100 thoughts on “Lev Parnas’ entire interview with Anderson Cooper (part 1)”

  • Hi, thanks for watching the video. Click here to see part 2 of Anderson's interview with Lev Parnas:

  • The US President is a representative gov't of the United States.  Giuliana better get your "insurance" ready because the scumbag will sell you out!

  • When asked how he had the authority to make offers of support from the administration, which included Vice President Mike Pence attending Volodymyr Zelensky's inauguration, Parnas said that's what he "was told to do" by Rudy Giuliani. Hearsay evidence, in a legal forum, is testimony from a witness under oath who is reciting an out-of-court statement, content of which is being offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted. In most courts, hearsay evidence is inadmissible unless an exception to the Hearsay Rule applies.And furthermore, he has now said that he has spoken to key officials within President Zelensky's circle. Since you are one of those and you were when this happened, did you get that message from Lev Parnas?

    PRYSTAIKO: It's all over Ukrainian media as well today and yesterday. And strangely enough, my name was not mentioned, although, I am minister of Foreign Affairs. And then, frankly, I never spoke with this individual. And again, frankly, I don't trust any word he is now saying

  • Trump to Anderson:
    " I don't care how many parts you make talking to this guy called Lev
    I don't know the guy, I never seen him before. He only took few pictures with me."

  • William Helfrich says:

    Rudy working with pence pompeo mulvaney Bolton Barr was not on government business?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔😜😜😜😝😝😝

  • Drought Tolerant says:

    Investigative reporter John Solomon appeared on “Hannity” Tuesday night to present new documents which show Ukraine had reopened an investigation into Hunter Biden’s payments from Burisma four months before the July 25th conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. They (urkraine )were already investigating in March before the phone call. Getting conflicting info here. Need more research.

  • Club4 Millennium says:

    Michael Cohen warned everybody who cares to listen not to work for trump in any capacity unless you are willing to commit or abate crime and once you do you will face the same fate of going to prison like himself!

  • There are a few types of Trump supporters. Those that don't know anything about him, or do and don't care. That means they're either ignorant and stupid OR bad for America like he is. In 2015 you might have got a pass for ignorant. Knowing what we know now (and I knew since about 1975) you don't even get to play the ignorant card. It's down to stupid, evil or both.

  • Guiliani told him? Not good enough. To bad, so sad. This guy never even talked to the President. How does he know what the Vice President knew? Guiliani told him? This has more holes than Swiss cheese.

  • Yeah i take picture's with everybody all the time. Dam fool that what is making you look guilty as hell. Judy the messenger is next, and bombeo all his dam demon lawyer's. in other word the whole dam devil loop. now they are going to loop that ass around bar's cell's

  • Dixie Twins South says:

    You people talk about crooks everyday but put all your trust in one. Jackass's if he was telling the truth it wont do no good. You people are ignorant if you really believe Trump is gonna get impeached. I've learned one thing demacraps dont have any common sense.

  • People need understand, Parnas grew up in Russia. He understands that he could be a target of the likes of Putin if he were back in Moscow. Better to divulge everything he knows rather than being silenced. I am quite sure what he is now saying is 100% true.

  • I may as well get this started in anticipation, as with the Trump Crime Syndicate, one never knows: #LevParnasDidntKillHimself

  • It's all about RNC financial support. If you stand with Trump than McConnell and RNC will give money for reelection. If you don't RNC will support someone else who acts the puppet RNC wants.

  • Nothing is worst then trying to convict an innocent man. As Democrats do 24/7
    So many innocent blacks in jail because of democrats and democrst prosecutors lies to convict innocent people for there own agenda. This my friends is fact. This my friends just exposes them. CNN is part of this.


    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Donny Trump is going to jail

    He’s making a fist
    He’s shaking it twice
    He’s just found out nervous Nancy’s not nice
    Donny Trump is going to jail

    He grabs them by the pussy
    And thinks the news is fake
    He locks up little children
    So impeach for goodness sake

    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    Im telling you why
    Donny Trump is going to jail

    He worships Valdimir Putin
    And tried to bribe Ukraine
    He even schmoozes Kim Jung Un
    So impeach for goodness sake

    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    Im telling you why
    Donny Trump is going to jail

    He tweets just like a man child
    And lies just like a snake
    He’s been bankrupt a million times
    So impeach for goodness sake

  • Connie Crawford says:

    For someone who doesn’t like immigrants, Trump certainly surrounds himself with them as long as they are from former Communist countries like Slovenia, Ukraine, ( now) Czech Republic, Russia, etc. –

  • Grassmaster Smith says:

    What don't you understand? Trump was investigating corruption in the UKRAINE. It is Trumps duty to the US taxpayers.

  • Wow CNN … so much airtime for him. Haven’t seen this much “let’s give him creditability” since Avenatti. Always boomerangs on CNN. As this will. Stop giving airtime to criminals. Cohen, Avenatti and now this. They’re fake … so I suggest it’s a case of “birds of a feather flock together”

  • Cooper why don’t you feature your former sidekick creepy porn lawyer Micheal Avenatti anymore, You know how to back the wrong horse even with this looser. You have really lost all journalistic integrity. CNN used to be somewhat moderate but you, lemon, and cumo have turned your woke liberal journalism into destroying cnn…I haven’t watched in years because its a fake liberal narrative…as bad as msnbc….

  • The point is not having him saying what he's saying here on CNN, the point is, if sworn in, at the congressional hearing, would he still say what he said here on CNN and can he prove it? If not, it's just media circus. Dems have to be very careful here and not fall for it again like they did with Michael Cohen.

  • Matthew Scarcella says:

    Your all brainwashed. The elite are making trump look guilty for trying to expose their corruption. Aka Clinton aka Biden

  • Why are people saying this guy should be in fear of his life?
    How is he anything like Epstein?
    Nothing counts until he's testified and been cross examined.
    Epstein did kill himself.

  • Really bewildered by the long, baffling, and noxious impeachment process. It needs to be wrapped up by either vindicating or convicting of the accused or involved plaintiff(s).

  • This crook is looking for a get out of jail free if he testifies, and CNN will glorify this desperate crook because they are desperate to keep that hatred flowing

  • Jolly Green Giant says:

    The Democrats will make use of anyone in their delusional war on trump, even this crook who is on federal charges and is hoping to get a better deal if he works with the media and Dems against trump and all you nugget heads believe anything that feeds your anti Trump little minds..

  • CNN will believe anything and everything if it goes against President Trump even if it's a bunch of lies to get out of jail free card from this lying SOB if he testifies… I smell a rat y'all at CNN smell flowers

  • Larry Levingston says:

    Parnass gave money to everyone, including Adam Schifft. He's a crook and a LIAR being controlled by Maureen Comey, SD NY…

  • Paulina Josimovic says:

    Dear Americans, you must do everything you can to protect the democracy, because once you lose it you will most likely never get it back!

  • Anderson Cooper is worthless as a questioner or knowledge of journalistic protocol. He needs some lessons from Rachel Maddow. He's asking the same questions with the responses already logged by Maddow 2 days ago!

  • Voters Gave Donald Trump, His Family And His “Associates” The Keys To The Bank. Plus The Security Guards to Walk Them out As Well As the Global Transportation and Connections to Help Them Plunder the World…Sad

  • Anderson Cooper is scraping the bottom of the barrel..just like CNN did with Avenati and Cohen…typical fake news coming from the most Corrupt (fake )News Network.

  • I am soooo disgusted with both parties I have decided not to vote 2020.Democrats really don't have a strong candidate All fake and lying their way to get into the white house. Really disappointing.

  • Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat says:

    We have been down this toad before Anderson
    Would you like a reminder?

    Cnn when they were praising a loser but now won’t mention it and hope it goes away

  • THE TRUTH IS OUT: In his failed attempts distance himself from his accomplices and to disavow all knowledge of his relationship with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, TRUMP HAS REALLY SCREWED THE POOCH ON THIS ONE!

    The interviews with Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper exposes Parnas as honest and self-effacing. In other words, Lev Parnas has the humility and dignity to admit full responsibility for his actions, acknowledging his involvement as a willing accomplice (or useful idiot), in Trump’s criminality. Parnas is openly admitting on national TV to AIDING and ABETTING Donald Trump in a CONSPIRACY to extort false evidence from Ukraine against Trump’s political rival.

    CONCLUSION: LEV PARNAS IS TELLING THE TRUTH and TRUMP IS LYING! If Parnes receives a subpoena and goes before the Senate in an attempt to alter his public statements, or if he gives false testimony, it only lengthens his time in Federal prison.

  • Lev has nothing to lose. he's going to jail no matter what. So why not throwing other people under the bus. 🚌🕴️⚰️

  • Trump has lied to me over 15,000 times as an American citizen. Lev Parnas has never lied to me as a citizen. I will believe the Words of Lev the criminal over Donnie the criminal.

  • Lev Parnas was sued in federal court for failing to repay a $350,000 loan to Dianne and Michael Pues. They had lent Parnas the funds to invest in a movie project back in 2010, but were never repaid. A federal court judge later ruled that Parnas owed the couple $500,000 but has yet to return any of the money. Dianne Pues told the Miami Herald, “He conned us from day one… He financially ruined us. Our lives have not been the same since the day we met him.”

  • Trumps impeachment is dead when it hits the senate so whata ths next move ? He is gonna win 2020 election too whats the plan to stop that ?? Bernie Biden Warren are not going to be to even come close to winning so whats the plan??? Hello

  • Lev your a nobody and just a follower. Your a weak person and will go down in history and the books as the rat who has nowhere to go and no ones likes. Your just being used y the left now for the dirt and their agenda. Enjoy your time now cause you just proved your a typical American sleaze type that is in it for money and fame now.i believe trump when he says he didn’t know you e just been around him and his team but he didn’t ACtUALLY know you or considered you a friend. Bet he didn’t even like you or pay any mind you were just another person who others assumed was an admirer and a mere supporter. I never saw you around him or Rudy or in his tight circle, heck you barely see Pence, you were just a Rudy supposed friend but a tag along but now your another omarosa who is another nobody who just wanted acceptance and some form of power to stroke their ego. You just wanted to belong somewhere but now your in your place and it’s pathetic.

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