48 thoughts on “Life in the Shadow of US-Mexico border Wall – BBC News”

  • soid drone slayer says:

    The US must have sufficient and stronger border security the weak fencing that runs along the border will no longer suffice thus it must be removed and replaced. We must now have a impenetrable wall stretching the full length of the 1,954 mile long US/ Mexico border. The wall must be atleast 10 inches thick, 35 feet high, 5 feet deep to stop one from tunneling under it. The US Border patrol must be increased to 50,000 agents. Thats not too much to ask to keep our country safe and stop the massive flow of illegal drugs, illegal guns and criminal gangs coming in from Mexico and Central America.

    The wall can be built without costing taxpayers any additional money!!

    1. Divert all sanctuary city moneys to the wall.
    2. Divert all Foreign Aid moneys from Mexico and Central American countries to the wall.
    3. Put Solar Panels on the wall to help pay for it's upkeep, guards, dogs, vehicles, drones, etc.

    4. Have National Guard units and Border patrol in the four border States augment on a joint basis.

  • I think I speak for many mainly on the US side when I say that the wall only offers security. We have seen an heard how wonderful it used to be when our country’s could commingle, no one wanted that to change, however our resources started to suffer when the quaint existence of our country’s turned into violence and greed, not by many but the few made the affect greater than the whole. The cartel and some of those in political parties caused a since of fears of being cut off from livelihood and family, and with this came burdens on our system such as jobs lost too those who will work for much less, the welfare and criminal justice system. The avalanche has caused this awful need to protect our country from those people trying to come in illegally from the South America country’s. We wish to live harmoniously, but alas it has taken the greed of few to cut us off from our southern brothers and sisters.

  • Russell Griffin says:

    Congratulations Tijuana. You have been voted the most dangerous city in the world. Hmmm I wonder why Americans don’t want undocumented people roaming the streets in their neighborhoods.

  • matt edwards says:

    The Democrats just killed another illegal , this makes seven they have killed so far not counting the Americans that illegals have killed which are on the Washington Democrats head as well. Trump tried to stop the invasion to save lives but the Democrats in Washington would go along with Trump they had rather continue their killing spree! Shame on them!

  • Shelia Holland says:

    BUILD THE WALL. Sovereign nations cannot survive without strong borders. We see what’s happened to Europe, and it’s not pretty

  • 426 SUPER BEE says:

    Why do we have to waste our money build some thing so STUPID! "" WHAT GOOD IS WALLS IF SOME ONE LETS THEM IN? """ They just dig under it or blow a opening ! What is need is step up Customs, Boarder Patrols and National Guards! Plus it make more JOBS FOR WE THE PEOPLE Now THAT MONEY PUT INTO GOOD USE! YOUR FIRED TRUMP! FIRED

  • Steven Martin says:

    The Trumptards should watch this video before screaming 'Build the wall'.

    Here it is from a property owner whose owned property on the border as long as America has been a country. He said it himself, wall wont work. And the wall is going to have openings so he can get through, are you kidding me? But hey what does he know?

    Heres an idea: change piss poor American policy. Maybe try something different besides the prison planet War on Drugs approach. Obviously the status quo isnt working. Why not try something new? Try legalizing and taxing these things, why not? Obviously prohibition has failed, how can the situation get any worse?

    But that probably makes too much sense. People like to play army on both sides and a dysfunctional border that doesnt need soilders just isnt as exciting, right?

    Its sad because that section of our country is really beautiful. But because of the War on Drugs these areas are basically no go zones. Thats pathetic and sad to have areas where we cant even go because American policy makes them too dangerous.


  • supersonicsegax1 says:

    We just need to start shooting them as they come over! It wont stop all but itll make them think twice about it!

  • Michael Vechnak says:

    Build the wall on the Mexican side of the Border that way you won't have to take land from Americans!

  • Frenchy Smith says:

    If you build a wall 40 ft high, I will build a later 41 ft high.Drug laws is the real problem.Get real and put the cartels out of business.

  • Brian Fidler says:

    Notice there isn't any focus on the wall at the other side of Mexico, nor is there any mention of how many times the Mexican Police and Mexican Military crossed the US border and actively assaulted people; literally hundreds of times. Eminent domain has been used to take property in the US so a WalMart could be built, why isn't it being used to protect our borders? Also, no mention of the folks who cross legally every day… US citizens who cross daily and work in Mexico, yet the Mexicans who cross the border daily who work in the US are made to appear as heroic victims; they have a work visa! highlighting there's no heroic acts of defiance nor any threat of being harmed. Years back, I crossed the border numerous times, during the week day just after second shift, there's literally a line of folks waiting to go back to Mexico; it's common place, so this fella is profoundly sensationalizing the matter. Also… it's SJW's who don't farm or work construction, American's from all walks of life dominate said industries.
    Interesting to note, the White Knights speak of aesthetics while legal immigrants and their descendants focus on safety and security. Based on this video, your solution is do nothing? And, the Sheriff cites a drug problem and diverted resources… have you reviewed the budget for the War on Drugs, literally billions pissed away with no resolve over the past few decades? to cite a drug problem is beyond laughable. And, while poverty sucks, plenty of US born citizens are born into such every day… hunger is hunger, lack of medical attention is just that, regardless of where you are; how about addressing your situation rather than making a problem for others… Life choices!

  • Rodney Fowler says:


  • BBC is one of the worlds most corrupt and non trustworthy media companies in the world, they have a agenda to destroy the west and the white race these parasites cannot be trusted on any level, every bit of info coming out of the BBC should be considered as science fiction

  • Julian Sadler says:

    Trump was the best thing to ever happen to America Build the wall go fix your own country blow you dam criminal leaders sorry heads off if that's what it takes why are our boys so supposed to doe for all these sorry country's get off your dumb asses and fight your own battles That's why the world hates us not our job to fight there battles you teach people to take care of themselves not do it for them they don't appreciate it

  • Finish building the dam wall get it over with get it done used our taxpayers money we can't keep these people get all done documented out God bless President Trump and God bless America

  • support the wall bbc !! just look at the uk.. soon we will help you deport your problems there. we don't want that problem here in America.. wake up, OORAH !!!! save our country"s . or is it to late for you ….

  • Stephen Young says:

    My suggestion is to lease permanently from Mexico one mile of land inside mexico along border from the atlantic to pacific. Use that area for security apparatus not just walls. Plus put up american consulates along entry points with nearby compound to house immigrants waiting to get in. Those that get sponsers though can wait in states. Plus leave DACA alone a lot of them are now married to citizens with kids so you will just increase welfare for single parent families. Plus send troops to central america to clean up ms13 which was founded in LA during Iran contra refugees. Clean up the mess conservatives made.

  • Let me tell everyone that watches this video in defiance, this is our country and our men and women have fought and died for our freedoms and illegals come over here and disrespect and take advantage of our hospitality and freedoms. People from all over the world want to come here legally and do and that’s fine but illegals think they have rights here rights to our programs set up for the American pore that we the tax payers have taken out of our pay! You are not welcome if you are illegals! Stay home make your home better tike we have over the past two hundred and fifty years!

  • When America was founded, it was thought that all the different kind of people from anywhere in the world could freely come and live there, that the country should always be open and likewise. Where's that spirit today? Why not opening the borders and letting everyone in, so it would be benefiting like it used to be. World would be a better place, if all the customs regulations and passport control would be taken away.

  • schnekm483bk Ken says:

    Holy crap, an 'invasion' without 'weapons'. Almost out of the Ghandi handbook. Keep the 'safety' forces occupied and let the 'terrorists' in. Passve infiltration, just be careful who your 'neighbors' are. Call your representative and Senators to take action to secure OUR 'actual' borders! No more help for illegal 'immigrants'! Can't get 'affordable' healthcare for myself, but MY tax dollars are given away freely for non-citisens!

  • Why would the Mexico towns where border crossings no longer exist become violent? Are they angry they didn’t get the news the borders were tighter – like quasi road rage? I don’t understand…I need to learn Spanish and move there. I spent a few hours in Nogales and it was very uncomfortable…this was in year 2001…border patrol didn’t say anything that we should not go in…we ended up stopping at every store on our way back to crossing the border for safety purposes…to never again cross at Laredo, or in El Paso. What a shame the Mexican President allows the cartel rule in this country. … I’d love to connect with these beautiful people on the other side of the border.

  • They are not gonna stop building the wall, because of the drugs, terrorists or something else which can damage the national interests of the United States. Hopefully, it will be working in the future. And the United States will be safer than before.

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