Lili's story - Student of TBS MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing

Lili's story – Student of TBS MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing

before starting his master's I was a bit afraid because I haven't studied this in my bachelor's and all of my classmates they did economics business related field but when I started I discovered okay maybe I'm not so bad at it so in my visionaires I studied fashion design and in the third year I really discovered that I didn't like so much the design the creative part and maybe I was better in the marketing area I was born in Hungary but I grew up in Italy in Italy I'm from a small city near Venice but I used leave also in Milano where I did my bachelor's in my free time it depends like sometimes I prefer stay at home so watch a film and I'd really like going around the city and taking photos of like hidden corners here in Barcelona I'm enrolled in the masters in marketing and fashion luxury at Toulouse Business School honestly when I started to looking for masters first ie I was looking in Italy and then I saw that Toulouse Business School I had had a really good ranking and I wrote also two past students and they gave me really good feedbacks this school has all the things that I wanted and it's really fit my needs the part that I I'd amassed about my masters is the fact that we do a lot of group works because others can have different ideas online and we can really talk with each other and achieve the buffer of putting your ideas together regarding this summer I will probably stay in Barcelona because I found an internship here I will work for this smaller company in the beauty structure and I will work as assistant to the social media manager in a long term view I see myself but in the future at the business Oh little baby well when I started my Master's I wanted to be a fashion buyer but now I thinking that there are a lot of other jobs that I could like so I start to think that maybe I would really like to work in the communication part for a fashion brand or maybe also for an advertising agency but always related to the fashion field


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