Last Exam || Ep 32 || Warangal Vandhana || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media

Last Exam || Ep 32 || Warangal Vandhana || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media

I’m leaving as I’m feeling a little under the weather.
The substitute teacher is very strict, so, be careful. Make sure he doesn’t debar you.
– Wonder who is coming? If this man remains here,
we’ll shatter all the glasses of this campus. Shit! Why is he here!
– I feel sad for Vandana. Goddess Pedamma, why did you do this to me?
This guy will see my end. I never get you.
– If I spot anyone turning their heads or cheating I’ll ensure you’ll be debarred for life.
– This is all because of you. What are you writing?
– I’m penning a book. – Is it? What is the title? ‘Why Do You Care What I write In Exam, You Idiot?’
– I see. Continue. Geeta.. I don’t know a single answer.
– I’ll show you my answers after I’m done. Geeta..
– Wait for a while. – Shit! I ran out of ink! Excuse me?
Could you lend me a pen? You came to the exam hall without a pen?
I like your guts. Sure, I’ll give you a pen. Geeta, please, show me the answers.
– Excuse me! Help with the answer for question 21 too. You think this is funny?
You want the beggar to give you alms? Hurry up!
– We are. What else do you think? – 20 more minutes. I know what to do. ‘Respected sir.
Please, make me pass the exam.’ ‘If you make me pass,
I’ll pray to God for your good health.’ ‘Please, show me some mercy.
But, if you don’t’ ‘you’ll grow a tummy, go bald,
your wife would leave you and lot more would happen.’ ‘Yours lovingly,
Vandana.’ Would I pass atleast now?
I’ll try to write a few answers anyway. Geeta, show me a few answers.
– Sure, here you go. Did he spot me? What is the matter, sir?
I’m not cheating.. Sir, what are you looking for?
I didn’t cheat. Were you not cheating?
– That is what I’ve been saying. Did your suspicion satiate?
– Not yet, but it will. If I jot down the answers
for 4 questions, I might pass. Vandana, please help me with a few answers.
I’ll clear the paper. Two more minutes to go. Hurry up!
The time is up! Sir, here is my answer paper.
– I won’t accept your answer paper. Sir, you are avenging what I did to you, are you not?
– You’ve taken more than stipulated time, so I won’t accept. Sir, please, accept her paper.
– Complain to the principal if you want. – Sir, please. You’ve exceeding the time limit, so, I can’t.
– Sir, do you know my roll number? – I don’t. Did Vandana attend the final exam, ma’am?
– Yes, ma’am, she did. – How did the exam go? Vandana says she did well.
– I pray she did. If she fails, it’ll be a shame. Her uncle will come to pick her up. Please, send her.
– I might be butchered if Vandana doesn’t pass. What is that sound? Ma’am! The exams are over and with this,
my 1 year’s hardships are over. You worked hard? Even you know
you never worked hard. Also, why are you yelling? The happiness of getting done with the final exam
and then going to the movies with friends is unparalleled. Everything pales out before that.
– Whatever! How did your exam go? Your mom just called. Wow! That is a fantastic contact name.
– If you fail, the same tiger would hunt you down. I will pass for sure, don’t worry.
Also, I bought you a gift. Get it, Mammu. Here you go.
– What for you brought me this? You slap me like my mom, chide me like my dad,
but more importantly, you are a friend. What did you get me?
– Open it up and see. I brought it specially for you. I’ll skin you alive if this is some prank.
– Yeah, fine! Open it. We brought you Idly! You see that?
She is laughing. This isn’t the regular bland Parayana’s Idly.
This is really tasty Idly. Kalpana ma’am! Please, have some. Can’t believe one year passed away this quickly.
– Hurry up, pack your bags! You’ve to leave. Hey, guys! I hope you all enjoyed this video.
I’m assuming all are done with exams and have left for homes. Now, let’s talk about that Coronavirus.
You already know it all, there isn’t much for me to say. Just stay at home and this too shall pass.
Only people in the armed forces get to fight for their country. But even we need to fight for our country now.
Our CM KCR is taking all precautionary measures. Don’t panic. Vegetables, medicines
and all essentials will be available at stores. We know how dangerous Corona is,
so, let’s all wish Corona doesn’t plague India. But, for that to happen, we should do
as government says. Anyways, Happy Ugadi to all,
and we’ll meet again next week. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe
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