talk about social media, and to promote my company
Five Minute Social Media. So mine currently says
I help entrepreneurs beat social media algorithms, which is sort of my company tagline. I’m also a Recovering Perfectionist and a Ramen Noodle Chef. The
other thing to keep in mind is you have a full 120
characters that you can use when you’re filling this out. So you can see right
underneath where I’m typing, there is the little countdown,
it’s on 12 right now, and I can add that, and now
I have one character left. But let me show you something interesting. If you’re doing this on a mobile device, you actually get extra characters. So if I go in on my phone and I go to edit my headline, so remember I had one character left, so let’s instead say Message me please so we can chat! I hit Save. It let me add more. Now if we look at it on desktop, again, look, now it says Message
me please so we can chat! One more step though, if I go and edit this now, it shows that I’m 20 characters over and it won’t let me save it. Isn’t that bizarre? So use more characters to make it better. Do it on a mobile device so you can actually add some extra ones. But do keep in mind that it
will get cut off on some views. So on your profile, the
whole thing will show. If you post an article,
it shows most of it, and I can hit See more and
it will show the whole thing. When you post to your timeline, you’ll see that it does get cut off, so mine says I help entrepreneurs beat social media algorithms. I’m also a Recovering Perfe. And then if you comment on
a post, it shows even less. I help entrepreneurs beat
social media algorithms. I’m also a Recover. So, just keep in mind
that it will get cut off. Make sure the most important
part is at the beginning. You watched this video, so obviously you’ve decided
LinkedIn is important. If you feel like it should
be more enjoyable though, I do have a video called
How I stop hating LinkedIn that you might wanna check out. It’s right here on the screen. And thank you so much for watching Five Minute Social Media. You’re not only supporting me but also my two tiny superheroes at home.


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  • Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter says:

    You've heard of a love-hate relationship, right? For years I had a hate-hate relationship with LinkedIn, but realized most people that use it loved it – so maybe I was the problem?

    I learned to mostly love it last year by taking a few simple actions:

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