23 thoughts on “Life under Taliban in Afghanistan – BBC News”

  • Rational Knowledge says:

    In comment section many Pakistanis love Taliban, because of Taliban is Pakistan second Army!
    Water scarcity is bigger treat than Taliban in our Afghanistan before indo-afghan dam in Herat province, then India also helping us in Kabul ,shahtoot dam, if shahtoot dam successfully finished without terrorist attacks. then Which will provide 3 Millon Kabul residents with potable water and maybe generating electricity too!

    Then maybe Pakistan facing water crisis in Pakistan because Afghanistan don't have any water Sharing contract with Pakistan.

    So Taliban are freedom fighter? And they are fight against USA? So why they are cancer for afghan? Why? + USA didn't control over Afghanistan. Afghanistan has its own democratic government! And our Army and government control over Afghanistan!

    So the big question is : why Taliban attacking, destroying, killing our dams, school, collages, airports, telecommunications, our childrens& women and AFGHAN ARMY? WHY?

    Isn't enough to show Pakistan government supporting terrorism ? Because of water, natural resources,land? They don't want Afghanistan strong again, they only want Afghanistan still suffering refugee stage because Pakistan government receiving $ 200 Millon dollars for hosting afghan refugee from year side of the border ,they money investing in Pakistan not afghan refugees!Pakistan wants a puppet government in Afghanistan. Pakistani rulers have believed that Afghanistan is their own backyard or 5th province.

    Pakistan have been using Water of Afghanistan for 40 years free of cost as a result they help Terrorist groups to put Afghanistan in war and no one ask them about the cost of Water . If Afghanistan build more dams Pakistan will face droughts and famine.

    Because 30 % water came from Afghanistan and 70% from Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir ,Pakistan wants to the control over the rivers in Kashmir. Because for water supply Pakistan totally depends upon India. All rivers originates from Jammu and Kashmir so If India stops the water supply of sindhu, chinab, jhelum and satluj, Pakistan suffers from drought as well as will be thirst for water.

    Pakistan considers Afghanistan as its strategic depth in case of war with India. Pakistan plans to use Afghan soil in case Indian strike corps threaten to divide Pakistan into 2 parts.

    Pakistan doesn’t want a stable & powerful Afghanistan. A strong Afghan government will lay claim to Pashtun tribal areas of Pakistan.

    Isn't amazing how these terrorist got weapons easily?

    Sir Najibullah was Afghanistan's last hope. He was trying to do his best to defend his country from foreign and domestic threats, and that is Pakistan and the Taliban. This video is clearly praising Najibullah's death and Afghanistan's destruction today. Imagine if he was still alive, Afghanistan would have been a strong country and free from radical Islamists, Pakistani intimidations and American invasion.

    Najibullah was a great leader who voted by afghan people

    Najibullah hanging was the start of dark age in Afghanistan.!!😖

    If Najibullah had been alive today, he would have won any election to become the president of Afghanistan once again. For your information, Najibullah was killed by the ISI hitman–Mullah Abdul Raziq Chamani and Hamid Gul (himself from Quetta) in the Arg while Tannai was also present at the scene on 26 September 1996 at 1:30 in the morning.

    talibans are Pakistan dogs, but one day Pakistan will pay it!

  • Afghanistan the graveyard of empires , All empires and super powers always made us the playground , gets in our country but we are the one who suffers more , but we also don’t want them to enjoy and have the advantages of our suffering ,

  • I'm Pakistani and mahsud … I just want to clear that these people love how they live they like Taliban rules.. in 2009 also Taliban here in my Country but our PAKISTAN army
    fucked all talibans in 3 years … Because we want peace Pakistanis wants peace. .. so tha clear things that Afghan people are idiot and fuckerz because of them our peaceful religion is now got annoyed ….

  • Afganistan was once a buddhist country where afganes are farmers with humble and peaceful human beings.
    Why now there is such great differences? Killing in the name of religions by warlords are a norm now days.
    If a religion teaches and preaches killings, then i find that it is time to look for another religion that doesn't.

  • YoUrE mOm GaY says:

    Ok I may hate the taliban but I’ll give them credit where credit is due
    They are doing a pretty good job making the US intervention hell

  • Thomas Samuel says:

    Like any gutless cowards they hide their faces .inhuman barbarians who can only blow themselves for fornication in paradise,why don't they go to Bangkok and experience it here.

  • This is why we should not get involved in the whole nation building bulshit it always backfires we need to just have the stomach to crush our enemy and move on I forget about the politics

  • minecraftkid123 _ says:

    Afghanistan is a lost cause, every one in Afghanistan is apart of the taliban. America completed their mission of taking down al quadea there, but unfortunately they stayed there to see if they could step up a government. They did but the government failed. NATO was winning until they started the Afghan national army and Afghan government. Then they left all of the work behind. Just left. Disappointing.

  • Shafikue Rehman says:

    This man lied about the medicine sometimes taken by Taliban for themselves. The doctor in the hospital didn't say that………..

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