Lara Trump joins Tucker Carlson as voters caucus in Iowa


100 thoughts on “Lara Trump joins Tucker Carlson as voters caucus in Iowa”

  • The warning before the storm? Nobody is voting Democrat in Iowa? The Democrates party is dead there! All you'll get now is a lie to cover it up

  • Bernie winning is the 'app failure'. Democrats and Socialists want to do away with the Electoral College, infringe on the people's right to keep and bear arms, force taxpayers to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare, spend over 90 trillion of 43 trillion total US taxes to be collected over the next ten years for the 'Green New Deal', stack the Supreme Court with liberals who legislate from the bench, and deny those of us who disagree with them our Constitutional right to the presumption of innocence and due process with the right to face our accuser. What could possibly go wrong?

  • "Bernie looks strong" .. Yeah, but don't forget, the Dems will cheat him out of the nomination. That's why it's 24 hours later and they have no results.

  • Only the swamp is going against this POTUS, TRUMP 2Q2Q WWG1WGA!
    Now I'm going to start saying that I see who the lazy swamp dweller baby killer is!
    I will point them out, because that is who the Democrats and Liberals are!

  • Med Tech Natural's says:

    WHY are FOX NEWS speakers reading hearsay from NYT, WP, and other disgraceful and dishonest publication?
    FOX would better serve Americans by reading from the National Enquirer!

    With your salaries you should be providing INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM!
    Fox people like Martha Mcwhatever are gossip queens, Americans deserve better!

  • so 3 years and millions of taxpayer dollars spent on all manner of
    election "problems" ,accusations ,impeachment nonsense ………and they
    decide to use a cell phone app?! created by some company called
    "Shadow"?…decide not to have it vetted by homeland
    security?…W….T..actual..F ……..what a clown show

  • so 3 years and millions of taxpayer dollars spent on all manner of
    election "problems" ,accusations ,impeachment nonsense ………and they
    decide to use a cell phone app?! created by some company called
    "Shadow"?…decide not to have it vetted by homeland
    security?…W….T..actual..F ……..what a clown show

  • so 3 years and millions of taxpayer dollars spent on all manner of
    election "problems" ,accusations ,impeachment nonsense ………and they
    decide to use a cell phone app?! created by some company called
    "Shadow"?…decide not to have it vetted by homeland
    security?…W….T..actual..F ……..what a clown show

  • Alex Flowers, REALTOR says:

    I'm a Trumpster, but I wonder why they choose her to come on and be a surrogate. She needs to tone down the botox a smidge.

  • Donna Stokes-Manning says:

    Democrats HAVE to spend their time trying to get rid of Trump. If they dont, they would lose Soros and Rothschild funding!!!!

  • Donna Stokes-Manning says:

    In reality, which Democrats do not live, it does not matter who the candidate is because Trump will beat them all! He could beat Obama if he was allowed to run again. It is SAD that they don't CARE what the candidates platform is for the country! They only want them to be able to beat Trump, even if the candidate had plans that China uses! That is absolutely not how politicians should be.

  • Liberalism is a mental disorder. The creepy Left. says:

    Trump just keeps winning. It's great to see the Demwits drowning in they're own BS lol

  • BURNIE SADNERS Promise one can of Soup to Every American That Votes For HIM.. Well Kids Tell your Parents Thats All They Gonna Get From Burnie Sadners.. isn't SAD..???

  • No other president has demonstrated at being more capable at RECOVERING our ECONOMY, IMPROVING our standard of life, ENSURING national security, making American SELF SUFFICIENT, putting america FIRST in dealings with other countries….. I DOUBT any other president will EVER DO a fraction of what president Trump has done in just 3 years.

  • 😁 Democrats!
    Working hard to rig their own primary. The latest definition the Democrat party. Willfully ignorant, lying, hateful, Racists, dumbed down, Wicked portion of the United States Population. Oh I forgot Cheating. 😁😁

  • Simply vote red =remove every Democrat.. remember how they built fixed our new worst coast… think vote smart.. blexit America.

  • John Wordsworth says:

    As a conservative I don't feel great about Trump. He just mocked the National Anthem during a Super Bowl party and caused Special Warfare Rear Adm. Collin Green to resign. Trump is a fake American and a fake conservative. He is toxic. His influence is poisonous. He has been a disgrace to the country he represents. And the next election will offer Americans two choices: a president who forsakes America and one who has disgraced it. I can't finish this video. Too nauseating.

  • Beware toothless trump supporters! Now that Bernie is doing well trump is back to programming his idiotic base into thinking socialism is communism, so he can cut social security. First he cuts taxes for his billionaire supporters, then to pay for it he has to cut social security….so FIRST, he gets the low IQ, inbred uneducated base to think socialism is communism. Then after he has them all whipped up into hating socialism…..he says guess what guys? Social security is socialism!!!!! Any trump voter should be so insulted in how dumb trump thinks you are.

  • Epoch Times- Iowa Democratic caucuses… Feb 4 "Much focus on Tuesday was on the application that failed to work correctly for the caucuses. Developed by a company called Shadow Inc., the app was developed by a team of people involved in the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, fueling notions that the caucuses were stacked against perceived outsiders like Sanders." Hillary's people involved. Go figure. The app was likely vectored through a server in Hillary's basement.

  • Joshua Langston says:

    Let's not forget how quickly the Democratic candidates will turn and cannibalize each other at the first opportune moment. The biggest challenges that a Democratic candidate will face is actually from their own party…

  • Did anyone see Trump mocking the national anthem? This person does not even believe the vial he spews. This person is either a liar ( for pretending to say he loves the anthem when he really doesn't), is in the initial stages of Dementia ( for displaying signs of altered mental status), just down right hypocritical ( for behaving worse during the anthem than any football player has done, or….all of the above.

  • Prophetess/Evangelist Precious says:

    dem party need to get it together or we will lose ,  how to win and not focus so much on Trump and have faith in the American people, the people need to feel fire up. gear up for something like in 2008, help from Hollywood – president Obama  – Hillary Clinton – Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama they need to have people on the ground going everywhere talking to people,, do tv commercial tv shows

  • LOCK HIM UP ! – RUMP has LIED over 16,000 plus times thus far! Knowing that, how can anyone believe King Pinocchio, his defense team or for that matter any GOP senate member ? The time to expel this narcissistic racist psychopath is NOW !

  • I'm just in complete shock there are actual voters at the Democratic polls. These idiotd must watch t.v. on mute. Do they realize they are voting for criminals, thiefs, and complete liars.

  • Who ever is the nominee, IDIOTIC TRUMP is nervous bec. he does not know anything!!! His mom was right that he is an idiot!!!:)))))

  • She is a Lady, that is the difference between her and the last two so called First Lady of America! Ladies the last two were not! President Trump's Wife and First Lady are to be worshiped, while the last two, well, don't applaud, throw tomatoes!

  • Just a quick question, does anyone have any idea of how much of the American peoples money that the Democrats have spent on not one but many investigations into the Trump Presidency so far? There have been many so far.

  • Tucker…"truly the most trusted voice now in American media toady"…Bro, its clear you see whats going on, as the "ship of fools" is starting to take on water!! what do we do now Bro?? you got more skin in this game than many ( you got children) …and i would consider youre opinion!! are you going to release a fallow up of youre book??

  • Just look at those clueless dolts Caucusing for that lazy communist Bernie. They need to be identified and made to explain their reasoning for all to hear. Lol

  • I'm not sure why those 'candidates' are so eager to become a nominee just to get their butts kicked back to the stone age by Trump!

  • Stop your fear mongering of Sanders, do you really think most people dont see the selfish, war mongers, corporate greed of Rep and Dems rigged voting scams? wow Sanders and Tulsi are our only hope to change the core structures to a real democracy from your fake world.

  • She is dead on when stating that the Democratic party was so focused on destroying Trump that they let the vetting for a real candidate to face Trump go out of the window.

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