Les Misérables: Trailer – BBC

Les Misérables: Trailer – BBC

Félix: You look like an angel. I’m utterly at your mercy. Fantine: I don’t believe you. Félix: Let me prove it. Woman: The ground we walk on we could fall through at any time and no one would care. Fantine: But why should it always be like that? Woman: Because it is. Javert: Whatever you think you can never win. Bishop Myriel: Jean Valjean, you don’t think it possible that kindness and love can change a man? Fantine: Oh, Cosette, whatever are we gonna do now? Monsieur Thénardier: Your little darlin’ want for nuthin in our lovin care. Valjean: Child should be able to play now and then. ‘Specially at Christmas. Madame Thénardier: Oh, and some people should learn to mind their own business. Valjean: You don’t know what the world is like! Cosette: But I want to see for myself. Marius: Paris is a tinderbox.
It’ll only take a spark to set it off. Man: Fire! An epic six-part drama, Les Misérables, on BBC One.


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