Linkedin Headline Examples For Job Seekers  – Appear in 2x More Searches with this Sucker!

Linkedin Headline Examples For Job Seekers – Appear in 2x More Searches with this Sucker!

Hey everyone, this is Self Made Millennial,
I’m Madeline Mann. Today I’m going to teach you the winning formula on how to
write your own LinkedIn profile headline that will get your profile the most
appearances in searches as well as the most clicks. When I changed my headline
to this format, my profile appeared in a 130% more searches
than it did before. Whoa! So let’s jump in. The purpose of the Linkedin headline,
which is the words that people see that’s right below your name when you
comment on stuff, is the same purpose of an article headline, right? It’s to convey
value and get people interested to read more. So here is the formula, you ready? I did this
for my headline and increased the amount of searches I was in, and also increased the amount of
inbound. And so here’s what it looked like when I changed it. So here’s my
headline. Notice it says “People Operations at Gem” instead of saying my
full title, “Director of People Operations.” And the reason why I left off “Director”
is because the title at an organization means different things at different
companies, so the most important thing is my specialty,
people operations, that’s what people are going to be searching for. Because I notice
that people will put in, “Senior Associate Vice President of blah blah
blah.” They’re taking up so much of their headline with this title that really is
especially meaningful within their organization, but isn’t as meaningful
externally. So make sure people know your function and the company you work at very
quickly, but then they can click your profile and see what your full title is
down below. Next I put the industry I work in in my headline, which putting an
industry in your headline will get you more clicks. I’ll link a video down in
description about how valuable industry specific expertise is, so watch that if
you don’t believe me. Finally, my unique value, which I put this Self Made Millennial
Youtube Channel because, guys, I don’t know if you could tell but I put my
friggin heart and soul into this thing. But before I had this YouTube channel I
didn’t put a unique value in my headline because I just didn’t know what that
would be. I didn’t want to make something up and make
it sound fluffy and make me sound like a poser. So I say don’t force it, but also
do not sell yourself short. I feel like with a little bit of
creativity you can figure out what your unique value add is. Such as if you are a
virtual assistant then maybe your unique value is, “Assisted over 250 executives.”
Whoa that’s super impressive. So take a moment
and think about how incredible you are and come up with your own unique value.
I have way more tips in the video “How to give your LinkedIn profile a makeover,”
and I’ll link that video in the description for you to check out. And if
you are a new person this channel, I see you out there, make sure you subscribe so
you can get these videos every week. And hit a like on this one. Thank you very
much, I’ll see you next time. Wi-Fi high-five!


13 thoughts on “Linkedin Headline Examples For Job Seekers – Appear in 2x More Searches with this Sucker!”

  • Alessandra Franco says:

    What if you are trying to switch industries and don't want to list the place of work and/or the industry itself? I've also heard you should include your top skills or as many of them as possible, do you disagree? This is what I currently have: Special Events Production | Partnership Marketing | Brand Engagement | Relationship Builder Thanks!!

  • Hi Madeleine. If i have a *creative YouTube channel and am applying for accounting roles (this goes into Unique Value to refresh you), how will the interviewers swallow that? Form what I've learnt, accounting is not creative unless, of course, we are talking creative accounting. Thanks, from a mature-age student.

  • If Austin B. didn't comment on one of your LinkedIn posts, I would have missed out on all of this helpful info. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  • Self Made Millennial says:

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  • Definitely need to add a "unique value" piece into my headline. Do you recommend people who want to switch industry also put their current industry in there? Will it hurt your rank in the search results if you are from a different industry?

  • I've had a lot of success with my LinkedIn profile. I'm banking on even bigger results after applying this method of search optimization for a headline. Thanks!

  • TheGreatMaster77 says:

    Super interesting video, but what headline should be written from a recent law grad? I can't in this moment understand how to apply your formula to this particular situation!

  • Self Made Millennial says:

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