Lady Liberty Watercolor with Ink Underpainting & Granulation Effects

Lady Liberty Watercolor with Ink Underpainting & Granulation Effects

hi there Lindsay here today I want to
share a really fun technique with you that I think might help if you struggle
with painting watercolors and losing your drawing or getting your values
right and we are going to use the help of acrylic ink for this and I’ll give
you some things you can substitute in case you don’t have that
I’ll also list all the supplies I used in the video description and you can
find these supplies at our sponsor Jerry’ I’ll even put a
coupon code in the video description in case you want that so what we’re going
to do here is we’re going to use some colors by Lukas and we’re gonna choose
colors that are earthy and tend to granulate and green Ely means that it
gives you this gorgeous texture on the paper but I wanted to make sure I had
all of my shadows and highlights taken care of before I did that because once I
put the watercolor down I really want to let the paint do its thing we’re also
gonna use some granulation medium that will help the paint do its thing or help
colors granulate that don’t tend to granulate very well so what I’ve done
here is I’ve just put some purple acrylic ink in a palette you can use a
plastic Tupperware lid whatever you have really and the reason I wanted to put it
in a palette is so that I can dilute it as needed if you don’t have a curling
ink what you can do is just take your acrylic paint like in a purple or you
could even use a black if you want but I like to have a color and purple is very
transparent like watercolor but very intense and you’ll just want to water it
down you don’t have to worry about let about your paint under binding when
you’re using it on paper so don’t worry about that with acrylics don’t buy
acrylic ink just for this project if you’re not sure you really love it just
use your acrylic paint if you already have some on hand so I’m starting in by
going in with a round watercolor brush this is one of the Princeton’s snap
watercolor brushes in a size 6 but it’s pointy so you can get a good a
good you know small detail with it and I’m putting in all my darkest values so
the area in the Statue of Liberty’s crown there where it’s really dark
behind the ear I really want to make sure that I have the lights and darks or
my values taken care of at this stage of the game now there’s something I’m
always telling my students and that’s value is King and what
means is that you can have your colors crazy in your painting but if your
lights and darks are right if your values are right the paintings gonna
look good by the way if you would like to try my classes out and save some
money I’ll be running a Labor Day special if you use the coupon code
LD19 you can save 40% off any class now through September 3rd I’ll put that
coupon code and all the information in the video description so you don’t need
to write it down right now so as you’re gonna see on the paper I’m
getting some lighter purple values so what I’ve done is I’ve simply added some
water to my acrylic ink like I mentioned before you don’t have to worry about
thinning it too much if you’re working on paper because paper’s porous it’s
going to bond and it’s still not gonna lift up when we put our watercolors on
top that’s why I’m using acrylics rather than watercolor now if you have acrylic
ink or if you have India ink or any type of waterproof ink that will work just
fine for this so look at your stash and see what you have the basic principle of
this is that you want to be putting these values down on your paper using a
product that is not going to repel your watercolor but is also not going to
dissolve when you paint over it so I would want you to do all your
shading and say colored pencil because the colored pencil would repel your
watercolor if you did this in a shade of watercolor you could if it’s a staining
watercolor so for instance I have a tutorial on my youtube channel that is
doing a bottle of olive oil in a gazai technique and we use neutral tint
because that doesn’t tend to tend to lift once you paint over it but this is
absolutely guaranteed not to lift and it’s just so it’s a little bit easier
you could also use a Derwin intense if you want because that doesn’t lift once
you’ve liquefied it so you know look through your stash you probably have
something that will work even if you don’t have this exact dr. pH Martin’s
acrylic ink that I’m using right now you once your value under painting is dry we
can begin with our watercolor work I’m going to use some colors I don’t
typically use but granule II quite well on their own I’m using gold ochre from
Lucas I’m also going to use cobalt green that’s a very granulating kind of a
spring between a spring and an earthy green I’m gonna use cobalt turquoise as
well because that’s such a nice fresh color and I’m going for the almost
patina’d copper look of the Statue of Liberty and here what I’m adding to
these colors is a granulation medium and this is a product by Windsor Newton I
think other companies make it too but what it does is it really increases the
separation of the pigment particles in the water the last color we’re going to
use I don’t think I’ve ever used before it’s called kaput more to em and it is a
deep deep almost rusty burgundy type of brown and I just thought it was really
nice for what I want those darker shadows now you’re going to take a nice
juicy absorbent brush and wet the entire painting the entire shaded area not the
background the reason we use the acrylic paint is because this way we don’t have
to worry about any of those shadows dissolving and also because I’ll be able
to put down lots of water color lots of water and I don’t have to worry about
losing my shadows the earth tones that we’re using do granulate and give us
that gorgeous texture on their own but colors that do that also have another
characteristic and that’s of being a little bit more opaque than other
watercolors any of your iron base colors any of your mineral base colors they’re
going to tend to sit on top of the paper and that’s why they tend to be a little
bit more opaque whereas your dye base colors tend to absorb into the fibers of
the paper and they’re super transparent they also are difficult to lift so I
figured also the upside of this would be if I got too much color some
then I could always go in and scrub it out like if I lost a highlight but since
these colors are pretty mellow you really don’t have to worry about that so
what I want you to do is look at the reference photo that’s linked down below
and you can use that as a guide for where to put your color or you can hop
over to my blog and you can see a still photo of my finished painting so that
you can you can look at that as well so with all the resources will be linked
down below the key is to have that paper wet and then drip your colors into it
and try not to mess with the colors too much your brush really isn’t doing much
of the coloring the water that’s on the paper
is doing the work as long as you only wet the paper where you want your paint
to go that’s the only place it’s going to go it will follow the path of least
resistance try and use more yellows where you want highlighted or raised
areas and use more of the Browns as you’re getting into the shadows I like
to put the Browns and last because they are so strong your greens and turquoise
can go throughout because that’s going to be the local or base color of that
that statue so have some fun don’t over mix don’t overwork and let the water do
the painting for you once the watercolor layer is dry you
probably noticed some fading with the pigments that’s pretty typical when
you’re working with a really wet background or really wet area your
colors will shift a little bit a little bit lighter and then with the quality of
these colors which are earth tones and sedimentary they will cover up some of
the purple that you have in your under painting so what I’m doing now is I’m
using a dip pen and dipping right into the bottle of acrylic ink and adding
some sharper details I really wanted to bring some emphasis around the eyes
mouth nose face facial features and also get some detail in the hair so any place
where you feel like you want to pump up the detail darken the values you can go
ahead and do that with a dip pen if you’re not comfortable using a dip pen
you could go ahead and use a felt tip marker or any sort of fine liner that
you have you’re not going to be going over this again with watercolor so it
would be alright if you chose a marker or something that was water-based
if you do think you might want to go over again with watercolor then I try to
find a waterproof medium I’m just using the same color that I started with
because I know it’s going to be harmonious with what I already have down
in my painting to keep my hand steady and prevent smudges I have a piece of
scrap paper laid down under my hand this way I can rest my hand on the table
right on the painting without worrying about transferring any lotions or
anything from my hand to the paper and also to keep my hand steady as I do this
fine pen work if your limes feel too harsh you can
soften them with a damp brush you can also use your palate again in some
thinned down acrylic ink to add subtle shades that you want to put here and
there for these darkest values I am using my
brush loaded up full strength with the purple acrylic ink you’ll find that you
probably want to reinforce these darkest values as you go and if you weren’t
brave enough the first time around you can go in and add some darker shadows
any place you need them I hope you enjoy painting with me today
and that this value lesson was instructional and helps you with your
next painting getting those dark darks in there and your light highlights right
off the bat can really help you strengthen your compositions if you are
curious about any of the products I use today you can find them linked down
below to our sponsor Jerry’ along with the 20% off coupon code
so check that out and if you’d like to take another class with me I’ve got a
sale going on 40% off with coupon code LD19 now through September 3rd at my
teachable school thanks for watching until next time happy crafting


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