“Lifestyle Matters” Television Show Featuring Eugene Coin and Jewelry’s Estate Jewelry

“Lifestyle Matters” Television Show Featuring Eugene Coin and Jewelry’s Estate Jewelry

Good morning, I’m J.R. Jackson and welcome
to, “Lifestyle Matters. This morning we’re inside the crown Jewel of Eugene Coin
and Jewelry with owner David Nelken. This is an unbelievable location. I know
you’ve been here for a couple years; family tradition for almost a hundred
years; tell us something about Eugene Coin and Jewelry. Certainly, thank you for
coming and thank you for letting me tell our story. My family has been in the
jewelry business since 1924, starting off with my grandfather who was a ring
manufacturer and my mother had a jewelry store. I continued the tradition opening
up Willamette Street here in 1980 and we have moved three times on Willamette
Street so far since we’ve been open; each time to a larger location to accommodate
the increased business and we’re in our newest location at 1416 and we’re
extremely happy to be here. We have been a leader in precious metals, jewelry and
coins in Eugene for a long time and we’re happy to to share our story. I see
some beautiful jewelry and coins. Now let’s talk first about the jewelry. Is it
mostly estate jewelry? We have exclusively gone to estate jewelry. Years
before we used to buy new jewelry and sell it in the product lines that we
couldn’t find estate jewelry, but I would say the last 15 years we’ve gone
exclusively to estate jewelry and we rely on the public and the estate estate
people to supply us with jewelry and we seem to have a never-ending supply and
we have a good selection. We have a selection of jewelry that’s different
from standard jewelry stores, the mall jewelry stores in that we have styles
that have been made in last 100 years; everything from Art Deco, Art Nouveau,
Retro, Modernism in the 50s and 60s to Contemporary material that was just
several years old. And what I love is every time I come in, I see new jewelry, new
items, the everything seems to give me something
new that catches my eye every time. Now talk about some of the training you and
your family have been through to get where you are today. Well Mike, my formal
training is really the school of hard knocks. I opened up my business when I
was 28 years old and I had a lot of experience helping my mother in her
store so I knew how to help customers, deal with customers and I had to learn a
lot from the bottom up and it took a while but I think that I have positioned
myself within the jewelry business to know a lot. Although I’m not a certified
gemologist, I am very knowledgeable about those things, but I am an expert in rare
coins and so I pride myself in that knowledge. Now you part of some very
exclusive associations as well. Tell us about those. Well I am a life member of
the American Numismatic Association, a member of the professional numismatic
guild, which is a invitation-only select group of maybe 700 dealers across the
country who or have the economic and ethical wear whereabouts to be a member
and we abide by a code of ethics and it’s a very hard group to get into and
it’s top echelon of coin dealers across the country. It’s amazing. The selection,
all that you can see here, the history; I mean it has been part of our community
for almost a hundred years. The new location, easy to find right off of 14th
and Willamette. Plenty of free parking in the back. David is always here when I
come in. Always has something to show me. Always has something a little bit
different. How can people reach you? I know you’ve got a great website. We do.
They can reach us through our website at EugeneCoin.com. Also, they could always
call at 541-683-8445 or stop in at any
time. It’s hard to assess things unless we see them, but we welcome people coming
in all the time and we’re Monday through Saturday so we have
excellent hours for people to come and visit. On the next edition of “Lifestyle
Matters,” we’ll talk a little bit more about how you could bring in your estate
jewelry, how you can see some very rare coins and some special treats for you so,
David, thank you so much for joining us this time and thank you for
joining us this morning on “Lifestyle Matters.” I’m J.R. Jackson have a great day.


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