Like it or Not, Trump Is Living His Life – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Like it or Not, Trump Is Living His Life – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

It’s about this family
who is Asian, but then it’s not, like,
about them being Asian. -It isn’t. Yeah.
-They’re just Asian. And then they have a life,
and they have a story. And then people – I don’t know
if people really understand how rare that is for us,
for my community, the Asian community,
that that… For us to have a family
that’s not there because they’re Asian and because of
a representation is so kind of low that it is
a kind of meaningful thing to see a family
that’s just being a family and having family issues
that are not really… So, therefore,
it’s kind of even more universal than an Asian show that’s super Asian specific. And it’s nice that way.
I mean, we really… As an audience member,
I’ve craved it, and so it’s nice
to be involved in it. I was in Margaret Cho’s show
in the 90s. -That was “All-American Girl.”
-I think that was the first Asian family.
-First Asian-American family. -Yeah.
-Yeah. And, so, you know, my… When I compare the experience
that I had on Margaret’s show, Margaret struggled a lot,
and not… and not for any reasons
that were related to Margaret and Margaret’s stardom or talent. It was a different time, and Margaret was kind of,
in some ways, shoehorned into a kind of corporate idea
of what Margaret could be. And Awkwafina is allowed
to really do her thing. Awkwafina
has taken the initiative to hire writers around her and surround herself
with many women writers and with people of color
as well as directors. And I think it shows in
the final product. We don’t flinch
about all of the things that we’re describing
in the show that are either
specifically Asian or related to being Asian
because they’re all kind of from
and created by the people who really know
what those things are. It comes
from an authentic place. -It does.
-Right. It’s interesting ’cause I remember
Michelle Yeoh said that, you know,
after “Crazy Rich Asians,” which was really
beautiful – she said, “We have no problem
laughing at ourselves, but laugh with us, not at us.”
-Yes, absolutely. And there was a history of us being laughed at or derided or
whatever that took us… It has taken us a long time to even teach people
that there’s a difference. You know, the difference
between those two things.


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