Leftist Media NOT HAPPY That Al-Baghdadi Got Justice

Leftist Media NOT HAPPY That Al-Baghdadi Got Justice

abu bakr al baghdadi austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic state dies at 48 we must complain at the United Nations that a poor religious scholar has been killed by America in cold blood hello hello and welcome welcome to another edition of the Shawn Sharma Show thank you very much for joining me today thank you very much for watching I appreciate you so in a huge war against global terrorism America recently announced that the former leader of Isis Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was killed in a military operation I genuinely enjoyed Trump’s description of the operation and how al-baghdadi died check it out for yourself a brutal killer one who has caused so much hardship and death has violently been eliminated he will never again harm another innocent man woman or child he died like a dog he died like a coward he was a sick and depraved man and now he’s God Baghdadi was vicious and violent and he died in a vicious and violent way as a coward running and crying bitch nice so people that don’t know Baghdadi was the leader of the Caliphate which is also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which came into prominence in 2014 2015 Isis established a horrifying standard of brutality with mass executions genocide against the Yazidis mass rape reintroducing slavery and destroying ancient sites and ancient heritage the Syrian Defense Forces again which are the Kurdish led forces had shared the sensitive information of the presence and the whereabouts of various Isis leaders which led America to carry out the successful operation which is another point why abandoning the Kurds in such an important time is a horrible step by the United States they’ve been immensely helpful in the war against Isis while clearly the whole world was celebrating the death of this evil bastard for some reason Washington Post was just not happy look at the headline that they shared Abu Bakr al Baghdadi austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic state dies at 48 wow that’s so heartbreaking man how dare Trump kill an austere religious scholar I mean what has he done wrong all he does is sit around read the Koran and teach the Koran and that’s it what has he done this has to be treated like a war crime we must complain at the United Nations that a poor religious scholar has been killed by America in cold blood and Washington Post didn’t just stop there they published two separate articles after that saying how this was not a great moment for Trump and how this was not a great win for Trump because he described al Baghdadi’s death in a brutal graphic manner yeah man how dare he celebrate the death of a poor austere religious scholar in such a graphic manner what a shame again what is incredible that the death of the most wanted terrorists on the planet was not enough for the Washington Post they also want the United States and the President of the United States to be very nice and polite about his death they want to be nice and polite about a guy that butchered thousands of people that that reintroduced slavery presided over the genocide of the Yazidis all of that for some reason did not hurt Washington Post feelings talking about al Baghdadi in a rude manner in in a graphic manner really hurts Washington Post feelings and then even Bloomberg decided that they did not want to be outdone by The Washington Post they can be even more secular than the Washington Post they said Islamic state leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi transformed himself from a little-known teacher of Quranic recitation into the self-proclaimed ruler of an entity that covered swaths of Syria and Iraq he was just a teacher man why did the u.s. have to go kill a poor teacher why why does the United States go around killing poor teachers they weren’t the only ones that were upset that the most wanted terrorists in the world had died CBS contributor Michael J Morrell says that he was really bothered by Trump’s vivid detail about the killing of al Baghdadi during his void house announcement anyone who is surprised by this reaction of mainstream media please raise your hands I thought so and it’s very funny and absolutely not surprising that the same Washington Post that called of removal of article 370 by India Hindu supremacy is now calling al Baghdadi an austere religious scholar obviously after the blowback they changed the headline to something else but the damage has already been done and the true intentions have already been revealed and this headline by The Washington Post created an awesome trend on Twitter called war PO death notices where people gave washington post style obituaries to the worst criminals of the world hitler champion of animal rights father of every existing wink forum conceived ER and builder of autobahns patron of porsche inventor of Fanta pioneer of exhaust ferric rocketry scholar of gaseous behavior in confined spaces expired today Jeffrey Dahmer connoisseur of exotic and locally sourced meats dies at 34 Gabbar Singh Robin Hood for the poor rifle shooting champion in 600 meters and moving target events roast meat and dance enthusiasts loved the colorful festival of Holi died of severe arm injuries at 48 Thanos an expert in population trends and demographics murdered by a greedy billionaire just no-good memes so obviously I’m very happy that Washington Post that spread such horrible lies about India and Kashmir for so many months is now being trolled mercilessly for being the fake news organization that it is also apart from the memes there’s also a big question here now that Abu Bakr al-baghdadi is dead is Isis finished and the answer is complicated obviously I don’t think Isis is finished it’s most likely going to morph into something else or split into different organizations just like Osama bin Laden’s Arab Mujahideen transformed into al-qaeda which gave birth to al-qaeda in Iraq which then gave birth to Isis in Iraq and Syria Michael Megara who retired as an army lieutenant general and strategy director from the National Counterterrorism Center said Isis isn’t a crippled organization because vaca da D is gone the depth and breadth of Isis leadership in my judgment is unprecedented for this type of terrorist group Norman T rule a former CIA officer with experience in Middle East issues said in the wake of Baghdadi’s death isis groups abroad could go into a number of directions some may decide to reconcile with al-qaeda some may decide to undertake revenge operations to demonstrate that Isis still has power there’s also a good amount of introspection to be done by the United States and its foreign policy because a good amount of blame should be placed on the US policy of regime change that has plunged many countries in Latin America and the Middle East into complete chaos and uncertainty you cannot be the world’s policeman at all time you cannot mold the whole world into your image and the United States foreign policy of regime change has definitely contributed in a big way to the instability that exists in the Middle East right now rather than just be happy with all these countries having these evil dictators just as long as the Western countries aren’t getting what they need I think the international community also needs to ask the Middle Eastern countries and the leaders of these countries for a level of accountability for developing democratic institutions for developing secular institutions within these countries as well they also need to demand accountability from rich countries in the neighborhood like Saudi Arabia like guitar-like UAE like Turkey which are funding and supporting radical ideologies in these Middle Eastern countries we can’t just give these countries a free pass just because they buy western weapons and just because they have oil that the Western countries need we also need to talk about the underlying ideology that created an organization like Isis an ideology that is supported by a decent chunk of the population in the Middle East and various countries around the Middle East like turkey Saudi Arabia Pakistan where this kind of an ideology enjoys a fair amount of support the ideology that simultaneously paints Muslims as the victims across the globe while it encourages Muslims to oppress the minorities in their own countries they complain about being victims while they have blasphemy laws while they oppress the minorities while they oppress the atheists and the LGBTQ communities within their own countries we have to question the medieval ideologies and the medieval practices in these countries we cannot hide behind political correctness and the bigotry of low expectations and let these countries continue as they have been for such a long time only when we control the root causes of the extremists in some of these Muslim countries within certain sections of these populations that we will be able to achieve progress and I want to ask you how do you think that these problems in the Middle East can be solved do you think it is all America’s fault do you think it is all the West’s fault or do you think there are some problems within these countries some cultural issues that need to be seriously addressed by the international community by the Liberals as well let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below and also just like the Washington Post if you are also really really sad that an austere religious scholar has been murdered then please press f4 al-baghdadi in the comment section down below again guys if you enjoyed today’s episode please make sure to leave a like leave a thumbs up it helps me out it helps a channel out a great deal and make sure to share this video if you found it useful as well if you like the shalmar show and you’d like to support the Shia Shermer show make sure to click on the patreon button in the description down below become a patron of the show you get a ton of great extra content extra polls you get to go on patreon and ask questions for the guests that I get on the show as well you 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