Law & Order: SVU – Rollins’ Breaking Point (Episode Highlight)

Law & Order: SVU – Rollins’ Breaking Point (Episode Highlight)

– So God told you
to torture your kids? – I was a good father.
Granted, I was severe. – Your children were tortured. Broken,
like animals. – The chains
taught them discipline. Fasting brought them
closer to God. – No, you starved
your 27-year-old daughter her entire life. She was the size
of a little girl. You know? It’s really–
it’s too bad we can’t rain down some
biblical punishment– – Amanda. Amanda!
– It’s really– – Amanda!
My office, now! – [exhales raggedly] – Amanda. I know that this is hard. – Hard? Just imagine how hard
those kids’ lives were. And then to have to sit there
and listen to that zealot use God to justify it!
– I get it. Amanda, but I need you
to get your head on straight. – Okay. I’m fine.
– Okay? Do you think you can do that?
– Yes. – Because when this case
is finally over… – It is over. – I wish that were true. Preliminary ballistics
came back on the siege
of the Labott house. – That was fast. – You fired the bullet
that killed Esther Labott. – N– [sobs] Oh. [sobbing]
Oh, God. – Amanda. – [sobbing]
Oh, my– – You know the drill. You’re gonna talk to
the force investigative group and you’re gonna talk
to IAB. And I am confident
that… that you’re going
to be back on the job in the next few days. – [crying]
– I’m sorry. I’m sorry. – Oh, my God… [sobbing]


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  • loveanddreambig says:

    Olivia is always a source of comfort for countless victims she doesn't really know, why not comfort her comrade and friend? If Rollins had specifically asked for space, that would be different, but she didn't.
    It almost looked like Mariska wanted to, but maybe was told not to by the director. Strange dynamic choice.

  • They are definitely turning Rollins into the new Stabler; not super patient with victims, making things personal (especially when the victims are abused minors), anger issues, now yelling and throwing chairs during frustrating investigations, and even breaking down specifically after shooting a young girl.

  • Emily Smith Moore says:

    Was I the only one that was reeeally hoping Elliot Stabler would be in the Church and that they'd have a small (but really meaningful) interaction as strangers? I've wanted him to come back to the show for years, but even if it was just a small cameo, it would've been amazing!

  • Yashmina Rannee says:

    Maaaaan, Liv was so damn cold!! I don't know but I would have confort her, or make her a hug saying it's going to be okay or something! I know it's probably pointless and powerless in that kind of situation but still! C'mon you don't walk away when one of your friends/colleagues break down in tears in your office..!!

  • I really don't like SVU anymore. I've stayed loyal until this season, but I've only really watched this far out of obligation since I've seen every old episode at least three times each and didn't want to abandon it. But they make everything so personal for the detectives. Like, they put everyone through hell. Back in the day, they'd have one or two episodes where it got personal and dramatic for a detective. Or a storyline, like Olivia and her brother. They dedicated about three episodes to it. Or Finn's nephew Darius. They did two episodes. Or Elliot's daughter suffering from bipolar disorder. One episode. You'd find out things about the detectives but it'd never be so….melodramatic. I feel like now, the show is something traumatic and melodramatic happening to one of the detectives every other week. It's too much now.
    I didn't stop watching until Cragen and Munch left. When Stabler left I was sad but we still had most of the cast. Now Warner's gone, Huang is gone, Munch and Cragen are gone, the ADAs are gone. They've changed Liv's character so much. She used to be willing to break the rules to see justice is served. Now she's kinda…serious and bossy and holier than thou. It's like the older seasons never happened. Like Liv didn't make plenty of mistakes as a detective. She's so harsh on everyone else and was literally never like that in seasons 1 through 14/15/16 (I'm not really sure where the change happened but it wasn't even right after Stabler left. It was after she became sergeant). And don't even get me started on when they had her date Tucker, who tried to take away her badge and Elliot's badge multiple times. I don't know…I think the show would've been fine if they hadn't tried to make it so dramatic now. Or change our only tie to the beginning, which is Liv and her character. Good thing Finn's still chill.

  • Melissa A.S. says:

    Rollins' ego killed Esther. I'm over the cop having emotional breakdowns storyline, Amanda has been getting a lot of that lately.

  • Courtney Campbell says:

    This broke my heart!! I just watched every episode of the series and just finished tonight..i feel so much for her and have always loved her

  • Rollins Is such an interesting character to me ….i want to know everything about her , not just the vague info they out out or the way they want us to read between the lines…I love Olivia and all , but I have her life story memorized now . I want them to move onto someone else's for a change . This scene broke my heart 😭😭😩😩😩

  • I guess Olivia has become less in touch with her human side after working so long in such a cold field of work. I remember walking into the school bathroom one day and seeing this girl from one of my classes balling her eyes out . We weren't cool or anything , I'm actually pretty sure she ignored me daily and I was going to get in trouble for being late but I just couldn't ignore her. I grabbed all the tissue my hands could hold and closed the door so no one could interrupt and just hugged her. Turns out she found out she lost her baby 😔. It doesn't take much to comfort someone ….I wish Olivia would've made an effort to do something for Rollins . It always seems like she's on her own when things get ugly when Liv knows she had a team supporting her all the time

  • I’ve been scrolling through the comments, and most are about the performances! However, I am here to see comments about the CA Turpin case and also how it correlates to the show.

  • Severus Snape says:

    I think people are misunderstanding the fact that Olivia is minimizing the problem rather than showing a lack of compassion. (Not that Rollins deserves it.) Olivia always has this mindset when anything bad happens. You go through the drill and you get back to work as soon as you can. Go look back at all the times that things like this have happened, like when Nick Amaro shot a child as well, and you'll understand that this is more classic Olivia, despite them being written to be more of friends lately.
    And I'm sure that in other times, Olivia does hold back sympathy for Rollins, just because of the tail end of Season 15, Rollins covered up a gun charge and a rape to save her own skin. As hard as it is to believe, when someone works in the Special Victims Unit , I'm sure that is very hard to forgive since Rollins' job is to protect victims first and worry about her own, personal life second. Olivia wanted to fire her for it instantly but couldn't. I don't have a single speck of empathy for Rollins here and if I'm being honest, I was hoping she would go down for it. She always misses actual consequences on everything .

  • Taylor Marie says:

    They mad at Amanda for grabbing his shirt 😂😂 Voights team probably would have shot him 😂😂😂😂 Olivia should be lucky

  • susan westerfield says:

    I completely lost it for Amanda. I think my husband was waiting for me to burst out crying. He had tissues ready.

  • Alessandro Guzzi says:

    It's wonderful to see what heroine looks like…. she is a symbol for all of us, she is brave, most beautiful, inspirational and moving! When she says: "It's too bad….." her voice comes from a great depth… it is almost scary.

  • Tanya Sirrine says:

    Why is this like the case that happened with all of those kids that were starved by there parents?? R they trying to mock it ?

  • Stupid show. How many times has Olivia given up her weapon to suspects… In real police department she'd be fired.

  • Olivia knows Amanda isn’t one to be comforted like that she knows her same way she knew stabler… Amanda just isn’t like that she gets hard and I think Carise is the only guy beside snick thI t she has let her guard down with .

  • you gotta remember olivia doesnt have that freedom sh used to as when she was under cragen's authority. im sure she wouldve tooken rollins for coffee or something but now SHES the one in control and has to be more cold and authoritive. she aint got time to deal w amanda as much as i LOVE amanda. she has to put on a level headed front to keep everyone calm

  • Oshane Patterson says:

    Rollins could make a brilliant villain in a movie she have the looks, and attitude, but she also plays a good hero too as well.

  • This just seems like sloppy writing. Like Finn would ever call a Detective by their first name in front of a suspect. Then Liv does it too! Blah.

  • Stephanie Michelle says:

    We need more cops like Amanda, because she goes after the bad guys who commit horrible crimes, and she's very smart and caring to all❤❤❤

  • Law and order y'all need to bring Stabler back but with a twist… Here how the story should go. His ex-wife marries a ex-con turned good guy and the wife doesn't know because he changes his name all along knowing it was Stabler wife because he was arrested by Stabler and Liv 10-15 yrs ago and all of a sudden murders Stabler wife and kids and Stabler comes out of retirement for Justice and Liv hires him particular for this case…..! That would be awesome to be together again…… Then things get hot and heated with them in bed….lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😉😉 now🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  • Every time I see the detectives get angry, I just remember stabler and realize it could always be worse (or in the viewers point of view better)

  • Benson is pathetic, she always has been. Like a lot of females, she is a "strong woman" and wants equality but loves playing the gender card and pushing the victimhood agenda, but she can do that because she knows she's gonna get away with it, whereas black people always get ridiculed and called out for pushing the victimhood agenda and playing the race card. She's tiring and worthless, and so is Rollins, who's an emotional, trashy bimbo with too much baggage, and so is Barba, who's an uppity fruitcake. Barba has no business being a lawyer, Rollins has no business being a detective, and Benson has no business being a lieutenant. Just saying.

  • Mario Sandoval Olivé says:

    Lol so fun to see what Cragen used to do with Stabler and Benson, Olivia is doing it now! "Amanda, in my office, now!"

  • Oh man this hit me hard… Just thinking about it. Knowing the fact you accidentally killed someone innocent you were trying to help. You are gonna be carrying that for the rest of your life!

  • Olivia comforts complete strangers but her coworker and friend? Nope! She at one point when Rollins starts to cry actually looked annoyed at Rollins!

  • Damn that actually made me tear up when Rollins started to cry at the news and it's hard to make me cry because I've dealt with so much in my life and I'm only 16

  • Kayleigh Goodsell says:

    I was drinking something the first time I watched this scene, when Olivia said “you fired the bullet that killed Esther Labot” I practically spit it out!! So heartbreaking!! Also I can’t believe that Olivia was obsessing about Amanda’s job, Amanda might have been worried about her job but I think significantly less than she was upset about killing Esther!

  • She knows that's what Carisi is there for. The boss can never be too kind. Benson reminded me so much of Cragen in this scene. She sees so much of herself in Rollins and in a way she knows she will came back a much better and much tougher cop. Olivia isnt her mother but she does definitely care for her.

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