100 thoughts on “LeBron James Calls Out ‘Rich Paul Rule’”

  • Darrell Durante says:

    If this rule isn't targeting Rich Paul, then why is it ONLY for college basketball agents and not a rule for agents in any other sports???

  • Dont get it twisted i agree with you but a scholarship is not worth a lot of money. Im not trying to a snake about it US colleges are very expensive. Not a dime is a tad misleading. Please try to be a lil more objective. You can say vertually nothing.

  • Thank you again. The NCAA only cares about itself and not the protection of athletes. The NCAA wants to keep the athletes as servants and keep making money.

  • how many people actually think its about racism???? Did anyone stop to think this is about the color green…you know …MONEY!

  • Only LBJ would make this about race when its about the color know…MONEY!!!! and for him to say this makes him look like a complete fool considering he made millions from corporations and the white man

  • Rich Paul has made a lot of athletes very wealthy and hasn’t been accused of cheating his clients or causing them to go broke, yet the National Criminal Association for Athletes (NCAA) put rules in place to try to hinder Rich. Hypocrisy at its best.

  • Michael Petrovich says:

    So Lebron and his uneducated puppet Rich Paul are upset that they can't enslave young, talented basketball guys?
    It is like a slave buyer Lebron is angry at the slave market (NCAA) because they don´t want to allow him to take slaves because they are afraid that he will treat them even more badly then they do.

    To all of you retards out there.
    Lebron wants to own as many talented basketball players as he can and he wants to determine their fate and control them, and you are against an organization ( NCAA) that is trying to protect them from that exploitation.

    My God, you people really are that dumb.

  • They change laws to go after black people. Nothing will never change in America until the white race is taken out of power.

  • Dumb black athlete's makes the college's billions of dollars a year. They don't get one cent of it. If the black athlete's quit college sports it will die. BLACK people needs to quit playing sports in college until they start paying them. They need black people in college sports. My people is cowards. They won't protest against college sports. Right before the bowl games and the sweet 16 all the black athlete's needs to do is quit playing. They will lose their minds. If we as black people want change then we gots to change as people. They pimp black athlete's. College football is an 10 billion dollar a year company. How much do they give black athlete's ZERO.

  • Katie Schwartz says:

    I absolutely LOVE your videos and how intelligent they are. You call it like you see it- no bullshit. Thank you

  • Marijuana use to be legal. Blacks build up their community using the proceeds. Overcoming Red lining. US change the laws. Everytime Blacks learn how make it and whites change the rules….Why is the country so racist?

  • This is a ploy for the cowards to get there filthy hands on the money.
    They'll use their fake degrees to do so, while shitting on the players and fans.

  • Thats why I Dont watch college sports there greedy and there are a lot of colleges players that are great in college and do nit make it to the NBA and they do not make one dollar and the schools makes millions off of them. I just watch professional. Sports I always watch the NBA or NFL I always said if there good ill watch them in the NBA. NFL. I always thought if your good enough you should just go to the NBA or NFL and not deal with college.

  • Fotosynthesis858 says:

    I thought slavery was abolished in America? College players are just slaves to their colleges. They play for free, sacrifice everything while the school reaps the benefits smh.

  • All they are attempting to do is make it difficult for a Black man to become an Agent. This is taking millions from White Agents. This is all about money and privilege.

  • This is the typical response of white racists who need to find a job for their unemployable college graduate kids. None of you YouTube trolls live near where these rich kids parents so don't go hang on their nuts. NBA decided to get "whiter" and you have to start somewhere.

  • So to beat this racist policy just form a corporation and hire some unemployed college grads (at minimum wage) and keep on doing what you are doing. One thing I have learned about racist, corrupt rules is they have huge… GIGANTIC loopholes all over them

  • Low Bo47omz Ascot Ave says:

    Eastside Low Bottoms shit !
    The "Rich Paul rule"…
    Call it wut it REALLY is:
    The "You Black Bastard" rule !
    The "Cock-Block" rule !
    The "Stay In Your Place, Boy" rule !
    The "Fuck He Think HE Is" rule !
    And so on and so forth. Reminds me of how the gov't changed the rules on former Black slaves overnight. Whn they became "free", there were all kinds of shitty laws put into place to hv them imprisoned and basically turned into "legal" slaves, renting out their labor, back to the very ppl and/or plantations they were just "freed" from ! The ncaa is just trying to impede their progress, on some real HATER shit ! But FUKKUM !

  • one of the MANY things that Edom is scared to death of but doesn't even cross black folk minds , is the power of ONE black person .Why do you think they make it so difficult for Black Folk to participate in certain Sports???
    Because they know that ONE BLACK PERSON will have a dramatic effect on that particular sport and change the game
    1 Venus and Serena Williams
    2 Simone biles
    3 Gabby Douglas
    4 Lewis Hamilton- Formula 1 driver
    5 Simone Manuel
    6 Tiger Woods ( even though he doesn't claim his blackness)

  • The All Power Team says:

    Lebron should start HIS OWN LEAGUE and make himself or Paul THE COMMISSIONER! He has the notoriety, drive, intellect, clout and juice to do it! I don't mind not EVER WATCHING AN NCAA GAME AGAIN if he were to do it! They're bullies, run it like a cartel and should pay the athletes a stipend of at least 100K a year so that they can send money back home, survive and have a little bit left over when they graduate to start their lives WHEN THEY DON'T MAKE IT IN THE LEAGUE while the NCAA makes HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS off of their likeness, TV time and college brands.

  • LeBron carries himself as an intelligent man. Problem is he says the obvious every time he "makes a statement" and does it with the complete lack of personality he possesses. You want a Spr*te?

  • the NCAA is a criminal organization who make money off young athletes who make them millions and coaches who can make an unlimited amount of money, and the bad part is even after the athletes leave college the school still benefit. A college degree doesn't come close to what they make, students-athletes and their parents now should require the school to meet conditions before their child will sign on the bottom line. all athletes who likeness is use should receive all the money it makes. boycott these programs

  • ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

    Absolutely ridiculous rule! You've gotta be joking right now.. This is the dumbest rule I've heard in a while.. So now you have to stop working a job that you're making a lot of money at to go work a regular 9-5 get loans to pay for 4yrs of college? That's just stupid…

  • I've always believed that the college kids in any sport should be paid as an employee. The coaches makes millions and the kids in these colleges win NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and go back to their dorm rooms and have to eat Roman Noodles. How fair is that.

  • Typical Caucasian logic, hell, that's why 1/8th of the whole of the human race control all of the resources on the planet, does anybody see 👀 any Indians walking 🚶‍♂️around in abundance; hm🤔, I rest my case🤣👀! Amen!!!

  • No matter what when they set the rules we work harder and beat them they get mad so they have to change the rules again and they have the nerve to say that we are lazy people we had worked hard for hundreds of years meanwhile they always change the rules to try to stay on the top

  • I think high school pro prospect should start going overseas after high school.. basically a college boycott where you get the financial support form teams overseas. That's the only way things will change. hit them in their pocket.

  • What's it called when primarily black people work for free and don't get paid — slavery? America is racist, and any rule change as significant as this needs to be looked at with regards to who stands to benefit/profit or lose the most.

  • Wow what a struggle for TYT. So affirmative action is not needed here? Which is it TYT? Is racism alive? Unfortunately yes but America was making good progress until the lefto's started calling everyone racist who doesn't align with them. You don't agree w them,? Yep your a racist too. Fuck TYT they're race baiters, living off your attention.

  • Henry Wimberly says:

    This new requirement is a classic display of the System of White Supremacy ! All these new prerequisites for becoming an NBA agent, should be applied to candidates seeking careers in law enforcement !

  • SouthDetroit Entertainment says:

    How ironic, that an afro American agent, who would be in a position to mentor, help those players who might be interested in adding their name to the draft.

    Is now being forced to go along with this system racist organization, that is, has, and will continue to make money off of the backs, of a majority of afro American male, female athletes.

    Until the NCAA is taken to court, and forced to roll back this new "ole boys" network game of control, oppression of black athletes.

    It's time to boycott the NCAA

  • TheRealRevelation says:

    So when poor Black kids figure out a way to get out of poverty legally… White folks step in to make sure no one else can do so.
    75% of white folks seem to be direct descendants of the devil!

  • Gary Stanfield says:

    NCAA is full of s*** they can take there BA and turn it sideways shine it up real good and shove it straight up their ass. This is nothing more than an attempt to stop a black man from making money.. the NCAA remind me of slavery days they want all the black man to do the work while they make all the money..# NCAA slavery is over

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a joke.. if the Rule stands. Rick can hire another Agent and he'll still be in control. If NCAA wants to be stupid about it.

  • Norma Alexander says:

    All available athletes plz sign with Klutch Sports Agengy; No slavery system like the NCAA has and has had for Decades !!!!!

  • We all know this is about race. Who the ones that have bachelor degrees? Bet you 90% are white and getting their a$$e$ kicked by smarter agents that don't have the degree. So now the racist owners & degree holders are crying like the punks they are!

  • Stfu LeBron. You make a minimum of $100 million a year for the last 10 years and until your life ends. Your problem sounds stupid.

  • The NCAA has no standing to tell players who they can and can't do business with when they are going pro. The students have no relationship with the NCAA; they are not employed by the NCAA and don't have any relationship with them. They are students that go to schools who are members of the NCAA. The school has a relationship with the NCAA, not the players

  • It's known amongst minorities that once they become "involved" and begin to "succeed" like their white colleagues, rules begin to change. It happened in nursing, before it was predominantly white and all you needed was a nursing certificate, it has since evolved into a bachelors program. Same thing with x-ray techs, all you needed was a certificate but it has changed into a college program. It's crazy, because it basically let's you know the playing field can be rigged where white people can successfully feed their families and take care of home straight out of high school. It's treated as an inside secret, but once it's out, it's like "nope, it's to easy…. Not just anybody should be able to take care of their love ones"… So, now you have to basically put yourself through a financial strain to have the same vision as someone who was "grandfathered" in, although it could have just been a year ago they were hired (even months)…

  • Ronald Johnson says:

    The NCAA basketball program is 80% black, but the NCAA wants the agents 80% white ,so the money stays in the family, a bunch of educated white crooks, to work with the corrupt NCAA, and steal from the black athletes, and the reason your crooked organization gave was, we trying to protect the athletes, what a fucking joke,you powder face fuckers don't give a fuck about the athletes, its always been about the money

  • These corrupt, racist sports institutions want to keep black men in their place, on the field, court, etc…not in the board room or corner office. This is just American institutions showing their ugly racist faces yet again. Besides that, the NCAA has no business telling players who is allowed to represent their interests.

  • They should shut down the NCAA until they get a piece of those billions y'all generating for these American bloodsuckers

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