Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie on 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' | MTV News


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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2019 film Available miniuri.com/5nq?dnx

    Another Tarantino masterpiece, Leo & Brad are outstanding! definetly some best acting Oscar nominations in the near future.

  • The four people talk without screaming and falling.

    For 7 minutes, four people said a lot.

    It's called high culture and high intelligence

  • You can tell Margot has no culture at all…yep she made it, pretty face etc but not a movie lover. Reminds e of Joss Stone who had an amazing soul voice but had no music culture whatsoever…

  • This is kind of depressing to watch…I remember watching those two actors in the 90's…seeing them age and passage of time is kind of depressing.

  • I know the feeling about flubbing. But it's the guitar for me. Some strange primal dumb energy sneaks up on me only if I'm playing around someone who's very critical. Or even recording myself. Other than that, all the music I play I've played hundreds of times easily.

  • This is long but I was reminded of it by them saying that they hadn't watched Gone With The Wind. I posted this a few months ago on Facebook….long but skip it if you're not interested: Sometimes when you watch an old movie they don't hold up very well. Sometimes they are still golden and you remember exactly why you loved them the first time. And then there's "Gone With The Wind".
    I've been missing my mother a great deal lately and so when I saw "Gone With The Wind" in the library I thought back to her giving me the book to read as a freshman in high school and going to see the movie with her twice in the 1970's. So….with that link to my mother I settled in to watch.
    OMG! Where to begin? First, the romantic vision of the South was disturbing in view of the rise again of racists bearing Confederate flags in the time of Trump. (Hell, it's pretty damn disturbing when you think about the era in which it was made when Jim Crow was in full force and the KKK was on the march.) The movie was so over the top and just so damn wistful about the glory days of when gentile southerners owned slaves. It was sort of revolting to watch in those terms alone. 
    Then I thought "Well, it's really just a love story about Scarlet O'Hara and Rhett Butler".
    Uh oh……Scarlet is a scheming self-centered ego maniac. She marries two men that she doesn't love at all. The first she uses to worm her way closer to the man who rejected her for Melanie. (He's Melanie's brother.) The second she steals from her sister by lying and does that just so she can get his money. Then she becomes so money grubbing that she uses convict labor in her business. She also using Melanie to force Ashley (the man she chases thru the whole movie) to remain in the South and go into business with her even though he had a job lined up in New York. She marries Rhett but doesn't ever seem to give up chasing after the man she can't have.
    As for Rhett…..early on he is very clear that not only does he see the South as a misguided idea but he also works to make money from them by becoming a blockade runner. He hangs out with whores and is more than happy to flip to the Northern side when the South loses becoming buddies with Union officers. He marries Scarlet despite knowing very clearly that she thinks only of herself and has married twice without any love at all.
    All in all I'd have to say that "Gone With the Wind" is a strange little period piece of a movie. What an eye-opener after years of not thinking of it at all.

  • I want Brad Pitt, Leo Caprio, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves and Matthew Mcconaughey in one interview if that's possible.

  • Depression Beard says:

    I mean…I’m not really complaining because I did enjoy this video…but it’s hardly an interview about this movie. Feels more like the interviewer just wanted to be one of them and hang out while he’s got the chance. Can’t really blame him, but can’t really call this an interview about their upcoming movie either.

  • Danny Mcgauley says:

    Unless this film was just a rehash of 68 nostalgia i really dont get thd poing of it really boring snd seemed pretty pointless and mediocre compared to anything Quentin has done

  • Natural Being says:

    This chick man…she always got me man her personality,lips and smile. I would love to get a blow job from her and I’m not even into blow jobs. ???‍♂️

  • Margot : Cancer
    Brad: Sagittarius
    Leonardo : Scorpio

    Can u tell the difference . Look at the body language : I’m a Scorpio . I’m the same exact way.

  • I feel like Margot is the literally the luckiest woman ever. Her beauty, career, love life. How can one person get that much luck

  • It's not a question of whether Jack could fit on the door or not (he could). It's the fact that when he got on the door with Rose, their combined weight made the door sink into the water enough that then they were both down in the water. Jack got off so that Rose could be out of the water and would have longer until hypothermia set in.

  • Why has Miss Robbie not won sexiest woman alive yet……on her personality alone at that…..absolutely love her…..my favorite female actor

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