Learning to read with news headlines

Learning to read with news headlines

“My mom was instrumental in teaching me how to read, and I went to a Montessori School, and learned to read when I was pretty young. I think I wasn’t quite five years old yet. And she was so proud that she would perform in front of her friends. I don’t know who these people are. She’d have me get a newspaper magazine, and she would point to big words, and I could sound them out even though I probably had no idea what they meant. And it was just a mortifying experience to perform for people I didn’t know. But but I knew she was so proud, and I remember that feeling. And I was just reflecting on that. Now that I have children, and how I feel like I have to hide headlines from my my kids. And just I remember distinctly, you know, we were on vacation and we were getting onto a plane, and they had newspapers ready for people to take onto the plane, and the headlines were so horrible. And there was stuff, you know, about Isis, and about some attacks, and, you know, things like this. I literally stood in front of the newspapers. And so I ushered my son along that he wouldn’t see them. It’s just heart breaking.”


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