LANA WALKS AWAY? Lana Reaches Her BREAKING POINT As Bobby Lashley Story Line Goes Too Far | WWE RAW

LANA WALKS AWAY? Lana Reaches Her BREAKING POINT As Bobby Lashley Story Line Goes Too Far | WWE RAW

Hey guys, welcome back to wrestling world! By now everyone has their own opinions on
the Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley story line Majority of fans hate the story while others
still find it entertaining One of the main problems with the story is
that there is not any real clear end goal for it And it feels like wwe is taking it one week
at a time without any real pay off being planned Even the cast of wwe backstage all had negative
feedback for the story Samoa joe said that it’s hard for the viewer
to really know what the pay off is going to be here and they all agreed that the story
should be put on the back burner Rusev and Bobby Lashley have both been asked
multiple questions about their infamous on going story line and they both had similar
responses Rusev and Lashley think that as long as it’s
putting up big numbers and being the most talked about segments from raw then it’s
a win for them However, Lana May have a whole different view
on everything Reports claim that Lana absolutely hates the
story line herself and has felt more and more uncomfortable with each segment that airs
every week Not to mention the Manchester raw crowd from
a few weeks ago, that wanted no part of this story Lana was booed out of the building with “boring”
chants and she could barely be heard in the arena Luckily for wwe, the show was pre recorded
so they were able to go back later in post production and get rid of some of the booing Not to mention that Lana and Rusev now have
to hide their actual real life relationship from the public eye They can’t post pictures together on social
media or be seen in public together because that’ll ruin WWE’s story of them being
split up So it really is a lot of extra added stress
for Rusev and Lana to keep the story believable outside of the ring So you might ask, why doesn’t Lana just
refuse the story? Well before this story, Lana had been at home
since early 2019 and was just waiting all year for an opportunity to return to tv and
if she refuses anything from the story then wwe would likely go right back to have having
no plans for her Have you noticed that Maria’s pregnancy
cheating story has disappeared as well? That’s because wwe dropped it and implemented
some of the main factors into the Rusev and Lana story Not to mention that Vince McMahon is reportedly
one of the biggest fans of the story line as well So wwe has a lot of focus and attention on
this this story right now, but Lana doesn’t seem like she’s happy with it at all What are your thoughts on this situation? Let us know what you think! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like
if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!


96 thoughts on “LANA WALKS AWAY? Lana Reaches Her BREAKING POINT As Bobby Lashley Story Line Goes Too Far | WWE RAW”

  • WrestlingWorldCC says:

    Looks like fans aren't the only ones uncomfortable with the Rusev/Lana story, it's looking Lana isn't a big fan of the story as well. What are your thoughts on this situation? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! 😀

  • When will it end with lana n rusev n continue there marriage so rusev n lana can be happy n booby lashley is just a gold digger because he cant win no titles now he just useing lana to further his carrier

  • If it's true then she has destroyed her credibility no one likes a cheater of most specially in a public eye Korean Ruth cell had a good thing going and if this is the way things are going then she should just get off of WWE and go somewhere and lay down with Bobby Lashley and live forever as his little w** if it's not true then Vince McMahon needs to rethink everything that has been doing because he's really screwing this whole thing up this is about wrestling is not about somebody cheating on somebody else and having babies with other people this is stupid and needs to either go back to being a wrestler or go back to doing daytime TV with Days of Our Lives and s*** like that this is utterly ridiculous

  • Rusev is stupidest ship his wife is gorgeous and he's letting another man kiss her on live TV and everything else be in bed with her that is just so stupid

  • I have to agree with Lana. It isn't a good story line and you can tell in some segments you can see where she is uncomfortable doing it. But then again she did get herself into it so that is on her. Personally, I don't like it.

  • I think the story is total bullshit because all they talk about is infidelity and sex and just have kissing and make-out sessions which I think is completely ridiculous considering Lana and Rusev are married which I'm sure for Rusev is very painful to watch his wife kissing another man which is going to then put more stress in their relationship every time the story comes on WWE I change the channel I think it's completely ridiculous

  • I don't know why Vince is so ridiculous. These kinds of storylines are juvenile and it makes me wonder why WWE fans like them. It's wrestling NOT Hollywood.

  • VKM likes the storyline. WHAT a surprise! ANY lowbrow salacious angle is right up his alley.

    I'm NOT surprised LANA doesn't like this. She was trying to get some legit airtime while Honestly trying to improve her in ring work. THEN she gets saddled being a sleazy sex object.

    Rusev and Lashly had NO in ring future. NOW they're JUST fighting over a woman. It's a SAD situation for talented wrestlers to be reduced to this.

  • And I also understand that Vince McMahon is a Donald Trump supporter because his wife works for Donald Trump but the problem is he doesn't need to get into degrading people and making fun of people the way he's doing with Lana and Rusev and Mike Kanellis because all they're doing is making these people look weak and look like cheaters why would he want to portray his people to look like that

  • Just because Vince is a womanizing creep who hs cheated on Linda many times does not give him carte blanch to screw other married wrestlers lives. It seems that Lana took her marriage vows seriously and they are sacred so drop this story line and leave Lana and Rusev alone!

  • The story is good in terms of pushing a pg 13 storyline I just feel like Lana is starting to talk so fast in her promos her words are messing up

  • My opinion: WWE is one dumb Rusev/Lana/Lashley chapter away from exonerating Batwoman as the worst written story in 2019

    Note: Batwoman isn’t THAT bad imo, just the f$cking writing.

  • Randall Wilford Weaver says:

    I’m like 99% of the people it’s bad and they need to put it to sleep once and for all. I don’t know if WWE is trying to be like impact or Impact is trying to be like WWE. Impact as a Love Triangle so you tell me what is what

  • This storyline is boring, stupid, dirty and worst story of era, wwe, lana, rusev and bobby all are sick and doing such thing and promoting it to young kids shows how far can wwe fall in dirt pit for fame and money….

  • kevin drinkwater says:

    Soap opera drama should be left to daytime. Lana and Rusev need to put a stop to it cause it's promoting adultery is ok to the younger viewers. That's wrong. Thought wwe was a family show. No wonder their ratings suck

  • Michael Tanner Jr. says:

    WWE past years are successful in love triangle like Matt Hardy/Lita/Kane and plus Kurt Angle/Stephanie McMahon/HHH and plus Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge and plus Chris Jericho/Stephanie McMahon/HHH. Kurt Angle/Sharmell/Booker T. Vince McMahon/Linda McMahon/Sable. CM Punk/AJ Lee/Daniel Bryan. X-Pac/Tori/Kane. Vicky Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler/AJ Lee. Big Show/Vicky Guerrero/Edge. Alicia Fox/Edge/Vicky Guerrero. Bobby Lashley doesn't fit in Love Triangle storyline to me and it's the timing and better creative writing. Aiden English & Lana & Rusev its the better choice but not Bobby Lashley. Correct me if I'm wrong and I'm wrong. I'm sorry for what I said and I apologized. What about Edge and Lita and Matt Hardy and they are similar to Bobby Lashley and Lana and Rusev like real life.

  • X-filesfan Truthseeker says:

    Sometimes getting on by is a hard task. I mean if Lana can stick it out there may be a big pay off for her and Rusev. I’m sure there has been plenty of story line that other wrestlers have not liked doing. Hey at least it’s not a kidnapping having sex with a dead girl story from Kane and Lita. Now that’s awful.

  • 3% Redneck Nitty Gritty says:

    Dont blame her a bit!! Its disgusting!! Looks super bad on her and equally as bad for her husband! Total classless!! She should hate it…and Rusev should be ashamed of himself for even allowing it to happen…PERIOD!

  • Old Vince is really pretty pathetic. He really gets his rocks off with this stupid story line.
    He really needs to stay at home and let the kids run the shows from now on.

  • IT NEEDS TO BE OVER…. !!!!
    Rusev and Lana are better people than this to have their marriage ruined this way.thet could be players in the Diva's story?? She could interview Superstars before the show. , Shes talented and modeling could be in her future.. . RUSEV is talented just as well.
    Bobby needs to move on. .

  • Lana made a YouTube video with Lasley and she said he was the love of her life etc.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Before that storyline I kinda liked lana but now she seems like the biggest th*t of them all

  • Absolutely boring and a waste of talents. Like damn, let's get with Lashley vs Lesnar already, best 2 of 3 falls or matches. Bobby wins the title, Brock takes it back. Bobby wins again, and Brock takes its back. Following PPV winners takes all in a No Holds Barred match. Won't matter who wins but the match will be watched.

  • It's stupid it hurts the career of Lashley, Rusev and Lana, it has no pay off what so ever. There probably doing this story line for Vince McMahon can't just laugh at the three of them. Ha ha Lana is cheating on Rusev with Lashley ha ha

  • Quite frankly the Rusev, Lashley, Lana storyline was always garbage. I never saw the point behind it other than to humiliate Rusev for whatever reason, as though he has some heat backstage with management or someone. WWE needs to just drop the storyline cause frankly it's making a lot of fans and apparently even other talent nauseous. And the fact its taking a toll on Rusev and Lana with their personal life is something WWE should never interfere in. Throw the story like they did Maria and Mike Kanellis (however its spelled).

  • One of the worst storylines EVER. They need to drop it's also, if its making CJ <Lana> uncomfortable, then it needs to stop. She doesn't need to be feeling like that in the first place. It also sucks that CJ and Rusev have to hide their rl marriage because of this stupid storyline.

  • This is without the dumpest thing i have heard we know thanks to Facebook or YouTube etc so why all the BS etc does WWE THINK WE ARE STUPID ????

  • The whole thing is a huge JOKE except for poor Rusev and Lana that are under the Grip of Vince mercy !!! It’s evil ! It’s stupid ! It’s boring ! And Vince needs to stop watching porn and bringing it to married couples trying to make them suffer because they wanted to leave the WWE before

  • I don't care about the store at all when I see them come out to talk or Wrestle I fast forward the whole time thank God for hulu can't wait for the story to be done

  • Michael Sheldrick says:

    Of course Vince loves the storyline, pretty sure he came up with it. For example: Vince wanted to do the storyline with him and his daughter sleeping together. So yeah, creepy old man much.

  • Michael Anderson says:

    What's the difference between this storyline and a scene of a soap opera? These people are actors. They are acting. When two people who are in a movie together have a kissing or sex scene, at the end of the day, they go home to their real life spouse. I don't have a problem with the acting part of wrestling. I think the problem is the angle itself has no place on a wrestling show. It's out of place somehow. In real life, coworkers sometimes have extramarital affairs. It's nothing new. In movies, actors do things with other people that are viewed as things you only do with a spouse. That's called drama. Wrestling has the same elements, why we view this differently or why it's an issue at all is beyond me, but I got caught up in it like everyone else, and isn't that the whole point? It doesn't matter if people like or hate the angle. What matters is we are talking about it. We respond to it. That's their jobs – to get a reaction out of us. It means we care about what's happening for whatever reason. A talent only needs to worry about what people aren't doing. If they receive no feedback in the form of our reactions, they aren't doing their job.

  • It needs to stop maybe try the story with single superstars but a married couple who is still so newly married is so wack! Creating problems in a marriage for no positive outcome is in poor taste. Glad the Maria story was also abandoned. Imagine downgrading your husband for no reason in national television disgusting!!

  • amanda grothmann says:

    i feel bad for lana. i get we aren't in pg era anymore but how wwe thinks its a good idea is beyond me. the reasons it was so entertaining in the past they didnt have the real relationship be known in their storylines. we saw on total divas rusev and lana's wedding for crying out loud. if she is really pregnant this stress wouldn't be good for the mother and baby

  • If Vince likes and wants it. Let him be the ginny pig and say he got a younger female pregnant. She how long Linda (his wife) takes it. Bet it wouldn't be for very long.

  • When you get to the bottom of this thing and dig past the surfaceof it. The real problem is that most of White America hates seeing this beautiful well built white woman with this black machine of a man. That's the first thing. Secondly, they want to play like it's so immoral. However, it pales in comparison to all of the previous immoral acts that WWF have put on. I don't care what anyone says, Lana plays the part extremely to darn well. Having said all of that, if it draws heat, gets people upset and makes them out of great villains, it's a decent story line because it gets good reaction and it's one of the highlights of the evening. It's classical villian stuff. If McMahon and his industry, at the time, didn't tell the industry secrets and everyone didn't blogs and things were kept hush hush and it was still professional wrestling with lock rooms and not dressing rooms, it wouldn't be so bad and they wouldn't have to stoop so low, again. Simple as that.

  • See this is why I don't like storylines like this I couldn't really do that even if I did work for the company I still couldn't do that to my wife have her being in a storyline with another man and act like she's cheated on me with the guy I couldn't do that I don't know how Rusev is liking that yes I get it it's scripted they're trying to make it look like it's really believable I still couldn't do it because looking at my own wife sleeping with another man let alone another man in a different race no pun intended towards Bobby lashley I actually like him he's pretty badass but the whole storyline would really screw with my head I'm pretty sure Rusev would probably agree I don't know how he could do it

  • The worst story line is just playing with their relationship plus I think we could all agree Lana and Bobby do not make a good couple

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