Lara Logan reacts to Nunes’ criticism of Dems, the media


100 thoughts on “Lara Logan reacts to Nunes’ criticism of Dems, the media”

  • Lara is one of the few Honest Journalists…she has no agenda but the truth. She is No propagandist, she is Not a Talking Head desperate to get on TV nor is she a 'reporter/repeater' content to read a script prepared by a producer 3 times removed from a story or happy to spew out Any scrap of information no matter how implausible and devoid of facts/anonymous (off the record sources) that can't be verified. SHE IS AWESOME!

  • Lara you are a brave and intelligent woman who has an objective and apolitical approach to reporting the news. You have frequently risked your own safety and your life to bring honest reporting to the world. God Bless and Keep you and your family. I know that I speak for literally hundreds of millions of grateful citizens in saying, "Welcome back Lara, you are a cherished American resource and South Africa should be very proud of you and the great body of work you have given to the world."

  • Journalists have always had their viewpoint on reporting the news but now they have stopped reporting the news and they only report their opinions or that of their masters.

  • If the shoe fits, wear it. Media lied to me AND YOU to.influence our vote, the "most basic function and responsibility" of americans to preserve and keep our unique and free lifd of opportunity. If a media organization is a paid propaganda arm of criminals–they should be arrested as criminals.

  • one crying in the wilderness says:

    People wouldn't feel that way twords the msm if they weren't so bias they don't report the news ,they attempt to control your thinking, They report on a subject then tell you this is the way you should think and react to this subject, like people are not intelligence enough to have their own oppion.

  • ***FISHING*** Texas says:

    All a joke. Sad day when you can be accused of crime and not be able to call witnesses and have your legal counsel participate. Be careful Democratic voters, you just might get what you ask for. Democrats shredding constitution. Impeach because they didn't like outcome of election. I guarantee the American people will not stand for that. Voters will not like the deep state taking away or nullifying their votes.

  • Nunes just listed story after story that was later proven false. They only seem to run because they were negative to Trump, and were never vetted properly. Hard to argue with a list of media mistakes that all happened to hurt Trump.

  • Problem is the people decide, but a decision can only be made on the info we have at the time. Info we trust… and if I hear the word "narrative" one more time, so help me God…

  • When Trump withheld military aid/assistance to Ukraine (causing Ukrainians soldiers to die every day from the hands of Russian soldiers); Putin benefitted.

    When Trump uses Rudy Giuliani instead of a real Ambassador to officiate foreign policies to that country, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump ignored helping Venezuela during their national crisis, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump relieved career ambassadors and replaced them with inexperienced “bribing” loyalists, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump left our Kurdish allies alone to fend for themselves against Turkey. Putin benefitted.

    When Trump blames Ukraine for the 2016 elections hack, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump declared the Chinese company Huawei as a National Security Threat, local businesses that use cheaper Huawei technology for security applications had to spend more in replacing all their equipment; Putin benefitted since most of Huawei’s parts are from the USA. Now China is buying parts from other countries including Russia leaving our manufacturers behind to go bankrupt.

    When Trump invited Russian oligarchs into the White House as his first guests. Putin Benefitted.

    When Trump said NATO is obsolete; Putin benefitted.

    When Trump left the Iran treaty, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump raised tariffs to China, Putin benefitted

    When Trump left the US bases by the Turkey/Syria border, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump stopped military exercises with the South Koreans, North Korea, and Putin benefitted.

    When Trump sells patriot missiles to Turkey that also buys weapons from Russia, Putin benefitted.

    When Trump shook hands with the Saudi Prince and Turkey president, Putin benefitted. All roads lead to Putin.

  • Kjostolf Borchgrevink says:

    Lara, the people may decide, like you said… but the problem is that people are being lied to … and there are a lot of people that like to believe a lie.


  • Media need tell the truth ,NOT fan of left or right ,you have to listen if WRONG, it Wrong ,no matter left or right that it

  • Lara Logan is Not a journalist. By her own word "critisizing" everything is only a ploy to MANUFACTURE news and put your target on defense This woman is playing a smeared reporter victim. Beautiful but disgusting person. Sh

  • Robert Macdonald says:

    Too funny…obviously someone told Trump not too tweet during hearings…as soon as it ends he could not help himself and flooded tweeter…embarrassing predictable….

  • I've been listening and watching all the different media reports and the main media has been bias and pro Democrat, that's not reporting that's leading the viewers to listen to lies. They shouldn't have any reporters, just live broadcast.

  • That’s because the media is nasty, hateful and cares nothing about the American people. The media is agenda driven – this is why you guys will jump from one next work to the other.

  • The media are Democrat puppets or maybe it is the other way, the Democrats are media puppets. Either way, dishonest people are pulling the strings. "Just the facts Ma'am, just the facts."

  • I still trust media, lucky us Fox still have a real news department not like those political analist that i will not name just to be polite they do not deserve their name to be promoted

  • The No Agenda Show already exists! Why is fox using that name without even mentioning the best podcast in the universe that has had that name for over 12 years? Not cool fox…

  • GUILTY: Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos​: NEXT UP: Giuliani, THE BEST PEOPLE.

  • Repugnicants till the very end. Faux News always projecting their crap on others. Faux News is the "Dumbing Down of America" network. It is a zionist controlled platform for the polarization of America. Its viewers too dumb to notice both parties feed from the same hand.

  • Your Big Head Cousin says:

    Lady, youre doing a show called "No Agenda" on a network that was conceived and founded on the idea that if Nixon had had a conservative news network to cover for him, he wouldnt have had to resign. You look foolish and of course youre going to be criticized. Im going to do a show called "Not Porn" on Pornhub and no one had better make fun of me for it.

  • Extreme Hyporcisy…

    for 1…no one says slightly left….you people cry far left and liberals…

    for 2…the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE didnt vote for trump…so technically "the people" didnt get who they voted for….so to say let the people decide…well the majority have…but the electorial outweighs.

  • Separating fact from fiction? Here's some fact. Trump's Cronies are going to jail one by one. some more fact. The list of witnesses of Trump's mob like crimes is growing daily. But this news group dismisses all the facts and live in a fictional world where you can ignore his crimes and complain and smear witnesses (most of whom have served America long term). America has lost her way and fox/faux news is steering the ship off the cliff!

  • Christopher Strunk says:

    EXTORTION …..The testimony of Gordon Sondland' was suborned due to his wife's business being threatened by the local Democratic Party House representative in Oregon … he must be arrested by the DOJ for witness tampering!!

  • Back when the Soviet Union was around, people read Pravda….not for the news, but for the lie. When they knew what the government was lying about, they knew where to look for the truth themselves.

  • I am starting to pick my candidates to vote for by who hates them if Main stream media likes them I am definitely suspicious and if they hate them I think "well maybe this person deserves another look after all if the media hates them then I guess they are doing something right. I watch Fox a lot but I think I am going to stop because I can't stand that left leaning partisan Chris Wallace.

  • Photography by Brandi Hill says:

    She is right any journalist that doesnt ask tough questions absolutely sucks. You hear that fox news? Dont let these politicans read their corporate written talking points wihtout asking further details. Any journalist willing to work for corporate owned media has already sold their soul to the devil.

  • THE best move fox could ever make would be to hire Gina Shakespeare at any cost , your ratings would go through the roof, the smartest best looking woman on the entire planet, and you won't get an argument from anyone on that matter, she is in fact a real living angle.

  • NO, you fool, that is the problem with your 'news' and your idea of journalism. The first rule is RESEARCH! Know your subject, then you can sort out who's lying because they're giving opinions and unfounded rhetoric and accepting blindingly, stupid statements without evidence. Nunes is a joke, who is trying to make a 'circus' of constitutional proceedings and he lost his credibility by saying that he is regarding it as a spectacle while he continues to speak like a petulant child and act out, and so no one should be wasting their time listening to anything that comes out of his stupid mouth. This stupid woman would have you considering Bozo the clown's babble, as relevant contribution and to be 'considered seriously', if you are a 'journalist with integrity". What a load of rubbish!! Research, and find out WHO should be a source that has credibility (facts) and build on that. That is what serious journalism is all about, not whatever this half-wit is trying to spin.

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