LazarBeam Trolling Dr Lupo & Entire Audience at Australian Open event

LazarBeam Trolling Dr Lupo & Entire Audience at Australian Open event

all righty so do the Peking Duck guys have made their way down to get ready we saw you we have another yes who's this who we got here I feel like someone here knows who you are what card should you use in the four nine arm shop what was that new Zell music no you're the only person using Combes up all righty all right we do have the relays beam up here on the stage how's your day been going you enjoying the fortnight summer smash yeah it's been good I'm a bit sad fresh didn't really do that great yeah man it's good to see one of the twins winner big fan yeah me too I think they've done pretty well it was good to see when one didn't make it through calls the other one carried him across the line essentially they're like a duo a man if one does well they both do well so it was impressive to see gameplay at that level because for us coming from North America this competitive environment I haven't had exposure to it and man some of these players are actually terrifying to see just the craziness that they could at the place the plays are insane now you played in the heats yesterday correct talk me through because we didn't get the we to get to watch those and be honest obviously how did that go what kind of happened well I didn't qualify so shocker I was a snowman or game and then someone fucking shot me this this is a family show mate oh shit oh yeah I hope you guys make the most of laser beam we might not sell them next time but uh look to be fair if he does well for charity it's all gonna be made good later have we got a charity of choice yet that we're looking at I'm donating some wards or org but at the end of the day honestly all the money goes to charity no matter who wins so it's mostly just for fun yeah a big 100k going to charities I think it's absolutely incredible and again you would know all about this stuff deliver the fact that we can use gaming something we love to help other people I think it's a good way to put in front of people that gaming often times you see kind of media will skew negative negative things happen yeah the gaming always gets blamed and at the end of the day for charity I would love to have gaming get blamed you know what I mean that takeaway is always positive I'll never be mad about it this year was a big year and then some so I appreciate that let's see if we'll see you later with it maybe you can add another 50k to that you know oh you better believe it so just off and where are you dropping so I know where to get free I mean where to avoid I'm dropping retail right so it won't be want me bro build off right now I'm gonna get let's go let's go run that with the peak access I'm going a bludgeon battle I'm in let's do it we'll see where the dr. Lupo truly does get faded do you know who you're playing with with the eight laser beam I'm A to Z and as far as I know he has no clue what he's doing and I neither do wire so it's a good do it that'll be great and once you guys got no clue how to play fort now you can go and have no clue how to do radio as well and it'll be good bushes and snowmen that's my strategy perfect I look forward to absolutely won't shoot at you I promise shoot every single snowman variety alrighty well good luck we'll hit you let you head off laser beam keep it around applause and guys girls are no hard for you and here to see this guy for sure I don't think I've seen shorts that short my entire life just putting that out there


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