100 thoughts on “Lara Trump responds to violent parody video, backlash over US troop withdrawal from Northern Syria”

  • Turks are establishing control of the region and the kurds will just have to be okay with that. They're not being slaughtered and they can survive and be resettled with no further casualties. If it comes down to losing or go on living, I'm going to save my family and myself.

  • Connie Ericksen says:

    Shannon, You're full of B.S. The women I know love our President and would never agree to impeachment! More bogus polls. Get your facts straight or don't talk about the subject!!!

  • It’s not our job to take care of Syria and Turkey and Iran. Our job is to just make sure a Iran does not get a nuclear weapon. The Kurds were taking care of themselves long before we went in there, and I’ll be taking care of them selves long after we leave. We shouldn’t be taking care of that mess anyway it’s Europe’s backyard let them handle it.

  • The Democrats and leftists and their right arm msm continually tell the public that Trump is a racist and every other ist and he divides us all with no proof. They hate him because he won the 2016 election and disrupted their corruption and left wing job killing, no growth , soul killing socialist agenda. Trump 2020🇺🇸 for love of a Free nation.

  • this parody video of trump is the bomb it is to bad trump couldnt do this to the criminals in real life….. excellent video i watched it 5 times

  • jennifer stewarts says:

    honestly i don't see a problem with the video… neither did Family guy wen they did their own version of it… with Chris and Meg taking on an outrage mob.

  • Lara Trump roughly translated,…………."It was of course a hilarious video that is so old it actually has moss on it. It's just to bad that mainstream media has a bigger problem with year old fiction than it has with the very real and savage violence Antifa members unleashed on supporters in Minneapolis .

  • All the impeachment inquiry from the socialist democrats are garbage.
    They're desperately doing everything to remove the president from the white house.
    Because the democrats whoever their presidential nominee will not going to make it against President Donald J. Trump at 2020 presidential election.

  • It’s not reasonable to ask the United States to engage in 1000 year wars 7000 miles away. Im pretty sure the Kurds get that. The United States have enough problems at home. Created by previous administrations. President Trump is doing what he said he’s going to do. Cheers from Canada.

  • Trump will allow any criminal act that keeps him in power.
    Any act…by his family, staff, or rabid supporters.

  • Mahair….you have no clue about Syria!
    No clue about the men in our military who fought with the Kurds, and know them well as a people seeking a democratic state of their own.
    That democratic hope is what Turkey is now bleeding out all across the Middle East.
    Don't call yourself an American.

  • Some people that support impeachment wants the actual impeachment process initiated so the whole truth can come out, most likely will expose the Dims.

  • LOL,…wasn't a war until Trump sold out allies.
    To withdraw from dealing with foreign affairs like Trump does, is leaving the country in a weak position.

  • This is just like the last elections. Is this the best both parties can come up with? This is exactly how we got Trump last time. This is why I am an Indapendant. Out of over 350,000,000 people plus or minus this is it? This is the best America can come up with to be our president? Maybe we should start to use the Lottery system and who knows, we might actually get a good President that way. Demon-cats and Re-re-re-re-publi-cants all you dumb fucks can go and……….

  • The average American would have to google who the Kurds are? Come on, dont give them that much credit. The average American has to google what state is located next to them. Dont bring up anything on world affairs to them. You get the deer in the headlight look. You guys needs to stop being party loyal and put your best in office. Trump is a complete joke. If you want to stay so party loyal, then find a worthy Republican. But Jesus Christ. The only thing Trump brings to the table is genuine laughs. Ill be in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan in 2 weeks and pictures to prove it. ISIS is not defeated and the Kurds were the biggest supporters of democracy in the entire region that the US has miserably failed at since Sykes-Picot. All you need to do is look at Erbil.

  • Great meme!! Watched it 11 times and gets funnier every time. And yes peter fonda did say liberals should throw Mr. Trumps little boy into a cage of pedophiles. I must have missed that outrage. MSM sucks.! TRUMP 2020.. ps. more memes please.

  • bidens and son are liars shitty shiff a liar this videos a sham trump had nothing to do with this video and cert dosent approve of it

  • we have such an incredible intelligence gathering capacity, but are being led by some moron who speaks at a fifth grade level; and our country is suffering as a result. when the hell are the "adults" going to step in???????????

  • HOW IGNORANT LARA TRUMP IS? Average American has no idea about the Kurds dying for the mess you created in the Middle East therefore we should not help them. TRUMPET LOGIC.

  • Did he Cut Their heads off. Be Afraid Very Afraid. Exposes, Exposed. Biden creep on Camera What's he like in d Privacy. How suave in the dark.

  • We can clearly see which side it was that committed domestic terrorism of beating up people, destroying property and blocking traffic.

  • US troop withdrawal is one of the best things this Republic can do in that region of the world, we don't belong there, see how Democrats want continuous wars and they are receiving huge donations from arms manufactureing corporations

  • The video was a spoof from a John Wick movie or something like that and it’s funny as hell! And you media jerks are humorless idiots!


  • The dems are the ones who promised resistance, their doing just that and to put the icing on the cake, blame Trump for everything they created

  • But snoop dog can shoot the President and kathy Griffin can cut his head off. Have a play in central park of the killing of Trump. Crickets. Satire people everyone has the right to free speech. Like it or not

  • Funny , nobody says a word about the bloody video games kids play . t This was awesome , what most Americans would like to do to the scum . AH we can just fantasize too !!

  • I guarantee this was not done by a "Republican". We see right through these things now. Start condemning Antifa actually beating people in the streets while the cops stand down. A video? haha. I will take "Fake Video Hoax" for $1000 Alex.

  • Way to do Donald. Thought you and Diaper Don Jr. we’re mad about nepotism? Why are you hiring all YOUR family to work in the Whitehouse then sending one, the Bride of FrankenEric to blame the victim on Fox News? “Who are the Kurds” GTFO here trash. They have been working along side the US to HELP. Get educated before you go on TV and talk like this. So sick of this entire family profiting off this presidency. Trump doesn’t even work. Plans and attend rallies and tweets all day. Sound more like the schedule of a 15 year old highschol cheerleader then the POTUS.

  • Lara just commented that most young people never heard of the Kurds. That's rich. I've never heard of lara. Is she illegitimate.

  • Staggering that this moron is given air time – if she’s so ignorant that she doesn’t even know about the countries in question or the geopolitical significance then her comments are irrelevant. I did have to Google “Laura Trump occupation” the results (unsurprisingly) just confirms that she’s not qualified to answer these questions, but then again she’s probably less ignorant than Trump himself.

  • It makes me sick Trump did this. We are all in serious jeopardy and world leaders know Trump has no spine or brain. THIS was the final straw for me not voting Republican anymore. And Barbie Trump is now representing National interest response on behalf of him?? This family must be stopped. Go to the polls.

  • Lara Trump doesn't know who the Kurds are. They're US allies who are getting slaughtered. Isis moves into the gap. No need to google, Ms Trump. And spare us the lies that Trump goes to comfort the families of fallen US soldiers.

  • Trumps daughter in law is a pig she should be ashamed of what Trump did to Syria over 10 000 kurd died for America SHAME SHAME SHAME By the way her Husband Trumps son is making Millions of American Taxpayers money

  • Given the judgment of history, innocent people named Trump will be crowding the courts to shed that shameful appellation. Clearly unfair yet understandable in history.

  • Lara – What is Donald Trump's plan to contain ISIS?
    You mentioned the border wall, what about the coasts and air?
    You are a beautiful little fool.

  • So it used to be from the Repubs better to fight them over there than here but now better to run. Flucking hypocrites of course. And Lara baby I want to kiss you. You are soo intelligent. lol

  • Complaining that Trump incites this behaviour from Dems is like a rapist saying, well, they way she was dressed, she was asking for it.

  • Lara Trump is right: The average American will have to google who the Kurds are. That, however, tells more about Americans than about the Kurds.

  • Since when has Lara Trump had an original political thought since she had that terrible lip job.
    She opens her mouth and her lips wobble.
    Read history Mrs Trump and see where your father in law is an absolute shyster.

  • A gold digging bimbo with zero foreign policy experience, is on Fox News giving her opinion on Syria.
    I am sure it is a complete coincidence, that aforementioned bimbo is a Trump family member.

    Well done, Fox News. You have reached rock bottom.

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