Landing Page Copy 3 Strategic Ways To Create Catchy Headlines Without Being A  Copywriter

Landing Page Copy 3 Strategic Ways To Create Catchy Headlines Without Being A Copywriter

Want 3 high-level copywriting
resources that will take your boring headlines to Bam after this video you
will learn how to make magnetizing headlines that stop the scroll and take
curious followers into paying clients my name is Maryalice Goldsmith and friends
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if you want that beautiful landing page to work for you and get conversions you
must have a headline that stops the scroll and gets people’s attention on
last week’s On Air With Mare I spoke all about landing pages conversion best
practices the 13 must-have must-haves to sell the click so be sure to check out
that video the link is in the show notes below but stay with me until the end the
most veteran online entrepreneurs will tell you having a compelling headline is
the most important factor when it comes to advertising your landing pages an
effective headline will attract will persuade and retain your perfect client
leading them right to that opt-in button in this video I am giving you my 3 rinse
and repeat headline shortcuts that work like a charm to stop the scroll and up
your conversions I’m also sharing an amazing copywriter and incredible book
that I use whenever I’m stuck on what what is the next best headline this is
my go-to David Garfinkel book it is Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich and there are endless examples in this book so I thought I’d share that below
you can grab that link in the show notes after this video are you ready to get to
this and start creating some amazing headlines for that next awesome landing
page let’s do it my first go-to shortcut is the how-to without it simply looks
like this it’s how to this amazing result or solve this
difficult problem in X amount of time without something they don’t want or
without the particular pain that they have or something that they don’t like
to do so it’s how to get get to their desired outcomes in a particular amount
of time without the pain that they’ve been dealing with this whole time an
example would be how to lose ten pounds in four weeks without starving shortcut
number two is desired outcomes so what do they want to achieve and in what
amount of time do they want to achieve this by even if they struggle with or
with a particular pain point so you want to think about this really focusing on
what do they really want and what kind of struggle are they in so let me give
you some examples hit your first 10k month in 30 days even if you don’t have
an email list grow your email list by 500 people in 30 days even if you don’t
do Facebook Ads shortcut number three is benefit driven
you want to start this headline with a number or the amount of time then you
want to add an adjective and then you want to add a tool or a strategy that
will help them benefit and benefit without pain point an example of this
would be three social media action steps that will double your followers without
spending a dime on ads your landing page could look amazing but if it doesn’t
read well then it won’t matter the headline is the key into the front door
it’s what gets people to buy into the overall concept without a compelling
headline you could be leaving money on the table because I know how hard copy
can be and creativity can also be one of those things that comes and goes I put
together a has a resource for you that covers everything we just talked about
and add some additional resources so that you can crush your head
lines on your next landing page simply grab it by clicking the link below add
your name and email and I will be sure to send it right to your inbox the best
part about this you can also use this technique for creating bullets for that
same landing page alright so get busy go make those incredible landing pages and
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sure you check out last week’s video on landing pages best practices where I
break down 13 must-haves on your landing page you can check that out here thanks
so much for joining me on my On Air With Mare I hope you guys have a great day
and I’ll see you soon


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