Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate Round Five

Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate Round Five

-The fifth Democratic debate
was held last week. But I think there were a lot of
important questions that went unanswered. So we decided
to hold another one. That’s right. All 10 of
the qualifying candidates are right here, right now,
and they’re ready to go. So without further ado, here is the “Late Night”
Democratic presidential debate. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Welcome, everyone, to the fifth “Late Night” 2020
Democratic presidential debate. I’m your moderator, Seth Meyers,
and let’s get started. Senator Sanders, you look
a little tired. Rough night? -I was arrested.
Spent the night in jail. [ Laughter ] -Wow, what did you
get arrested for? -Destroying the planet. -Oh, yeah. Mayor Buttigieg, I saw Joe Biden whisper in your ear
before we started. What did he ask you? -“Where are we right now?” [ Laughter ] -Vice President Biden,
you’ve been accused of not giving any specifics
about your plans. Can you elaborate in detail
on how would you address the biggest challenge this
country is facing if elected? -The next President of
the United States is going to have to do thi–
do two things. -Okay, but, you know,
what are those two things? -Number one and number two. [ Laughter ] -Okay. Senator Warren —
[ Cheers and applause ] Senator Warren, when was the
last time you took a day off? -When I was a little girl. [ Laughter ] -Mr. Steyer, what do you do
when someone points out that you don’t have
the charisma, popularity, or the qualifications
to be President? -Change the subject. [ Laughter ] -Senator Sanders, I heard that
you helped Adele work through some writer’s block when she was
composing the lyrics to “Hello.” What did you tell her? -Talk about the pain. [ Laughter ] -It turned out great.
Congratulations. Mayor Buttigieg, why were you
chugging a big glass of milk backstage before the debate? -To take the edge off. [ Laughter ] -Congresswoman Gabbard, top
three prepositions of all time. Go.
-Of, by, and for. -Great.
[ Laughter ] I love those three. Senator Sanders, what do you get when you move
a part of your body? -Pain in that region. [ Laughter and applause ] -Mr. Yang, the other day, I had some of your world-famous
five-alarm chili. It was so spicy.
What is your secret ingredient? -Loose nuclear material. [ Laughter ] -Senator Klobuchar,
I heard you recently found one of those shells
with three peanuts inside of it. What did you do? -I literally called everyone
I knew. [ Laughter ] -Mayor Buttigieg, your critics will say you’re just
a little too white. How would you respond to that? -I don’t even golf. [ Laughter and applause ] -Congresswoman Gabbard,
don’t you hate it when someone asks you a question right after you take
a huge bite of food? -[ Chewing ]
Yes. -I’m so sorry. Mr. Yang, tell us one thing about yourself
that would surprise us. -I am not insane. [ Laughter ] -Senator Warren, what did you do
when you heard that Taco Bell is bringing back
their naked chicken chalupa? -I went down to the border.
I went down there immediately. [ Laughter and applause ] -Senator Booker,
it’s trivia time. What was Simba’s dad’s name
in the “Lion King”? -Kumbaya. -No.
[ Laughter ] Mufasa.
We were looking for Mufasa. [ Laughter ] Vice President Biden, let’s say you’re getting a little frisky
in the bedroom and you want to spice things up
with a little dirty talk. Give me an example of
what you might say. -I’m a rabid dog, need to be
beaten with a stick. [ Laughter and applause ] -Alright. Well, it looks like
we’re out of time. So on behalf of the candidates,
have a good night.


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