Linkedin Headline for STUDENTS! Hulu, Google, Netflix Recruiters APPROVE

Linkedin Headline for STUDENTS! Hulu, Google, Netflix Recruiters APPROVE

– Hey everyone, this is
Self Made Millennial. I’m Madeline Mann. In this video you’ll learn how to create a LinkedIn
Headline if you are a student, and this also works well
if you are unemployed or starting a new career and I’ve spoken with
recruiters at companies like Hulu, Google, Netflix who all agree that this is the right approach to get you on the map. For more in-depth,
extremely current advice on today’s job search and careers, subscribe to this channel and hit the bell to be notified for a new
video every Thursday. Now, I made this video because the advice online for
student headlines is wrong. You have been hoodwinked,
bamboozled, lead astray because that advice does
not take into account how the top companies use
LinkedIn like these recruiters from Hulu, Google, and Netflix and they all agree that
this is a better approach. So I’ll give you this
easy, three-step formula to create your LinkedIn headline and then show you two example headlines for some inspiration. Now I don’t give a flying
hoot how many articles and career advisors tell you to put seeking digital
marketing internship or seeking full-time roles
for after graduation. Do not talk about what you’re seeking because those are your needs, right? Instead, focus on the
vaLue you add to your world such as looking at this LUNA bar, okay? It’s enticing me to buy because it says that it’s gluten-free, it’s organic, but imagine if it said on here
what they were seeking too like looking to increase
fourth quarter profits. No, that would not make
me want to buy this bar. Focus only about the value
you can add to the world, not what you want. Also saying you’re open to opportunities makes you come off a bit
desperate, I’m sorry. That’s just the world we’re living in. Second, do not use
buzzwords, only keywords. LinkedIn is used as a search
engine to find professionals, and they are not searching for buzzwords like creative and passionate
and collaborative. All of those words don’t
have any weight behind them. Keywords are the key and
it’s in the name here, folks. If you want to know how to figure out how to discover what are
the important keywords for your targeted career, watch the video I have called How To Optimize
Your LinkedIn Profile. I do a screenshare and
I walk through the steps of uncovering keywords
and this is crucial. So, I will link that
video in the description. So, use this formula. I brought this up in previous videos, and I’ll link the original
video in the description where I first introduce this, but I have tweaked it a bit
for you students out there. So it goes Keywords for your Target Role, Industry/Area of Expertise,
your Unique Value. Let’s walk through some examples. First, if you have no past internships, you’re not applying to any
companies to get roles, and you really aren’t sure what
career you’re interested in and you just created a profile on LinkedIn and need to know what
to say in the headline, then I would just say
student at X university. This headline doesn’t do anything for you, but it’s a perfectly fine placeholder until you declare a major, understand what you’re looking for, and are ready to pursue opportunities because that is when a headline
really starts to matter. All righty, so the first
example is let’s say your major is mechanical engineering. You are especially
interested, let’s say, in cars and you’ve never had an internship and you want to find one this
summer in the automotive space and something cool that
you did, unique value, is that you were in a student competition where your team placed, great. So you start with your career keywords, Mechanical Engineering, your industry/area of
expertise, Automotives, and then your unique
value is that you ranked 3rd place in the Human
Powered Vehicle Competition. If Tesla’s looking for an
intern for this summer, you better believe they’re
checking out your profile with that headline. How many internships have you applied to? And what has been your experience? Leave a comment. Also, I did a video, How
to Apply for an Internship, where I took all of the resumes from a summer internship
program and categorized them into what they did right
and what they did wrong. This video was very revealing to what your competition looks
like and how to stand out. So I will link that video for you to watch in the description. Okay, here’s another example. Content Creation, Social Media, Fashion, Writer of “Campus Style” Column. So this student is a communication’s major who joined the campus newspaper and she’s targeting getting an internship in the fashion industry, right? She has that in her
headline, the industry, and found out through research that the two biggest keywords that show up in the job description she is applying to are content creation and social media. You put this all together
and it’s a killer headline that gets you noticed. There are certain things
you should absolutely put on your LinkedIn profile that are high impact
which is why I created this three LinkedIn Checklist download to ensure that your
profile is well-positioned to get you a role. I pull it out every six months
to help me revamp my profile. So I will link that for
you in the description. Like this video and
subscribe to this channel. Thanks so much, everyone. Wifi high five!


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