Lessons That Failure And Radio Taught Me | RJ Ginnie | Josh Talks

Lessons That Failure And Radio Taught Me | RJ Ginnie | Josh Talks

Whenever we go to a new organization we immediately try to fit within the organization we wear clothes like them, starting conversing like them sometimes because our bosses smoke cigarettes, we start smoking Because we all want to fit in I had a really good job, it was a perfect job I was what everybody should be once A boss Sometimes I would imagine this world to be like a chessboard And I would decide, which player will move forward, which will stop playing and which will keep playing
You know that absolute feeling of power But slowly and steadily I started getting bored with it I jumped that I would drop 5 positions down the hierarchy And I became a Radio Jockey. I don’t know how many of you will have that realization I hope everybody does But one time, you should realize what you were born with But there are certain lessons from radio that I learnt that I feel every person should know, which I personally learnt from radio I want to start today, by asking all of you a story It’s a simple question in fact If I ask you today Whether you’re an egg you’re a potato or are you coffee? then what will be your answer? an egg, potato or coffee You will say, no, I’m human But the fact is that life, in different circumstances makes us like an egg, potato or coffee And that is how I want to start today My name is Ginnie, I work in radio, I am a radio jockey Have you ever seen a potato? Potato is a strong, hard vegetable But the moment you put it in boiling water It slowly starts softening You boil the water more, and put the potato in it Slowly, slowly the potato starts disintegrating. Egg which is a delicate thing the moment you put pressure on it, it breaks and when you boil it, it becomes a hard-boiled egg which you cannot break, you will have to slice it to break it Coffee, a substance which leaves its form when you immerse it in water, and it gets merged Life also, many a times, tests you through these hot waters Every time, you will neither remain a potato, an egg or coffee But every time be conscious that what you are existing as If you would have met the same Ginnie 5 years ago, I was in the same organisation in radio I was in a good job, the perfect job. I was what everybody wants to be A boss. I was right, and every one else could be wrong If you have a point of view, I don’t care, it’s your, I don’t care, I am the boss I would some times imagine in my head, that the world is like a chess board And I would decide, which soldier moves forward which would fall down and which will stay in the game You know that absolute feeling of power, it was gorgeous, it was amazing But slowly and steadily I was getting bored with it, how did I know I was getting bored with it and I am going to ask you this again is some times when you are heading to the office and you have to reach the office at 10 am You are actually thinking, hey God, let there be traffic today I want to reach there at 11 am You try and reach there every day at 10 am, but you never take that much effort that you reach there at 10 am You have some sort of a problem with going to office Early in the morning you have this giddy feeling Then you know you are not really enjoying your job And that is a feeling I got, and I thought, let’s do something about ti So what did Ginnie do, she took one of the most important decisions of her life I decided to opt for a job which was 5 levels lower in the office hierarchy And became a radio jockey, now every one said, this is a wrong decision But I have a stubbornness So I decided that I’m going to do this only Now imagine that you have a boss Who is vindictively strict So your boss comes and becomes a colleague with you And you have the full freedom to tell him anything “You don’t know this, you don’t know that, you are not able to execute this” And that person is no longer your boss, they will say And this is what happened with me, everyone said this to me Colleagues, competitors, every body spoke My condition was such that the chai wala bhaiya came up to me and said, Ma’am your show is not that enjoyable the exact word that I was looking for- enjoyment I had almost given up I had seen a movie at the time, the name of which I can’t recollect at the moment It was probably a movie starring Aamir Khan in which he had said even if you go and stand in front of a Banyan tree and repeatedly say “You are rotten” Then the Banyan tree will also be rotten Even I was like that Banyan tree, I had reached that level of absolute failure But the day I realized I was in abject failure I found peace Because failure has been my very good friend for a very long time I realized that in life, between humans and a Banyan tree, there are 2 differences First, a Banyan tree cannot move If you are in a bad situation, you can move Secondly, the Banyan tree probably dies when you repeatedly tell it,” You’re rotten” A human never dies So that was one of the most important lessons in life From there on life changed and I’m very proud to say that this is a 5 year old incident And from that year to now, every year I have won the awards for the best RJ or best show So I spoke about this friend of mine, failure, so let me tell you, where I first met failure I had a very normal childhood I never encountered any problems in my childhood. I was an Army child We used to live in the Cantonment. In the front yard there was a flower garden And in the back yard, there was a vegetable garden, there used to be many people There was no stress regarding competition, nothing Now in class 12th I didn’t get any good marks any I had to take admission in the South Campus If you’re in Delhi you must be knowing that South Campus is frowned upon ‘It is terrible, your life has ended’ is the notion people have But it wasn’t that sad a fact I said to myself, let’s join the college And the moment I reached college, I started feeling uncomfortable I would never take the name of my college But that place taught me one thing, that the good crowd has been taken Now you will sell on mediocrity You will be mediocre your entire life, but you have the chance to excel in that mediocrity Now I had never known my entire life what mediocrity was Between 90 and 50, there exists a life, but I didn’t know about that world And I started rebelling I started realizing that I need to get out of this zone So I decide to into this institute, which would become my saviour institute The name of which was XLRI The institute is in Jamshedpur and it famous for a course in Personal Management I decided that I would take admission into that Is studied a lot, I cleared the written exams, declaring to the world, that yes, Ginnie has arrived The mediocrity can take a backseat. Now watch what Ginnie will do I had announced this to the world, except Ginnie went no where. My name was not there on the final list And that is when, my friend, failure, went into the room with me We became inseparable, I thought life was over This was at 21, it wasn’t like I didn’t have money, I didn’t have a house or a car In my mind, I was a failure Then I decided, since I am a brat, I will find a job for myself An educated girl, a student from the Delhi University Father, an army officer, mom who is a doctor I started selling encyclopedia’s at the traffic signal After 3 days, the public of Delhi had taught me so many new words while I stood at that traffic signal and the sunlight had taught me so much, that I went back And thought, let’s try and challenge myself in some other way So I joined a departmental store At that time, girls from really good families would only join a Departmental store, because they really needed money And I was doing it to torture myself The departmental store had launched, something called the loyalty cards So they needed an English speaking voice to announce on the microphone On a thousand Rupees, you get 100 rupees off On Rs 5000 you get a Rs 250/ Rs 500 gift I tried that for a whole year, it was terrible But that was my first tryst with mike Someone said, your voice is good, try AIR I had an attitude, and said, why would I join AIR They said, as it is nobody is able to crack it, only after 4 trials will you make it So of course, after a year I had a challenge, went, gave it, got through But AIR wasn’t very interesting for me Simply because they had asked me to do an English show And that time I was a typical Delhi person who knew just the chorus line of the song Summer of 69, It was the Summer of 69 What came before, what came after, I didn’t have a clue If you hand over an English to such a person, it becomes a problem But AIR had a very special thing Before every hour, the news would be read out I got very interested in that news I joined Statesman, the oldest newspaper And I started writing feature stories Feature stories are stories about people and I decided it was a good place Hearing peoples stories, understanding their experiences talking about it, fantastic fun After that I joined HT, then DNA But I realized one thing that in all these things I would stay above average or mediocre It wasn’t something that you would remember my name for the rest of your life I knew this wasn’t it So like a little helium balloon. I popped into something else And there was a talk show In fact, talk radio was opening in Delhi for the first time, which was called, Meow They hired me because I had opinions I had a voice I started doing it And in a week’s time, I realized That this is what I was born to do I don’t know how many of you will have that realization, I hope everybody does But once in a lifetime you should know, what you were born to do Radio was what I was born to do For 3 years, this beautiful relationship continued And then Meow shut down Back to square one What now? From commercial radio station I was an elitist I would feel, Meow which is a talk radio In that for 40 minutes, you talk and for 10 minutes songs are played In normal radio stations, there is 6 minutes of talk time I wondered, what they do, they must be selling songs They pull pranks, they take out weird noises, really? This is really not worth it. Except, one of the stations hired me God alone knows why, and I became the boss I was telling you about Chess player and game changer, and all of that So that’s how I got into radio, slowly, steadily and life’s been very very good ever since The last 5 years have been fantastic But there are certain lessons from radio that I learnt which I feel every individual should know, which at least radio has taught me The first thing that radio taught me When I started doing radio again, commercial radio 5 years ago Whoever my competitors are, and even if I asked you today what to radio people and RJ’s do? They sell songs, make pranks, make noises and pull off funny things I didn’t know how to do all of this I envy people who can still do this So I decided to do my own thing, which was slightly intelligent And every body told me, wrong idea, wrong move Nobody does that intelligent radio shows But I started And slowly and steadily people start accepting you And this is a very important lesson in life, whenever we go to a new organization We immediately try and fit within the organization We start dressing up like them, talking like them And sometimes because our bosses smoke, we pickup that habit But the point is that we are all unique We all have that one unique thing which nobody else has Stick to that one unique thing, that’s the most important thing radio taught me Secondly If you wake up every morning with an attitude that I have arrived dude I know everything You should know, your life is finished If your pour tea into a cup and the cup is filled Then the tea will drip down, the cup will not be able to sustain the tea Learn how to empty that cup, learn to unlearn in life to get ahead in life Third, radio will broaden your horizons For me in life at least, there were blacks and whites in life, rights and wrongs I’ll tell you a story from my days in radio One day, I was doing a very random show. It was raining and I wasn’t in the mood to work So I said, please share a story of rains This girl calls me and tells that Well I’m married and I’m very happily married I work in an office, and in my office, there is a boy a man, we both flirt in a healthy manner we never crossed the limit and did anything We had a trip, where we had gone abroad And when we were there for a week, we slept with each other One night. After that when we came back, we realized it was wrong He quit his job, and left I continue doing my job We’ve never been in touch again But I have a great relationship with my husband And I feel that I should tell him And I was like, hmm What should I say? What should I say? She was like, I have spoken to all my friends, and he has said, don’t ever tell your husband about it I asked her, so what are you doing about it? Now, radio is live, it’s a 2 minute gap I asked her, then what are you doing about it? Nothing, I am taking a walk outside, and I have switched on the radio set inside. near my husband He’s hearing this conversation And she put the phone down, I still get goosebumps For the next 10 days I could not sleep She needed an anonymous medium to make a confession That is the power of radio The power of radio Social change, after listening to radio, what kind of a social change will come what will change? There is man named A.P Singh There was case, of Nirbhaya About which, everyone knows A.P Singh was the lawyer who was defending the rapists And I took him on air, because I wanted to understand the legal system, because there is a law that every rapist has a right to be defended so how does it feel to defend somebody that you know is so wrong He, in turn said The girls who go out in the night, you don’t know they go back home with the drivers they lay staying drunk, what will eventually happen to them! Girls from good homes do not go out at night For 5 minutes I forgot, I was on radio, I forgot the ethics of radio I had the worst fight of my life then The only thing was that I wasn’t abusive The man told me, Ginnie ji, there is no need to shout so much The entire world, India in it’s entirety agrees with me I told him, let take a bet, if India agrees with you then I will leave my job, otherwise you leave your job He said, okay. My show is broadcast-ed in Delhi Within a week, I received messages from New York, Dubai, Bombay from everywhere, because this call had gone viral Through, Whats app, through email,etc That man was debarred from the lawyers association Based on that one call Radio has also taught me, that among all media The most powerful and connecting tool is radio And radio taught me another thing, which is very important in life Whenever we say that, how does one become and RJ. Then people say, I can speak very fast I have a very good voice It is not important for radio how well you speak For life and radio is important, how well you listen Learn to be a great listener there’ll be lots of thing you can take Thank you for being such a great listener today


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