Lindsey Graham slams ‘crock’ impeachment proceedings


100 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham slams ‘crock’ impeachment proceedings”

  • No we want to trial. These people need to be exposed. They're breaking the law. I want to see him squirming up there to try to get out of all his lies. I think it's only fair

  • forgets his own crock and sham impeacment of a president, and forgets about what he said back then too that:that sham would be the standard used for all other impeachments. trump has met his standard.

  • the danger is that negative information will come out about trump. there is no danger to the country or anybody if they follow through with the investigations and nothing comes of it. it will actually discredit them to some degree if that were the case. if you'r innocent, you have nothing to hide, don't obstruct the investigations, it will only help your cause by that much more..if you'r not totally innocent, then try and shut the impeachment down as-soon-as-possible.

  • Hey, Lindsey, remember this video from 1988 where you said Nixon should be impeached because he refused to honor congressional subpoenas? youtube dot com slash / watch?v=Zw2ZHDdxVUk

  • if you'r a fair and honest person, you can't call the outcome of the proceedings before they are done. you can't call them a sham or a witch-hunt until they draw the last straw. all you'r doing by saying that, is trying to influence the audience about what outcome you want to happen. that's not transparency.

  • there should be provision put in place once the impeachment sham is thrown out to censure the dems and make them leave the president alone

  • Alfred Degiorgio says:

    TRUMP AND HIS SENATE WHORES HAVE MADE A DEAL; they will betray their oath to protect the Constitution and he will resign within the next four months due to health problems. That will give Trump a chance to leave while he’s ahead and possibly avoid jail time and they will be able to nominate a sane candidate for president. The big problem is that Trump is a notorious breaker of deals. His whores need to have a sword hanging over his head in case he reneges on the deal.

  • Republicans should not legitimize the sham impeachment and show the American people that we still have laws by educating them publicly on how Democrats has violated our laws.

  • Ah, yes! Leave it to the atheist, agnostic, Luciferian DC Bolshevilks to enhance our holiday season with bickering & adversity & an attempted impeachment of a president. Do the sheep want the swamp drained? If so, why did they give the Commiecrats the House in '18? The Bilderbergs giveth & the Bilderbergs taketh away.

  • Good Job Senator, but you need to work on the "potty mouth". Swearing on National TV isn't becoming a southern Gentleman. God Bless America

  • That Southern accent is full of insincerity, phony earnestness, and fake humility. Graham is a coward, spineless, two-faces weasel.

  • Democrats have profaned and tarnish the image of the presidency of the United States. These people are dangerous. They are a threat to the country

  • Graham says the Reps weren`t allowed to bring witnesses? Are you kidding me? The White House didn`t respond to the Congress`s subpoenas for any paperwork and told the witnesses not to testify, but some (12)testified anyway. That`s why he`s also being impeached for obstruction of congress duh

  • Kevin Montegomery says:

    Lindsey Graham is a putz' Fact's have been laid out before Congress from scholars that he could not even sharpen there pencil's he's so blind.Facts by the most Honorable people in this Country.Lindsey is filled with Hate and this is a shame.Facts = Truth Donald Trump got caught.And Lindsey Graham has just destroyed
    Any kind of legacy he may have had left

  • This guy is ignorant. You have to prove his guilt. Not the other way around. Where's the compelling evidence, where's the high crime and misdemeanor. You're right about bipartisan but you have not convinced the Republicans and you did not not one. The people are tired listening to a Liberal Democrats calling them deplorables and telling what to do, how to vote. People wants to be able to express their freedom and their Constitutional rights and not being criticize by Democrats

  • So it's safe to say Lindsey Graham is advocating to deny President Trump his day in the Senate so he can put on a defense for himself giving him the chance to face his accusers so he can clear his name. Lindsey's no better than the Dems' in the house, just a bit more diplomatic and sophisticated with his rhetoric.

  • The impeachment is very soon going to be very legitimate as it has gone through the proper congressional process.
    The impeachment is something to be treated with respect and not disrespected before the facts have been revealed to the American people.
    There is no way that it is okay for Trump to impede the investigation. He has done that. That alone is grounds for impeachment and removal from office.
    If Trump has done nothing wrong, he can reveal his tax returns and allow all the people that he has told not to testify to testify.
    The sham is Trump saying that he is above the Constitution of our great country.

  • The Dems' have said there is no limit to how many times a President can be impeached. They have vowed to continue to impeach President Donald J. Trump if he wins the 2020 elections. Lindsey Graham has a chance to stop the Dems' in the future from impeaching President Donald J. Trump by holding a trial in the Senate and once and for all exposing the perpetrators of this current scam impeachment. But he won't because he's a feckless deep stater Republican himself running interference and the last backstop the deep State has to protect the swamp. Graham is a fraud and a surreptitious anti-Trumper.

  • Lindsey and John were doing their own crooked deals in Ukraine and this must be buried now. He’s going to allow the Demublicans one more chance to smear Trump.

  • I told all my family and friends circle in 2015 not to vote for any democrat candidate. They are corrupt by demoncraptic instinct
    We need to have all those criminals arrested and sentenced. Then create a party that can syndicate the opposition for a better America. Not as Demonscraps in Congress been doing since 2016. They are TRAiTORS

  • Even though it's been pointed out over and over again it deserves being repeated. It's never been about impeachment. It's been about a coup and the slandering of President Trump to the point the DemonRats hope they can sway enough "useful fools" who are confused by all the DemonRat subterfuge to sway the 2020 election in their direction because they know that they could never beat president Trump honestly. DemonRats have never been so desperate to the point of derangement since the Civil War when Republicans took away their slaves.



  • Before agreeing to any truncated Senate trial procedure, President Trump should assert his Constitutional right to confront his accuser and demand that the whistleblower's name be revealed to preclude any stunts like those perpetrated by former FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt who was the infamous Watergate Deep Throat. If the whistleblower's name is not revealed, The President should insist on the exclusion of all evidence referring to him.

  • You Republicans seem to forget. Hillary won the POPULAR VOTE by 3 MILLION votes. That tells me that THE PEOPLE wanted HILLARY as President, not the tyrannical,unqualified LOSER that holds the office today. 3 MILLION.
    3 MILLION. 3 MILLION. We the people. Please……

  • Never loose sight of the fact that, this stink leads to one Hillary Clinton….PERIOD.  The DNC paid good money to have  Kristofer Steele funnel bogus information through Nelly Ohr to the DNC to discredit Trump in a Op-O. That DNC was broke if you remember,,,, Who was it that bailed that DNC out? That would be one (Hillary Clinton), and at what price did she do so? Who do you think had that kind of cash to pay Steele, and bail out the broke DNC in one clean sweep!? This stink leads right back to Hillary, as media swoon her like the next coming of Christ still today! Don't let them pay with fall guy's and the body of the withering snake, we want it's head.

  • Unless you call witnesses and make a show of how blatantly corrupt and unscrupulous they are, what's to stop them from starting the entire process again, just with a different set of lies, fabrications and inferences? End it once and for all, don't just prolong it. It seems Lindsey is in no hurry for the Truth to come to light. He maybe, could be cast in a bad one.

  • ____Kenshiro____ says:

    Just proves that TDS is a real thing. No way the the number of people who reject this impeachment should be any less than 70%. Going after one guy that's doing the job he was elected for while turning a blind eye to the complete corruption on display is just unreal.

  • If the dems can get away with this, watch how bad their sedition gets when the majority of democrat state reps are F'n socialist / communists.
    I just don't get it. In the 50's, people who spoke & influenced minds against American values where jailed or thrown out the country. Sedition is not free speech & as to why it's being allowed means these nut jobs are already deep in our government.

  • If Trump does not have his day in court they will all get away with it because do nothing Lindsey Graham will do nothing about it these people need to go to jail for what they have done it would be okay if you would do your job and do something about it like you said we will

  • There better be an investigation of the Democrats and charges filed. We want to see prison time for Schiff, Pelosi, Clinton and Nadler.

  • it doesn't matter what democrats do now, it's too late for them to recover. It's obvious that the record donations to the President and the Republicans along with what happened in the UK is strong evidence that democrats are gone in 2020.

  • Deep 6 it and I love your rhetoric Mr Graham. Please look out for the country of America and our President so we can bring AMERICA back as I knew it when I immigrated and learnt and accepted the American culture, values and morals yet allowing to practice my own religion and cultural ways without impeding on society. Freesdom is great and AMERICA is great with TRUMP. I have my ticket for the TRUMP 2020 train. lets get it on the rails

  • "My mind is already made up… I'm not interested in the facts"…. you tell Lindsey Lohan Graham 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…btw, how DO trump's orange wrinkly balls taste????

  • One thing I've learned about this impeachment farce without a doubt, is there are a lot of ignorant people in this country and their called liberals!

  • Seems that after three years of intense examination into your life, Donald Trumps life their best argument is that " He won't kiss our butts" and " HE WON'T KISS OUR BUTTS". There is no real crime found only their illegal efforts to frame a citizen and president and to deny his rights. It seems that what has really happened is that after three years of investigation he has been proven to be a very righteous citizen… If they had something they would say it…If you don't prove he is a criminal, with real proof, and not some angry persons opinion, you have proven the opposite. You cannot blackmail a good person.
    But you can if you own their server with all of their secrets on it… Who is the security risk…???

  • This is so much bigger than Watergate,it all starts with Carter Page having his cover blown as a spy and then slandered in order to gain the Fisa to spy on the future president.Obama knew and most democrats knew and are continuing this huge abuse of power.

  • Armando Mejia Takara says:

    I hate to say it, but Lindsey has a point. What l fear is that once the threat of lunatics impeaching potus is gone, repugs will turn soft, regain their spineless, lily livered ways, and forget this ever happened. THAT is the real danger now. Remember, Republicans' complacency is a big part of the reason we voted for Trump. We are neither Democrat nor Republican, we hate politicians with a vengeance because we've known all along that they're thieving scoundrels. But l think we are all shocked at the extent to which these vermin have been and are living high on the hog with our hard earned money. Imagine that. Free money. It's time to drain the swamp.
    Time to clean Houses.
    Time for term limits. Starting now. No grandfather clause. We are the ppl. We no longer trust you. Get out. NOW!

  • This is the most ridicules to say what his wants are, this has nothing to do with him but what Trump wants. Just turn the cheek will not work, we want to know the truth and who started all this BS and get to the bottom of this sham. Lindsy Graham, you are so double-faced.

  • Democrats are taking this impeachment approach to distract from their own corruption. An investigation on Hunter would open up a huge can of worms

  • The russiapublicasns are so afraid of the truth coming out and America seeing all o the corruption in this white house and russiapublican congress, that they will hide everything they can and make this a sham trial to appease the russiapublican King. When the majority of Americns do watch their fake trial, they will have secured their own fate. The russiapublican party is dying and this will be the last nail needed in their coffin. They will forever be a minority party from this point forward. They won't stand up for our rule of law or our constitution against the pile o kaka in the white house and that will seal their fate.

  • Yeah just like Horowitz didn't wanna write in his report it was buyers, Lindsey Graham don't want to go to the senate to expose the crooks hold them accountable. He just want to sweep it under the carpet like nothing even happened.

  • So you putrid Republicans criticize democrats, for entering the impeachment proceedings with a preconceived agenda….but it's perfectly okay for this scumbag hillbilly (graham) to dismiss with a preconceived agenda??
    Fk you all !
    Trump is, at the very least, a pathological liar….and by supporting him, you bring shame to this country!
    I hope in 2020, that the GOP is reduced to a pile of ash!
    May you NEVER hold the Oval Office again!

  • Options:
    1. Senate moves to aquit, and hears Trump's witnesses.
    2. Senate moves to dismiss and hears Trump's witnesses.
    3. If senate does not hear Trump's witnesses, the senate must open separate hearings on Biden quid pro quo, dnc meddling in the 2016 elections and the attempted overthrow of our President.

  • Hillary gets a false dossier to influence the election from a foreigner British ex spy,… and democrats wanted to accuse Trump of that?.

  • lol Literally every single platform outside of Fox is bringing up the fact that his attitude was different against a Democrat when impeaching Clinton. lol You've lost all credibility, Jesus Christ.

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