LinkedIn HEADLINE Examples & Tips ?

LinkedIn HEADLINE Examples & Tips ?

I’m Antony Bonney of inSurge Unlocked. Today we’re going to be talking
about the most important
piece of your LinkedIn profile How to get a LinkedIn headline
that sells, comment below for your free template on how you
can get your own perfect headline. Welcome to Workshop Wednesday. Workshop Wednesday is about 3 things.
What to do, why to do it, and how to do it Today I want to talk about 3 things
to do with your LinkedIn headline. What is a LinkedIn headline? What makes a good LinkedIn headline and
what to put in your LinkedIn headline? What is a LinkedIn headline
your LinkedIn headline sits right below your name on
your LinkedIn profile. This is the most important part of your
LinkedIn profile this not only is this an opportunity to speak directly
to your ideal customers, but this part of it actually
appears right across LinkedIn. So as a standard Stephens here says that
he Sales Vice President at Advocate and as a standard LinkedIn
puts in your job title and your current company and as you can see that is exactly what we’ve got Stephen works AdvoCare and is currently sells vice
president your LinkedIn headline appears almost
everywhere across LinkedIn when you Connection request in
your search terms on the sidebar when you on people you may know
or people already searched for and
even when you’re posting content, so it’s the one thing that
follows you around everywhere. So when somebody’s actually
searching on LinkedIn, I’ve got an example here of a
search on a mobile device when
somebody searches on LinkedIn. This is the one opportunity when you’re going to be sat next
to a competitor that you’re going to be able to get
across some information to them to ensure that they click on
you rather than your competitor. So this is an example search from
a mobile phone of people who have decided to move away from
the LinkedIn standard and create their own LinkedIn headline, which is fantastic. So firstly Ben, helping
businesses grow with the power of video. So this is a way of him trying to get across
what he does and who he wants to work with. There are some key areas though
that I would improve on. Firstly, Call out your ideal customer. So yes, you help businesses, but who within
those businesses do you help what particular role or job do they do? So if that particular person that you
normally deal with is the sales director or the brand director then
call them out specifically. Secondly, how do you help them? What is it specifically that you
do to help that particular person. You are much more likely to
get somebody to click on you if they see that you’re speaking to them. And this is how I’m going to help
you. Thirdly, why they should
use you, It speaks for itself but you need to be telling them
why they should use you over the person sat underneath you on that ranking and finally use keywords. We have spoke
about keywords in a previous video when we spoke about Uber-suggest
and Neil Patel software. This is a huge opportunity for you to ensure that your LinkedIn
SEO ranking is right up there
against your competitors. You need to be using
words that your customers and that your ideal clients
are going to be searching for here’s an example of a LinkedIn
profile with a headline that has been built in that structure that
we’ve been talking about. So sales leaders, I help you bridge
the gap between your sales teams and Linkedin we started inSurge to
help you empower your sales staff to achieve targets
LinkedIn marketing agency. So this headline let’s talk about the actual
steps that have been used 1 to 4 within it. So firstly call out your
audience sales leaders. So sales leaders are the particular
people within the businesses that Andy targets that will
be the ones responsible for buying his products and services. How you help them? I help you bridge
the gap between your sales team and Linkedin a perfect example of what
it is a how they help their businesses. Thirdly, Why. We started inSurge
to help you Empower your sales staff to achieve targets, self-explanatory, but tells the customer exactly
why they do what they do and
finally your ideal keywords. So here we’ve got LinkedIn
marketing agency. So Andy wants to ensure that when somebody searches for a
LinkedIn marketing agency on
the search terms that he appears. Not only does he appear but that
person knows straight away that they’re talking to him how he can help them. Why he does what he does
and the keywords are there. To get your free template to get your own perfect LinkedIn headline comment below
and I will get that sent straight to you. Please do follow me on LinkedIn
subscribe to our YouTube channel, and I will see you next week
for Workshop Wednesday.


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