Leaked Emails Show Fox News Offered Softball Interview To Betsy DeVos

Leaked Emails Show Fox News Offered Softball Interview To Betsy DeVos

Newly released emails, well I can’t even say
that they were released, these are newly leaked emails from Fox news shows that the network
was actively working with Betsy DeVos’ staff to try to get her to come on the network to
do an interview and promising to ask nothing but easy questions of the secretary of education. Here’s the way it all played out. They wanted the Fox news producers wanted
Betsy DeVos to come on Maria Bartiromo’s show and in order to do that, they knew that Betsy
DeVos was a little skiddish so they sent the following email. They said, remember any questions she doesn’t
feel comfortable answering, she can choose to not answer and pivot the topic and Maria
is seasoned enough to understand and move on. So no worries on that front. This will be an easy interview and enjoyable
and that was from November of 2018. Easy and enjoyable. And if she doesn’t like something, here’s
how you can get around it and Maria is just going to roll with it because she has no standards
as a journalist whatsoever. Come on, Betsy, what you’re waiting for? Now, I wish this was the only instance of
this, but it’s not. They actually did this with several other
Fox news programs and Betsy DeVos where they had to promise, all right Betsy, we’re not
going to talk about impeachment. We’re not gonna talk about Mulvaney. We’re not gonna talk about Mueller. We’re not going to talk about anything you
don’t want to talk about. There’s going to be no surprise questions. There’s going to be no hard questions. And if there accidentally is one, feel free
to just change the subject and we’ll roll right along with it. Now, that happened with other programs specifically
with Dana Pereno and that is not where it ends. There was also an instance where Betsy DeVos’
people reached out to Fox and friends and said, hey, Betsy has a new education initiative
that she wants to roll out exclusively on your program in the third hour when you have
the most viewers, they said in the email. So what do you say? Let her come out there and use your outlet
as pure government propaganda and they were okay with that. And again, this wasn’t the only instance. It goes even deeper because you also had Fox
news producers. I got to read some of these. These are absolutely phenomenal. In one email to a USDA staffer, a Fox news
producer asked for help finding a pro Trump guest per the email, “we are looking for a
dairy farmer who supports president Trump’s advocacy for them and calling out Canada’s
protectionist trade policy when it comes to milk.” Yeah, Fox wanted to get that hard-hitting
milk segment out of the way, but they had to have a pro Trumper. Right? A pro Trump milk drinker dairy farmer who
also hates Canada and the government. The friggin USDA is the only place they could
go to find this. USDA, you got to know somebody who is a pro
Trump farmer, they’re a dairy farmer and they hate Canada, but they’re intelligent enough
to speak on these issues. My God, that is a litany of requests. But folks, this shows you the incestuous relationship
taking place between Fox news and this administration. Yeah, it goes a lot deeper than the president’s
son having an affair with a Fox news personality. They’re even more embedded than that if you
can imagine, and that’s a disgusting thought, but that’s what’s happening here. Fox news is government propaganda, but of
course only when a Republican is sitting in the white house. This is inexcusable. This needs to be fully investigated, folks,
because I guarantee you if you just scratch the surface a little bit, you’re going to
find out that this is actually illegal. The government and Fox both need to be stopped
in this, and the only way to do that is to take them both to court. Fox news is operating as if it is a government
run media outlet, and it’s presenting this information as if it’s their own, as if it’s
something they created, something they decided. But the whole network is fake. Everything about it is fake. The outrage is fake. The guests are fake. Everything is staged and it’s staged in coordination
with the white house.


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  • Well she is about as bright as a 2 watt bulb….a disgrace to all good teachers…fox is like a pro wrestling match…a stage for utter stupidity…..

  • Jacket off Gym Jordan says:

    So basically they wanted Betsy Devos do what Methlab Barbie Conway does, lie, pivot, do what ever it takes to avoid answering a question she felt uncomfortable with.

  • You're wrong. It's the government being run like a Fox Media Outlet
    You are just contributing to the click bait feeding frenzy.
    Instead of doing the investigating you are saying it needs to be investigated. Other vloggers spend the time on the front end saying " click the like button. Hit the bell icon. Leave a comment"
    You want a comment?
    Here goes
    Y'all are millionaires tossing word salads at each other in a fight to get the most clicks.
    Poor people MUST run for every election to increase our political DNA
    PennilessPolitics com is for DIY flat rate Reader's Digest style monthly subscription of $18.
    The pitch
    Buy a t-shirt
    For all the Voters of the United States not just the rich Ivy League
    We diverse group of poor Americans are given to choose between three crazy old white men?
    Hashtag #Huh?
    This is a We The People project.
    Y'all got FB?

  • So with those libel laws being opened up by Trump. Can we Sue Fox News for all the people that are going to die of Coronavirus? Seeing as how they're pushing it as a hoax or saying the economy is more important than human life.

  • Robert Xavier Betancourt Junior says:

    EAHNA autonomous electric aircraft has secured a contract to supply oil platforms in Canada. Harbor air in Vancouver BC will fly in June to fish camps with its electric floatplanes.

  • The secretary of education is a disaster and a disgrace, this is a woman who would not send her own kids to public school, but let them go to private school because her family has money, but now she can go out and say that public schools are not good enough, but private schools are the way to go, and this will keep kids of color away from a education. Because she knows that people of color can not pay to their children to private schools, and that's what she and the Trump administration wants.

  • Taking anybody that's for tramp to court is a waste of time, repulsivecons judges and lawyers are as corrupt as their demigod. Corrupted to the core.

  • COME ON MAN!!! BOTH SIDES DO IT. You act surprise surprise, COMPLETE BULLSHYT.

    You have MSNBC & CNN doing the same crap!!!

    The "PARTIES" & MSM are not working for America or WE the People.

    It is all a KABUKI FLYING BULLSHYT SHOW and here YOU are pretending it is all REAL!!!

    TRUMP STILL WINNING, and the American people are paying for it.

    6.2 trillion in a FRAUD give away that will crush our children & grandchildren. BOTH parties are partying over this SCAM!!!!!

    How about some true news, that this is a take over on a new level.

    This was a (part) Public Notice to the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II

    "Americans have been the victims of an identity theft scheme on an unimaginable scale. The object of this scheme is familiar: access the victim's credit and saddle them with your debts — just exactly as any Credit Card Hacker does, except the "government" scheme didn't involve plastic cards.
    " much more to read.

    part from a different post
    "The Covid-19 Virus is nothing but a more infectious (but not overall more lethal) strain of the Common Cold. The mass hysteria response is nothing but a convenient smokescreen invoked to hide the ongoing settlement of the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy and the attempted seizure of our assets "in our behalf" by another Scottish Ringer operating as "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" — INC. — which we are protesting in the strongest terms possible."
    Anna von Reitz is speaking volumes of truth.

    STOP playing their DIVIDE & CONQUER GAME of DIVIDING We the People for THEIR system which is a complete fraud.

  • I'm not gonna advocate violence but Betsey DeVos needs to be HAULED out in CHAINS and BEATEN to DEATH in the STREETS

  • The only thing good about Betsy DeVos is all the material she gives to comedians.

    THERE ARE video, S ON YT ABOUT THESE filters… CHECK IT OUT ???

  • Benjamin Sandoval says:

    Betsy Devos is a Crook I have a friend with student loans and she is not charging interest on the loans in these coronavirus times, still have to make the payment.

  • Bee in the Hive says:

    Fox is a reality show which guides the minds of its already bias viewers into a deeper hypnotic state of control.

  • Why didn't they just supply her with a list of possible questions? That way she would know the "answer's" beforehand….

  • Fake president! Fake news! Fake interview! Fake election! Fake democracy! Fake helping-average-Americans stimulus! Everything about this country is fake.

  • DEVOS needs to be taken out in one of her 10 yachts and driven through the BERMUDA TRIANGLE…leave that snatch …bye trash……….

  • The idea that half or more of Fox News viewers can't see that much of that show is staged and pushes propaganda, is beyond sad and cringy.

  • and this is the person who said immigrants detention centers where like summer camps, I hate to say I have never been to a summer camp that puts campers in cages

  • If you like leaked emails wait until you see what Hillary and Abadeen did to a small child, literally ripped her face off while keeping her alive.
    They’re coming to get you Farron.
    Gitmo has a special place for you.

  • Carol Jo Martin says:

    Cruella Devos can't answer anything but softball questions, because if she answered anything difficult, it would give away her scam. Her family is as corrupt as the tRump family.

  • Faux Propaganda is all about propping up Greedy Old Pricks like Cruella DeVos. Just one of the reasons why they're bad for your brain.

  • As us Aussies have been telling you Americans, The Rupert Merdoc Propaganda Machine , dishwasher of the Brainless, !

  • She’s nervous a reporter will do a Katie Couric and ask her what she reads, or if her boss is functionally illiterate.

  • See it's those stilettos and skin tight bloo- flow stopping dresses that the Fox bimbos have as their excuse.
    Dumb twits interviewing dumber twats.

  • well theres a surprise.I thought fox was fair and balanced.Now i find fox has been sucking republican cock .How shocking.

  • Randolph Holmes says:

    The problem is that they have correctly determined that most people are stupid. The viewers here have figured out where to find some truth but the ones who tune in to FOX checked out from reality a long time ago.

  • Anthony Copenhaver says:

    Rupert Murdoch set up fox news as a republican propaganda station from day one. This is what fox new was always supposed to be. Yes they should and do need to be stopped. They are pushing fasist ideologies and people are lapping it up.

  • WE don't want your dairy, it's laced with steroids and chemicals.
    WE subsidies our milk, poultry and wheat bcz we the people demand that dairy, eggs, bread, cereal in total cost under 10$ of the basic staples
    WE don't want your steroid meat, steroid chicken, EGGS, laced dairy/cheese.
    WE don't trust your FDA anymore bcz of constant lies and kickbacks.
    WE find out where our food comes from and selectively boycott it.
    The BS politicians say to keep their personal legal kickbacks while they poison you
    p.s. universal healthcare? well it works for all advanced countries.. your politician are lying to you about that, universal is not a failure, but your rich politicians are failures!

  • Milk bags aren't common in that U.S., that's true. However, there are some schools in the U.S. that do provide milk in bags instead of cartons or bottles.
    Answer to the Dung bag who told me How little I know… He can now STFU!

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