LeBron James’s China Remarks, Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Backlash & Google’s Pixel 4 | The Daily Show

LeBron James’s China Remarks, Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Backlash & Google’s Pixel 4 | The Daily Show

The conflict
between the NBA and China over the Hong Kong protests
continued this week. But now, King James has stepped
into the fray. MAN:
In Hong Kong tonight, basketball superstar
LeBron James under fire, his famed jersey up in smoke. Furor growing over his response to this tweet sent
by Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey
earlier this month in apparent support of
anti-government protesters. JAMES: I don’t want to get
into a feud with Daryl. Um, with Daryl, uh, Morey. But I believe he wasn’t educated
on-on the situation at hand. MAN: Those comments setting off
a political brushfire here at home. Republican senators quick
to pounce. Rick Scott of Florida writing, “Clearly, King James is the one who isn’t educated
on the situation.” Nebraska’s Ben Sasse– “You’re parroting
communist propaganda. China is running torture camps,
and you know it.” Yes, LeBron James is getting
a lot of heat for not taking a stand against
China and their oppression, with people even burning
his jersey in Hong Kong. Which, by the way,
if the NBA kept statistics of most jerseys burned, I think
LeBron would dominate that, too. Yeah. Yeah.
Hong Kong burns his jersey. Cleveland burned his jersey. Miami burned his jersey. Like, forget Nike.
LeBron should get sponsored by Kingsford lighter fluid.
That’s what they should do. (laughter, applause) This guy’s been killing it
in every field. (applause) And you know, normally,
I would agree that NBA Players shouldn’t have
to know the intricacies of East Asia policy,
but at the same time, Dennis Rodman is basically the
U.S. ambassador to North Korea, so I don’t know
what the rules are anymore. I don’t know how it works. I also understand
why people think LeBron’s comments were
insensitive or misguided, but at the same time,
I get where he’s coming from. Yeah. ‘Cause the Houston
Rockets’ GM slammed China on Twitter when LeBron was
on his way to China. So LeBron was probably like, “Hey, man,
start this beef after I leave. What’s wrong with you, man?
I’m going there.” ‘Cause I would do
the same thing. Like, if you asked me in China what I thought about
China’s policies, I’d be like, “Uh, I think
China has policies? “And they are the policies
that allow me to fly home from China?” (laughter) All right, but let’s move on
to a more American scandal involving Gina Rodriguez. Some people have said that
the Latina actor has a history of making insensitive or condescending remarks
about black people. And yesterday, she did not
do herself any favors. WOMAN: Be careful
what you post on Instagram. Here is your fair warning because actress Gina Rodriguez
learned that hard way. ♪ Voodoo, I could do
what you do, believe me ♪ ♪ Niggas give me
heebie-jeebies… ♪ Now apologizing for using
the “N” word in a post. Hey, what’s up, everybody?
I just wanted to reach out and apologize.
I am sorry. I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along
to the Fugees to a song I love,
that I grew up on. I love Lauryn Hill. And, um, I really am sorry
if offended you. Okay, here’s Trevor’s tip
of the day. If you insist
on saying the “N” word when you’re rapping along
with a song, uh, don’t do it on Instagram.
Yeah. Do it on The Masked Singer,
okay? Yeah. ‘Cause then,
people have to wait three weeks to see if they get
to be mad at you. Yeah. They’ll be like, “I think
that was T-Pain who said it, but if it was Donny Osmond,
his ass is in big trouble!” (laughter) I also think
rappers should help. Yeah. ‘Cause, like,
they make the songs. I think rappers could help
prevent these incidents from happening
in the first place, right? ‘Cause think about it. Rappers already make songs
that are safe for radio. I think now they need to make
versions of their songs that are safe
for non-black people. Yeah. They can just, like,
replace the “N” word with something safe
like-like, “my friends.” You know what I mean? Yeah,
just change it. Just like… ♪ And if you don’t know,
now you know ♪ ♪ My friend. ♪ (laughter) It’s a lot safer for everyone. (applause) They should just do it,
to, like, every single song. ♪ Ball so hard,
m… wanna fine me ♪ ♪ First my friends
gotta find me? ♪ And finally, some tech news
that’ll change the way you make obscene gestures
at your phone. NEWSWOMAN: Google’s newest phone
works without even touching it. The Pixel 4 was unveiled
at an event in New York City. Like Apple’s iPhone,
users can unlock the Pixel with their face, but the
feature getting the most buzz is gesture control. So let’s say you’re driving,
listening to music, and you want to advance
to the next track– you don’t like that one–
or you want to go back and listen to it again… Google is hoping the new tech
will lead to more sales in the highly competitive
smartphone market. Wow! The first phone that will turn everyone
into a magician’s assistant. Call Mom. (laughter) This really is
amazing technology. You can open your phone
just by waving at it. No one’s ever had
this technology– except the front door
of a Walgreens. -(laughter)
-Never have we seen it before. You know what’s weird is,
how, like, the way we unlock our phones is evolving. Right? Because first
we had to type in a code, and then we just had
to pick it up and look at it. Now we can just wave at it
without touching it. It feels like we’re, like, slowing breaking up
with our phone. Like, we’re just moving away.
The next one will let you unlock your phone be being like,
“It’s not you. It’s me.” You know who
I also feel bad for? Bernie Sanders. Yeah.
He shouldn’t get this phone. He’s gonna be setting
that thing off all the time without meaning to.
It’s just gesture control? He’s gonna be like,
“And that’s why we need to take on
the one percent.” -“Calling the one…”
-“No, no, no, I’m not calling! I’m not calling!
Cancel! Cancel!”


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  • free HK.. one of the most free country in the world.
    And it's funny all those accusations against camps and organ harvesting and every other claim they do.. they never have any f$&/:@ proof.

  • Catalans are under extremely violent oppression from the spanish gov't and spanish police, would the americans voice out for Catalans?

  • Yes China has torture camps but so does the US. Just to name Guantánamo. Only difference the US has the illusion of democracy with 2 parties who basically do the same politics.

  • Black people should really get over the n word issue, they are creating songs calling themselves the n and stop other people who bought your song with real money and wanted to sing along. Stupid af and pervert on the inside, it is like another kind of racist abuse. Only black people can use the n word? They should pay copy right for the exclusive use of the word.

  • Chinese in china are burning effigies of Daryl Morrey. Oh wait they are not. Lol. I'm pro democracy, and if u don't stand with me I'll burn your Jersey. Jokers.

  • Classic example of America political class hypocrisy. Trump is in the white house breaking all the rules and violating the constitution.

  • Elhadji Amadou Johnson says:

    That imbecile of rickety Scott who got caught stealing 2 billion dollars from the government should shot the fuck up!!!

  • Wait a minute… She's Latina. So what's the actual "rule" for use of the N-word in a song or in conversation? It seems pretty much all over the place to me.

  • Pro-tip: replace every n-word in song with the word "ninja"
    Now it's SFW (safe for white), plus it turns your song into a whole new adventure!
    "Expect me ninja like you expect Jesus to come back, expect me ninja, I'm comin"
    "So I ball so hard muh'f*ckas wanna fine me, but first ninjas gotta find me"
    "All I do is get drunk and high, I be f*ucking ninja's b*tches and they be mad as f*ck"

    It's a whole new song!

  • anti-commie – always good. pro-truth – might be bad. lebron has been to china. either he knows better than you or he's brainwashed. of course you already know the truth. becoz you are american. the righteous hand of god.

  • OK. Right. So. The first 2:20 of the segment are just a waste of time. Coz Trevor said absolutely nothing. Mumbled something about NBA without taking a stance. Coz, you know, one day he may want to be mates with King James. I get it. Okay. Powerful. Mhm. Really useful 2:20. This will be remembered as the best segment of the best segment of The Daily Show. Sure. Yeah. Okay.

  • So Daryl should't apology for his words on twitter, because of so called "freedom of speech".
    But why Gina Rodriguez should apologizes for her N-Word on Instagram?
    Eh… I know, because Instagram is not an American app…..🤣🤣🤣

  • Brandon Davidson says:

    If Gina has to apologize for using the N word in a rap song, maybe rappers should apologize for using the N word in their rap songs?

  • Stop perpetuating the myth that China is communist, you idiots. It is nationalist, culturally homogeneous, imperialistic, traditionalist, oligarchical dystopia. It's the Republican dream.

  • Anyone use Rick Scott tweet to try to make someone believe something has got to be out of their mind he's the most corrupt politician in the United States

  • Trevor Trevor Trevor…..which of them are you really scared of? I never thought I'd see you pull your punches. Come on man…..

  • All them protesters in Hong Kong or backed by u.s. Banks, do you really think the United States wants hongkong to go back under Chinese rule,

  • I give everyone a pass, white, brown, yellow.. As long as you respect the hip hop culture, say nigga all you want! But if you have a history of not liking blacks, why would you know any hip hop lyrics?

  • I didnt know that ! , I`m latino from nyc and we always call each other out that word like that but, if you are a chicano you are not allow to say it ?

  • instead of Pixel, huawei mate30 is the first phone with gesture control. just learn the things happening around the world dude

  • Kevin CoquiiCoquii says:

    What world do we live in now where a tweet makes the news? Words… Literally words are news now how f***ing dumb is that

  • Except that Gina Rodriguez is part black. . . People need to educate themselves on Puerto Rico. . . No one bats an eye when Cardi B says it (or Fat Joe, or Kid Cudi, etc)

  • A lot of you ppl refuse to think for yourself. How many nba officials spoke on China and had a similar response to lebron ? Jaylen brown said the exact same thing and you don’t even hear about it. Steve Kerr didn’t even want to talk about it, all of the nba people are playing it safe . At the end of the day the nba is a business and gone do whatever it needs to continue to make money. You bozo’s fail to realize when someone speaks of hurts everyone pockets all the way down to the announcers and box score keepers not just lebron whose already compensated. Plus Daryl would have kept that tweet up if he was really about that, instead of deleting it because of pressure.

  • Y’all want players to comment on everything around the world then get mad when there comments don’t align with your agenda or don’t speak at all, let these ppl use there platform how they see fit. The way y’all talkin y’all might as well ask lebron for his opinion on Syria or what he think we should do about the Destruction of the Amazon. Y’all want to cancel lebron and say y’all disappointed keep that same energy for Apple, Google, Starbucks , marvel , etc all companies doing whatever it can to keep its ties with China, o and let’s not forget our pres. who has praised the Chinese leader and refuse to speak out on the protest as well but hey a lot of ppl can’t seem to think for themselves

  • My god Trevor is so not funny comparing to Jon … Ya Ya punch line Ya Ya punch line … siding with LeBron…just another puppet of leftist propaganda…this is so sad what The Daily Show has become …

  • if you would ve known that the hong kong thing all started with a hong kong citizen killing his girlfriend in taiwan and got back to hong kong without any charges to his murdering act, you would understand why lebron said that morey wasnt educated on this matter. Most of the world arent, thanks to democratic propaganda.

  • If you don't know, now you know my friend.. 🤣😂😂Trevor is right tho, that word needs to be replaced by rappers also.

  • Wow. This is where US is today, getting into trouble for singing the fucking words in a song. Here's a suggestion, if you don't want people to sing that word, DON'T PUT IT IN THE FUCKING SONG.

  • FYI, Our President is trying to work out a deal to continue doing business with China. Should we stop all trade with China because of Hong Kong?

  • "Sorry if I offended" is always a shitty apology, and I 100% agree the "N" word is off-limits in conversation. But honestly, they're song lyrics. It's not always possible to "censor" lyrics that you're singing along to, especially if you're not fully paying attention. And "nodding along while music plays" is kinda what music is for. This is just laying a trap and pouncing on people who fall into it. I'm not saying "don't put the word in songs", but getting pissy when people sing along is just looking for a reason to be upset.

    Intent matters. This is not a scandal. This is not the usage of a slur that's problematic. This is why some people think all racism is "made up", because we get pissed off at situations like this. This is crying wolf. Somebody clearly into a song and feeling its message is not an "enemy", they're empathetic.

  • ordinary average guy says:

    So LeBron says others are uneducated. The NBA makes Lot$ of ca$h in china. Big pharma, Big sports Big religion.All about the ca$h. Bullshit Mr James.

  • I feel like Trevor should stop trying to impersonate Bernie until he can do an imitation where he doesn't sound a little like he's mocking Chinese accents.

  • Putting out "safe songs" so white people can sing along rap songs? You mean "We should segregate white people".

    "Nigga" is in the lyrics of the goddamn song, nothing offensive about white folks raping along, Jesus Christ America is so fucking retarded.

  • The gesture control was on a Samsung phone a few years ago, and it was a universally hated feature. It's not new, and it's not the first.

  • So many American people just like their Trump:no one know Hongkong bettwr than me.Please know more as if you can.Don's just stand with "something".HK is a part of China forever.

  • Noah is such a fucking fence rider. He will hop to whatever side is most popular. I'm beginning to believe he is faking his accent.

  • can one afroamarican or african or mixed.. explain why its a problem if a caucasien uses the N Word … even its meand the same as a black uses the N word "friendly"or singing in a song. how is it posible that people that suffering so much from racism – biing so racist against others? because if the N word means somthing bad if a not black sais it… its racist. beacause if a black person can use the word because of his color – right? and a non black person cant use the word without biing racist? so whos the racist? its a honest question. i ask this myself for so long. i m i white basketball player.. i askd my mates but nobody can give me a real answer. so maybe you can help me?

  • American politicians pretending they care about non-Americans human rights is laughable. We all know what their foreign policy really stan for. For decades, they've created or promoted human rights abuses outside US territory just to advance their imperialistic agenda. Now it even happens at their borders. Did that Republican also condemn the concentration camps at their sourthern border or just China's?

  • Luthando Nqakala says:

    That feature existed in Samsung for years!
    I have it on my Galaxy S5.
    I can pause videos by just looking away from my screen and drop calls by waving too.

  • It's not that LeBron doesn't support or support HK. All he wanted to do was slam Morey for making it more inconvenient for him, his team, the league, the business. He simply wanted to say, F U Morey XD but unbeknowest to his big brain, he didn't consider the consequences of his comments XD irony.

  • Dothemathemathics says:

    LeBron James enjoys living in a democracy but does support others? He should move to China. He does not deserve to live in a democracy.

  • Shrutika Srivastava says:

    Why do I feel like Noah always goes the softer route when a black person fucks up?
    And do people honestly think Gina saying the N word while singing is a bigger problem than LeBron backing China?

  • Javier pereira rodriguez says:

    gesture control is interesting for the future when interesting functionalities are added but as of right now its a stupid thing

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