Last night, someone tried to break into my home…

Last night, someone tried to break into my home…

yo whats up rugrats real quick before the video We get into the video I quickly, wanted to talk about the death of rapper XXXTENTACION i’m sure all of you Guys, have heard about the news And the whole world knows and a lot of people are devastated including myself because I was a huge fan of him and He was only 20 years old if you guys don’t know, who i’m talking about or the situation This rapper named XXX was shot and killed in an attempt of a robbery and man i don’t know it still hasn’t like Fully, hit, me that he’s gone and it’s really upsetting because XXX and his music actually helped, people cope with, their depression, and even if he was depressed, like he just wanted to see everybody Happy, and despite his past he was on the road to becoming a, better person and spreading positivity he Was hosting charity events, and he’s very special in his own way and man just rest in peace i Still can’t believe it like it’s actually Unbelievable to me like i know he connected with a lot of people out there in the world so if you’re one of those people who are very upset he’s in a better place now, and Man my condolences go out to your family, and friends alright let’s get into the video all right good morning rugrats Welcome back to my youtube channel if you are new here my name is faze rug and i upload Some lit videos so make sure you hit that subscribe button, become a rug rat today so for those newcomers to my Youtube channel you wouldn’t know that i used to be a daily vlogger i used to upload every single, day Maybe miss a day or two in a month but i used to literally upload every single, day And for the past two months i stopped daily uploading and i started taking more time on my videos and i upload About three or four times a week, which is really really cool, i like that because it gives me more time to make Some more sick videos not gonna lie when i did daily vlogs Sometimes i would upload videos that would be like more rushed and i wasn’t happy with them And i’m like this needs to stop and once i did stop it my videos actually became a little bit better you guys Liked them but a lot of you guys do miss my Daily vlogging i see comments every single day i get tweets tweeted at me comments on my instagram on my Youtube rug please go back to daily vlogging, and i’m not gonna lie the reason Why i’m bringing this up is because i kind of miss it i don’t know What it is sometimes when i don’t upload As often i’m like damn i really miss having a Youtube video up every day so i was gonna ask You guys, do you want me to go back to daily vlogging or do you Guys like how i’m making my videos now kind of like, skipping a Day but in that day that i miss plan out a really sick video for the next day or sometimes i’ll take two Days off to make like an ultimate banger if you guys actually, want me to start daily vlogging again, give this video a giant Thumbs up, and let me know in the comment section i really want to know Your guys’s opinion, because from what i’m seeing is a lot of you guys, miss it but to let You, guys know on me like it’s a little bit less stressful Uploading three or four times a week cuz Like it gives me a chance to breathe but, hey if it means making you, guys
More happy i’m always down to do it and look guys we’re literally so close to nine million subscribers so like i said Make, sure you hit that subscribe button, and become a rugrat because you guys are freaking strong man you Guys, are like one of the strongest armies ever but, yeah, guys today is a beautiful day as you can See i’m having a fantastic, day man except for the devastating news, about xxx i’m pretty sure he Wants to see us all happy and move on look, guys i can just show You something so when my parents pranked, me and fake spray-painted, my lambo it kind of left like a couple mark as you Guys, could see like right here and like right here but We did get the paint off it just left scratches i was going, to say i’m actually going to be unwrapping my car Yes we’re, gonna, say bye to that beautiful wrap but But i am going, to wrap it again so just be ready for a lamborghini version two coming very very Soon i’m dropping it off at the shop, this week they’re Gonna, unwrap it we’re gonna talk about a cool design we’re gonna talk About making it crazy so yeah i just want to inform you guys on that but right now It’s about, like 6:00 p.m.. And i’m waiting for my cousin amanda to come over because We are about to record for tonight dances in real life all new, dances and it’s about to be lit so i’ll Pick up the vlog when she gets here Alright guys, so managers got here because we’re, about to record. A video and she said as she pulled up to my, driveway she saw Someone with a, mask staring at. My head a big tall guy in a mask and a hoodie a mask It wasn’t scary, sorry, but like it were you serious i swear on my, life hold On i’m like kind of shaky i didn’t even, want to pull up to the house one you close the garage right Okay, i was scared to get out of my car Even like i pulled up and i see this person like standing staring not on my driveway Like a cross the street of your house, but he, was literally facing your house looking not moving There go, see if he’s still there come on when i pulled up he saw Me like when my, lights come to the driveway and he literally ran, away superman super fat Kind of quick? Huh, huh, i want to check from, my, room just in case Yeah i know, they are i make sure they’re, always palace freaky, brian Um wait it was like standing right across the street Commander like where’s that Right there there’s there’s a body standing there do you, not see on my driveway Yeah, i can’t really wait you hold on my heart That was him hey, man he’s walking towards the door We should, we go out on the balcony and say something Hey, what are you doing i managed to recall them hobbes what the fuck we’re, gonna call the car I’m so scared Amanda, he’s knocking on the window Should, we call the cajon, you call your mom and dad because they need to come home right now, when he’s walking, away What those guys, what, do we do right this is scary yes climb Cortices told me that anyway i don’t see him anymore oh my, god my god i don’t know, we’re paranoid, now let’s make, sure all the doors are locked amanda i know i know Oh just make sure just make sure you know Hold on amanda, um i’m turning this off we have to meet We can’t close, those curtains hold, on that’s actually scary will you hold, this literally, like shaking right now Is the door locked, we have to make, sure the doors long, no, we have to, make, sure the hold on hold on peek around the corner hold on i wanna zoom in if the Amanda look Amanda, he’s literally right there wee wee wee does he see us Amanda, he’s right out the door, well i’ll shut up hold on hold on? A minute what do we do at the, door yes yes i mean i Mean i mean stop, stop stop stop, stop hold on We did one is ricky ran he hold on a minute i’m not in the walking the door I’ve never been more scared in my life Bryan just please please please please be careful careful We amanda, who is that him i can’t i can’t see i can’t see these know, me is that alarm on? yeah hold on i can’t tell, is that him i can’t tell i don’t know if he hold on he’s far Get the out of our backyard before i call, the cops amanda give, me give, me give me leave close these curtains and call your parents nope get away from that thing right now, we need a cloak turn, off all the light and then who brian i Can’t see anything i’m so Scared i’ll viously who’s watching us would you use them fatty is someone that i know like, someone messing on this or is it like That that looked like a grown man and he was watching? I wonder how, long he’s been gone only that he’s obviously is in your backyard, like he came here backyard, he Was trying to open the damn doors This is so? So, yeah, guys, we’ve literally just been chilling here in the room like i’m still paranoid i’m shaking like, that show up actually scares I have no idea who that was could have been like a, fan that’s trying to mess with, me a hater like someone who lives here i Honestly, don’t even know, who it could be i mean it looked like a complete stranger yeah i mean he, was wearing a? Mask? Luckily, my dad’s on his way back right now, we called him and told him and he said He should be here soon you definitely can’t leave until he gets here Too, scared to even open the door anything cuz. I don’t know A few south full-on, stop i keep checking literally every two minutes i keep looking out the window. But you know Who knows if he’s in the backyard that’s, where he, was standing at first The last, we saw of him? Is that he ran around the corner and just like started storming so i think he’s gone alright guys We’ll keep you posted on the situation all right guys Pop a rug to the rescue he just got home and i showed him all the footage that i had that’s crazy What the, hell He, was literally trying to get into our house i don’t know If he was like there was someone pranking us trolling, us i’m sure they tried to like scary We were deciding whether or not, we should call the cops but i mean if we called them now He hasn’t been here in like an hour an hour and a half so you know, we don’t know What we’re?
Gonna, tell them and he was wearing a? mask
So like i didn’t record his actual face so they can’t like determine who it was so if he comes back or if like we see any suspicions We’re, gonna, call the cops But we’re we’re first you’re gonna install security cameras, we have a hundred percent we’re installing security cameras either tomorrow or the next, day And that was just crazy the one time like, you you, want to go out, oh? My, god guys, that shit was oh? Yeah, i’m good, me and amanda were literally gonna record a fortnight video and like right when she got here she said She saw him standing across the street so not on our property she said right when he saw Her he ran, like he just started running and then we look out my window. And he’s literally standing in our driveway? That shit was so scary guys like i’m actually terrified, but, dad i’m gonna try to go to sleep you Made sure that all the doors are look i made sure they were locked Okay, guys i’ll pick up the vlog in the morning all right good morning rugrats Holy, sh i actually cannot believe that happened last night and no this was not a skit you guys know Me if i ever made a skit we always reveal it at the end and like tell You, guys it’s a skit so we’re actually, going to be installing cameras today Thankfully and i really hope he doesn’t come back, like, that was actually scary i didn’t even get a good look at his, mask to even determine what the hell it was but all i know, is that he, had like a hood on and He went in our backyard i don’t know, man so that’s actually terrifying but Guys, i think i’m going to end the video there like i said in the beginning like i do Miss daily vlogging i really really, miss it like i don’t know, what it is like i tried the, new? Style of videos i love doing them too because it gives me more time to make them but at the same time i’m like i miss uploading everyday i missed that daily vlog grind so i don’t know it’s up to you if you
guys Show a bunch of love in the comments like Smashing that like button, i might go back to daily vlogging i know a lot of you guys, miss it but, yeah, guys please Make, sure to subscribe if you are, new, because we are so close to 9 million subscribers i cannot believe that and then One more million to ten, oh, my, god i can’t i don’t even know i don’t even know. How That’s even possible thank you so much for watching, my videos though it’s all thanks to you, guys for everything and hopefully We could get to the bottom of this, masked man i am going to file a police report and show Them the footage and they’re, gonna be monitoring my house, and stuff but guys I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your day i love you all so much and other than that it’s been rug and i’m out peace


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