LEAKED: The Internet Must Go

LEAKED: The Internet Must Go

John Willie here as you know I've been in the field for the last several months and now I'm ready to share my findings with the team this one did not go the way I expected I thought it best to show you some video before I summarize where I ended up I know that some of you won't be pleased with what you see it surprised me as well Robinson you in particular are gonna have some heartburn after seeing this but let's just dive in so basically the Internet service providers or ISPs the companies that provide everyone with internet access they've got some great exciting new plans for the internet and they've hired me to do some market research and put together a report for them so they can figure out how to best sell their ideas and so they need someone who can you know appeal to the people they said and this guy so yeah well anyway they got this really cool memo they sent over to and it's got like all the background on it take a look congratulations John Willie we the ISPs have selected you for a very important mission in market research is P stands for Internet service provider and that's what we do provide Internet service or P is customers recognize us as Verizon AT&T Time Warner and Comcast over the years we've spent billions to build the pipes and towers that bring Americans the Internet today we face a crisis there's just too much traffic fortunately we have a solution the internet as it exists today must go here's our proposition instead of everything going at the same speed the way it does now we will create a fast lane and a slow lane on the Internet giant companies you can pay us more we'll be in the fast lane where we'll be easier for people to find them everyone else can take the slow road will also create innovative new ways to charge Internet users for the sites they want what's stopping us well you've probably heard a lot of hype about net neutrality and keeping the internet open what do those buzzwords really mean on an open Internet we're supposed to treat everything equally whether it is profitable for us or not this stands in the way of our freedom to make the money we deserve but the public john wants the internet to stay open that's why we need you to get out there and talk to people and help us figure out how to sell our new vision so we can eliminate net neutrality and reach our maximum profit potential good luck yeah I'm pretty excited what was your job before I well my last job right before this was working market research for a hand sanitizer company which is it's a dirty business this pretty much goes without saying but it's not every day that a market researcher gets to work for corporations as powerful as you guys are this was my chance to have an impact and finally stand for something that matters the first thing I had to do was get a better understanding of what this net neutrality business was all about and from the looks of things you guys were already making some pretty good headway toward your goal of asserting more control over the so-called open Internet I tried reading up on the details but the articles were all so complicated I couldn't really make sense of it I believe that net neutrality is the First Amendment issue of our time the videos I found were a little easier to digest but still pretty confusing net neutrality simply says those companies can't censor content epaulettes nobody knows that net neutrality is you already lost a lot of our viewers the internet is insane except for this guy John Hodgman finally someone who made some sense now these companies have made major investments in getting all this stuff up and it's all getting gummed up not just for them but for you you should be very concerned about this this is the kind of guy I gotta talk to this is the kind of guy who gets it what we don't need is net neutrality what we need is net new sanity call headquarters hi this is John Willie I'm calling in regards to a John Hodgman I want to see if we can find out more about him perhaps set up a meeting meanwhile it was time for me to start talking to some of these internet people face-to-face so do I call you professor or mister you can call me Tim moose Tim woo okay so Tim woo I'd like to hear it from you since apparently you invented this really confusing term that no one seems to understand the idea is simply that the net Internet should be neutralized between various youth right but just not professor speak if you could many travel is basically is the way the Internet's been since the beginning if you want to get fox news and you want to get the friends blog you can get them at exactly the same speed and what certain Internet service providers have talked about now is charging for faster lane and the only people could really pay for the faster lane would be corporate interests you're very much in support of this open Internet yeah its net neutrality there's open that free Biden so that people who want to go on the internet and find information like you could have sure example yes you could have before you came here could have looked up some of the very questions you're asking can you explain me what net neutrality is and how it's going to destroy the internet specifically and then the trolley is actually protecting the internet and protecting everyday Americans voices we all know that online is filled with garbage and smuts and misinformation and it should all just be completely shoved to the side and have the corporation's start over I know that is that sounds like a terrible idea in an open Internet things do well based on their merit you can actually take less money than it costs to buy a Ford Focus invest it in a couple of college students with an idea and three or four years later they could have a billion dollar company that hires thousands of people and that kind of potential week we can't afford to lose that I mean net neutrality is a solution to a problem that doesn't even exist but these companies are on the record in The Wall Street Journal in various places saying well in fact what we'd like to do is create tiered pricing where you pay a little bit more and your message gets communicated more quickly and they want to break it up that way and we're suggesting that that in fact isn't impact of the company or the consumers best interests let's say you built the Brooklyn Bridge under contract from the government if that bridge decides well let's do a deal with Pizza Hut so they get to cross the bridge to do deliveries but not Little Caesars then it can put Little Caesars out of business you can see that the bridge is a perfect example of what the internet is it is the critical infrastructure in which everyone depends upon and if it is picking winners and losers that's a big problem what does democracy look like this is what democracy looks like it's a battle between the old media that have a lot of lobbyists and the future of technology the future of media are you from one of these corporate interests why did I know how to disclose that specifically but it is a term on wait a minute wait a minute you have to tell me who you work for I'm not gonna give you an interview okay – okay well you got Time Warner you got 18t you got Verizon I want to protect their interest their corporations which as we know are people it makes sense that you're sort of selling their message but at the end of the day America at its best works when everyone's voices are heard no hearts and minds can be changed so it's kind of exciting it's kinda like we're gonna try to change a few months a lot of time history makers don't know who they are at that moment but they are them all right you know what that's that's a vote I gotta go vote oh you gotta go kind of that I got just like I I gotta go it's starting a little dark I probably should take a few photos of my cat to put on the internet as well all my dad ever wanted was to call me a vice president of something well your career problems are your own I'm afraid so after those conversations I realized we were going to need to get people thinking about what they would be getting with this new structure of the Internet rather than what we'd be taking away and for that I needed a visual I tried calling John Hodgman to see if he had anything I might be able to use hello mr. Hodgman this is John Woolley calling I'd like to actually speak with you regarding the issue of net neutrality when he didn't answer I just had to go for it myself well I found this online and it's basically a chart that explains the fast lane you know big companies who can afford to do it will be prominently featured okay you know quicker load times and they add five or ten dollars a month here and there and then you can get all these exciting sites so I think that's going to help people visualize it it's kind of perfect the Internet is a messy dirty confusing place that's the internet that's the internet we have right now right yuk yuk right so if we clean up those dirty lines they start to straighten out a little bit they start to look a little bit more uniform okay welcome to the future of the Internet yeah that's cable TV right right cable TV right well we don't want the Internet to be cable TV my brother just started a new blog about education for his consulting business you'd never find it on this thing and really will we miss it yes oh yes we would I think I hear what you're saying loud and clear and here's my response ha ha ha I want to thank you for coming in today because it really reminds me why I do what I do which is trying to warn people about the folks like you doing what you do does he even work here you say you're for Internet freedom not the one fighting for Internet freedom freedom for the corporations who wants to talk about it you want to talk about it we set it up like cable are you with me I decided to talk to anyone and everyone who would listen just like cable you know what you're getting you got a tiered yeah but you're only getting with the cable companies give you verses where on the internet you have an option to view and see what it is you want huh and I made it out as far as California where people are supposed to be more open-minded folks want to learn how to fix the Internet I know how let's say you want international news about what ships are coming into Harbor or something you know different different countries around the world we got five bucks more wave a well off I hit a low point in San Francisco and a chance encounter while waiting for a trolley just made things worse yet people that are just clogging up the pipes that are taking em with if they're taking bandwidth that means that someone is liking that service I started a company called sip car that you rent cars by the hour and by the day instead of owning your own car people loved the idea and it was because of an open Internet that they could find me if we had this little wish list here I would never my brand-new company would never appear in your your um menu because you'd never heard of it you'd never thought of it and in the next one year five years ten years someone's gonna come up with a better idea then you or I have I have any idea John Hodgman hi it's John Willie again listen I'm gonna get a get right to it okay I left you a lot of messages just disregard those up till now Pierce imagines is the first message I'm sending you John I need your help I headed back to New York to see if I could regain some ground by confronting one of the most notorious bandwidth hogs avaaz with more than 16 million members an organization who hogs up that much bandwidth should be able to see the benefit of having an internet fast lane it can be if all goes right the future of the Internet I think if we had this system avaaz might have never been created we would have had to in this world gone to a corporation and persuaded them to include us in their package of things that they offer they could have denied us that so we might never have gotten a chance to get started and that's the be the impact on human rights and democracy you really believe that you're making a difference here with this I mean it feels like your email blasts and you're getting people's information I mean we win all the time and really because we run at very big targets so when the cyclone hit Burma devastating cyclone killed we still don't know between a hundred thousand and two hundred thousand people and the government was a brutal dictatorship that was very suspicious of international aids so they wouldn't let any in across the border and we had built very close relationships with the monks inside the country that were the front lines of the aid effort everything had been destroyed except for the monasteries one of the monks filmed a video with us hello mmm oh and made this a video appeal to our membership we sent it out over email people came to the page watch the video and in one week donated two million dollars and we were able to get this money inside the country to the monks and that money I think in terms of our moment of numbers of lives saved it was our proudest moment but what else I think it's starting to look like I'm some imbecile that night I took some time off from my research and turn to the internet of what the internet does best oh oh he's winking hate this someone's using their dog as a hot dog cat is playing everybody hot so he's just it's just all in a second you got to see it I'll email it to you oh speaking of email um okay so there's this group called Free Press started something called the Internet freedom declaration okay that could be a headache says we believe in a free and open Internet I'm just gonna call headquarters here hi John Woolley I just got it yes but what should i do what should I say oh that's good the Internet is a finite resource much like oil is finite resource there's only so much yeah I don't think that's right I think the Internet is not like a natural resource that we're gonna run out of we can keep making more well then how do you explain bandwidth hogs I mean if I'm trying to watch an episode of weeds and my neighbor is you know download music movies I can't get that episode as fast as I want because of that hog well that's that's true if your cable provider isn't investing in their service and providing more now the problem I'm concerned about is that today's so-called bandwidth hog is going to be tomorrow's average user instead of trying to blame everything on the bandwidth hogs they need to invest in improving their networks ok I'll be honest with you cray I didn't understand any of that so apparently it wasn't quite true that you guys can't fit everything everyone wants to do on the pipes since technically you guys could build as much as you want to but there was one thing Craig hadn't thought of that no one could argue with it costs a lot of money the corporation's can't spend money they don't have so let's say they don't have that money who's gonna build those those new cell towers are you here's the thing these particular players have lots and lots of money they are deciding not to invest in the very expensive infrastructure because they're very happy with the profits they're getting now the problem is that these guys don't face any competition so Verizon an 18 t get Wireless Comcast and Time Warner get wired and they never compete and there's so much money flowing into the campaign's of people who will go up against the internet on behalf of ATT and Verizon and Comcast and Hollywood and a whole bunch of interests that really want to see the internet squelched there's no upside for a representative right now in Congress to stand up for an open Internet and we are losing our footing in a worldwide race really cuz like I think we're like you know America is pretty much number one and we got the best speeds best cause we're sinking or south of Latvia at this point where we're not doing that why miss Dodie is pulling ahead so fine turns out of you guys have plenty of money but at the end of the day you work really hard to make that money and no one should be telling you what to do with it so I went to Harvard where people are supposed to be smart about stuff like money pretty cool campus looks like Harvard a lot and I know it's hard but it looks like you would imagine Harbor Beach look these companies AT&T Verizon Comcast Time Warner they spent a lot of money building these pipes you may own them you know what's wrong with making deals in order to get a better return that's capitalism they own them but they don't own the content and they don't own the innovation there is difference between selling goods and building infrastructure okay think of the electricity grid right you have a plug on your wall you plug something in when you plug it in it just serves electricity it doesn't ask is this a Panasonic television or a Sony television it just serves electricity and what we need is bits to be served just the way electricity is it just needs to be free open neutral network can you explain what you mean by free it's like if you want something you got to pay for it I don't just walk in and get free hamburgers whenever I want you know not free in the sense that I'm not going to have to pay for it of course I have to pay for access to the Internet what I'm talking about is that because you're on the Comcast network Comcast shouldn't be in the position of shot saying here are the search engines that you get and they're going to go cheaper or faster because we've got a special deal with the search engine owners so you shouldn't think about free in the sense of free beer should think of free in the sense of free speech meaning you the consumer or you the innovator or you the Creator get to choose the Internet you get access to how about this for communities that don't like the way that these internet service providers are presenting the Internet to them why don't they just make their own yeah a lot of communities have but they're at least 17 states now that have passed laws that effectively forbid these communities from building community broadband services like where North Carolina number one all right well North Carroll I'm gonna have to go down there and fact-check you I looked into what Larry Lessig had to say and it turns out he's right there are people down here in North Carolina that had the audacity to build their own internet and it was actually cheaper for them and faster but it was unfair and that's the thing it was unfair to the ISPs fortunately you guys lobbied successfully to make community broadband illegal in nineteen states across the country North Carolina be one of them needless to say that created a bit of a PR headache and who better than me to do some damage control let me fit in a little bit how shoes you got home oh these are fine just watch where you step fight on our end is constant there's there are now non-profit organizations trying to set up internet on their own to get service out to people who don't have it now we look at that is hey that's now unfair competition we don't care who provides we just need it didn't need internet how much more populated doesn't need to be to get cable well if you have 18 houses per linear mile right I know if I could sell off some land and build some houses maybe I'd get cable it's best to probably just not think about it what would you use it for just be screwing around looking at Facebook we might actually get on Facebook we've we've never been are we we've never personally been on it but I think it would be a good thing for our business just getting our name out there building I mean for lack of a better word our our farm brand the fact of the matter is if we don't have internet access here we're talking a lot of southern us right we're holding these people back from from better in their lives so I can understand that farming is a business they need it but virtually no one else was living in these towns it was up to me to tell them that they didn't need the internet and they probably wouldn't be getting it from us at least for a while yes because in a rural area does not mean that you don't want to have fast access to write Internet new developments will have it no mic well that's not fair just because we don't need to Valley all right our kids they have to when they come home they have to do their homework and they cannot because they don't have the internet I can take you all over the place and show you what their life without broadband in this county is like ok fine let's do it I would love to see it don't let us see I'm not saying I'm calling your bluff but I'm saying that you're exaggerating the Deaf Hill is a high spot on the road where you can actually get 3G connection speeds with aircard attached to your laptop this is where my neighbors children do their homework and as you can see all these cars and trucks passing by it's a Miss concerning this is actually a little a little more dire than I had imagined yeah those are trucks it's uh no I want to help you guys I want to so just so I can be sure I understand you aren't going to build down here and you also want to keep them from building their own okay they're gonna do all they can I've heard that before so thanks for trying let me take you back to your car that was tough you know I see where they're coming from I feel like maybe I failed in that I didn't let them see where I was coming from enough or maybe where I'm coming from isn't what I thought I don't know I honestly I don't know where I'm coming from I don't know where I'm going and I literally don't know where I'm going I should check the map our kids they have to when they come home they have to do their homework and they can't because they don't have the Internet if you do this you pay an extra $5 well these guys don't face any competition the internet is not like a natural resource we can keep making all we need the internet to be served just the way electricity people loves the idea and it was because of an open Internet that they could find me people came to the page and donated two million dollars in terms of numbers of lives saved it was our proudest moment that kind of potential week we can't afford to lose that make the next morning over my last free hotel breakfast I was planning my trip home when I finally heard back from the one man who could help me Todd oh my gosh um can I get a moment to speak really oh good oh my god yes Wow when what we don't need is net neutrality what we need is net new sanity john-john oh hey how are you so great to see you a person I got this often along can I come in for sure okay okay everywhere I go yeah I'm talking these people and there's not getting even business people that I've spoken to are like for it for net neutrality and it's like I'm not sure how do you want my help exactly what I want a new approach maybe maybe you can give me some advice on how to get people out there you know to understand what side do you think I'm on net new sanity is what you're on buddy ho that was magic it was it was really inspiring and I have been able to do that actually I'm for at neutrality you see what I'm saying that new sanity that's a joke it was a it's a terrible name for anything you see no I that's good I I was playing a character right once I'm a comedian well a literary humorist Oh what you're making stuff up now well that's part of my job you see I don't do this to me Johnny if you are pro capitalist you have to be in favor of net neutrality the Internet is not a finite resource it's a system of communication and free Commerce that needs to be protected at that point there was only one thing left to do file my report so is where we are I don't think people want this fast lane and it's not just the consumers business people don't want it so I know be pretty profitable but it's just not an easy sell now I know we have some talking points or got on this stuff but you guys saw the video those only work when people don't know how the internet works based on my findings I'm sorry but I think you have to look for another path forward here and I think you should maybe consider revisiting just building more better open Internet that seems like the thing that people want and I know you guys might go ahead with this anyway so I took a precaution hope this works


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  • jkljkljkljkljkljkl says:

    I remember working for a fortune 500 company in 2000 and spending $35,000 a pop for 48 port switch from Cisco. Now you can get a 32 port 100GB switch from China for $10,000. ISPs just need to get a bunch of these and call it a day.

  • Wow, hard to believe people fall for this fake lying crap of a video. No this was not some leaked video from big internet providers, it was liberal fake crapola from a Google loving metrosexual liar in the pockets of silicon valley elites.

  • Declan Joseph says:

    I think everyone should just resort to making their own ways to access the net and let the big companies collapse out of their own big mistake

  • did you see how everyone is confused and most pepole are confused on it becuse of pepole lie yyoou and coongris men

  • lets the internet to stay open do you want too pay more for the web and it helps the the infrastructure you pay more get more speed thy will have to update if you pay for the fastist speed if the just sloow data packets john slower internet the slow lane and the fat line OPEN is OPEN without it thee big mnoopilys can char yoou mo foor tthe same o evan sllowerr speed

  • Alucard Lledroc says:

    The FCC and Congress are voting on December 14th, 2017 to repeal the Net Neutrality laws that protect us internet users from ISP's Throttling, Blocking or Prioritizing internet traffic by regulating the ISP's (not the internet) as a utility so you can buy bandwidth and use it however you like without restrictions. Without the Net Neutrality laws in place the Internet as we know it will no longer exist and we will have to pay for premium packages and bundles for our favorite websites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

    The internet service providers like Comcast, Charter, AT&T and Verizon have been campaigning with the FCC using lies claiming that Net Neutrality means the government has control of the internet which couldn't be further from the truth. If Net Neutrality goes away the government can literally control what you see and what you can post and I'll tell you why in this video. Please make sure you share this video with as many people as possible and get the word out. It's critically important everyone gets involved and lets congress know we will not vote for people that takes bribes from ISP's like 265 people already have.

    Comcast is so confident Net Neutrality is going away that they've already updated their promises to include they will start prioritizing traffic the second the law is repealed. Please use the links below to contact as many people as possible and voice your concern and let congress and your senators know you will not vote them back in if they vote against Net Neutrality.

  • 27:50 The pure genius of a guy playing a character thats for the opposite side, explaining that hes playing a character to a guy playing a character thats for the opposite side. This movie is brilliant!

  • The guy at 10:57 doesn't even realize that his genius conclusion wouldn't even have come to him if the guy wasnt deliberately trying to show them how bad the idea is. Its so genius. Pretend to be on the corporations side while actually making them look bad. Why cant there be more people like this??

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