LinkedIn Headline Tips – How To Write A Good LinkedIn Headline

LinkedIn Headline Tips – How To Write A Good LinkedIn Headline

In this video, I’m gonna teach you five
tips to help you create a strong, lasting first impression using your LinkedIn
headline. Hi friends. I am Heather Austin from and The
Career Club on Facebook and on this channel I teach simple solutions to help
you launch a career you love. If you’re new here ,consider subscribing. If you
want to stand out in your industry and get the attention you deserve,
a well written LinkedIn headline is a must. So let’s jump into it. Tip number
one to creating a LinkedIn headline that gets you the attention you deserve is to
customize your default headline. LinkedIn automatically places your current job
title as your headline. You don’t want to leave this the default headline. You want
to make sure you customize it. Now you have 120 characters
available to make your headline shine. Customizing your headline allows you to
better sell yourself, your products and your services. This leads me to tip
number two. Use keywords throughout your headline. This is how potential employers
or clients will find you in search and it’s especially important if there is a
desired position or client that you want to reach. My recommendation is to look at
what thought leaders are doing in your industry and follow their lead. Here’s
an example, I could have something like this, “community member who assists people”,
or I could pack up full of keywords and have something more like this “community
member who assists people with disabilities and their continued path to
life long happiness.” Here’s another example, “digital marketing professional.”
To improve I would change it to this, “Digital marketing professional focused
on leadership team building and client success.” Now let’s jump into LinkedIn
headline tip number three. Incorporate your specialty and avoid generic
headlines such as “graphic designer” or “dental office manager” rather use
something like “graphic designer specializing in logo design” or dental
office manager creating high-performance office environments.” Both of these
examples are packed full of keywords and demonstrate some type of specialization.
LinkedIn headline tip number four. Don’t be afraid to show some type of character
or personality. Here’s an example that I recently saw that I thought was very
clever. Copywriter who knows how to craft content that goes viral. Oh and you’ll
never beat me at Scrabble” My final tip, tip number five actually
applies to a student, a recent graduate, anyone that is transitioning careers or
anyone that might be unemployed. Avoid sounding desperate cheesy and boring.
Phrases like seeking new opportunities or recent graduate looking for
employment will get you nowhere. Tailor your headline for the position
you would like to have and infuse it with keywords. Avoid using up words like
“best in class”, “guru” or “superstar”. So let’s recap. To make sure your LinkedIn
headline gets the attention it deserves, follow these five tips. Tip number one,
customize your default headline. Tip number two, use keywords throughout your
headline. Tip number three, incorporate your specialty and avoid generic
headlines. Tip number four, don’t be afraid to show character and personality and
then finally, tip number five, avoid sounding desperate cheesy or boring. If
you want to get the rest of your LinkedIn profile in tip-top shape,
make sure you download your 10-point LinkedIn Profile Optimizer Cheat Sheet. I’ll link it up in the description below. Also don’t
forget to take a look at The Career Club on Facebook. A private community designed
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47 thoughts on “LinkedIn Headline Tips – How To Write A Good LinkedIn Headline”

  • Professor Heather Austin says:

    Hey guys! Are you wondering how to get more connections on LinkedIn? In this video, I share how to use your LinkedIn Headline to do just that. Comment below with what your headline is. I would love know!

  • Oh, I definitely need to get more connections on LinkedIn. I've heard so much about LinkedIn lately. I'm glad you mentioned how to customize my headline.

  • I need to get my LinkedIn headline customized right away. Currently I'm using my existing job title. Thanks for the push.

  • I didn't know that I could customize my job title (headline)! Learned a lot right there. Didn't know I had 120 characters available. Super helpful information presented well. Thank you!!

  • Great tips, Heather! My current headline is "Operations Management | Maintenance Management | Process Safety Management".

  • Zen Rose Garden says:

    Awesome! I think this has tremendous benefit for anyone searching for that next level career to hone in on how they can get what they want.

  • Wild Woman Enchanted says:

    You are the linked in Queen for me! πŸ™‚ Your examples were so good! You know right.. that I'm getting closer and closer to activating my account and it's all because of you!!!! πŸ™‚ ~Elizabeth πŸ™‚

  • Social Media Love says:

    Thanks Heather…I didn't add it in my headline (it has a lot of keywords already) but in my description. I hope it's still ok. ===I'm focused on helping you get the skills and confidence you need to share your message with the world by using social media marketing. === Any suggestion? Merci. πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for your visit, you have nice channel and videos, i subbed your back, please sub back to ? and turn on bell πŸ”” notification, i support your videos. Have a good day πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  • Planche Augustine says:

    Super useful tips on making my LinkedIn Headline something that will catch a hiring agents eye. Thanks so much!

  • Surya Varanasi says:

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    We have a solution to your problem.

    We at Oxyhem offer you the opportunity of professionally written LinkedIn profile from the top-notch people in our company and give you a competitive edge on new job openings and opportunity.

    So, get β€œlinked” to your potential employers

  • Deirdre Humphries says:

    I wish you had examples for "recent graduates/unemployment/changing careers". I fit all those descriptions lol

  • Hi Prof,
    Greetings to you.
    I’m Morgan here from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
    Can we customise 2 headline to describe ourselves? In example,

    Associate, Health Claims Management -care coordinator , AiA Health Services Sdn. Bhd.

    Registered Nurse,- Malaysian Nursing board, Ministry of Health

    This is because, i served as a Nurse previously, and currently looking for a platform to expand my career development in abroad. In between, I’m exposed to deliver my medical knowledge to the mentioned insurance company to meet their expected goals for 2 years.

    Apparently, I will be a magnetic candidate if I declare myself as a Registered Nurse who completed the course in Malaysia and served in General hospital Kuala Lumpur for solid 5 years – Operation Theatre.

    So, I’m totally clueless right now. Need your professional opinion to guide me to design my resume and LinkedIn profile jus perfect.

    Warmest regards,

  • Michael Moynihan says:

    I'm sure this has been said, but the "scrabble" headline actually says, "you'll never beat me a (not at) scrabble." I guess I could add the word "Detailed" to MY headline. Professor Heather Austin, you are amazing. Thank you for your help!!!

  • If we are graduated and we are not exactly sure what we want to be working, or what we could be good at, how to know what to write in the headline bar? Yeah, I have heard the last tip you gave, but can you please put an example? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  • And, yeah, mostly I am not interested in what I have graduated with (bachelor – Communication Science and Master – Marketing), but I am interested in Production, Event Management, and Project manager, also have some experience from that. What to do in that case, how to focus and chose the correct headline, when, if you ask me personally I do think that all the spheres are interconnected? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  • Ashleigh Watson says:

    What can I put for a headline of I am just a Quality Inspector in a plastics factory that I have done for 3 years.

  • EngSalah Mahmoud says:

    what about this headline??

    Extensive knowledge of various programming languages including php ,c# and SQL with hands-on experience in developing high-end websites with a passion for learning and growth.

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