LA SOCIEDEDAD ENFERMA DEL TELEVISOR ( Puede herir tu sensibilidad )

LA SOCIEDEDAD ENFERMA DEL TELEVISOR ( Puede herir tu sensibilidad )

[ENTER] this is
what we see every day on television and you know what the problem with all this is …
that we are not aware of it, we have it assimilated as the next video we’re going
to see next [VIDEO] news of 3 in the afternoon a deceased
on the ground, relatives with attack of panic and worst of all, a man recording
with the mobile phone the scene and this guy of videos we see it daily in the media
of communication and sell them to us as information but no, it’s not information, this is morbid …
if a media wants to inform of an event simply enough that
report what happened but no, these events they are accompanied by images that generate
I morbid the viewer because the human being is so we eat at the time of the news
and when the presenter tells us “attention the following images may hurt your sensitivity ”
the viewer drops the spoon and focuses on television because the human being is
So, since we were little we have grown up with violence on the TV, with images of this kind,
and this kind of impact image news visual we have them internalized, we are
numb and we live in a society sick, a sick society that at the time
from the newscast while eating dead in the street, images of dead people
by stabbing, shooting, in wars and nor flinches, and a society deeply
sick is
the US Watch the next video. [VIDEO] Shooting in the USA unfortunately is like
I don’t know … how when the fair comes to you town, you see it as a normal thing, to
them a shooting on a Wednesday afternoon It’s a normal thing, to the point that yes
we analyze the video we just saw, in the beginning we see a man who is in
his car hears a gunfight and can’t think of another thing to take out your mobile phone and
start recording because that’s what I said before, we have reached a point where we see such
television violence that no longer affects us, What’s more, we take out our mobile phone,
we get behind the screen to record as mere spectators … I think this
man is oblivious to his reality, anyone in that situation I heard shots, what
first thing is to take the car and leave running, run away from the place but no, this man
It is the clear example of what we are talking about, oblivious to the reality of what is happening there
lower the window and start shooting With your mobile phone. And today that everything
the world has your phone in your pocket believe reporter, and I’m sure a high
percentage of society if I lived in first person a traffic accident, to put
An example, the first thing you would do is take out your mobile phone, to call an ambulance
no, to capture the moment we have grown with the TV showing this daily and I
I challenge you to wear next week the newscast every day and write down the
amount of images of this type of suffering, of morbid, of pain that they see, that they show us
and you will hallucinate and become aware that this is sold to us as something normal, something
that we already have assimilated violence through of the TV that doesn’t even change what I want
with this video is that you become aware of the reality that they relay to us through
of the TV and what they sell us as Information is not information, it is morbid,
violence and sometimes I have the feeling that television really what you want is
numb them about this, maybe take away that part that is more human in quotes
remove it, not to mention those media cases like little Gabriel who had us
a week in vilo broadcasting live the suffering of the family, and that camouflages it
as information, no, it is not information is morbo or the case of the kid east of Totalan
that fell into the well that even on TV they put us here in the corner how much was missing
to come to rescue him and all that live and direct … added to the suffering
of the family … we were broadcast on live and live because behind all the
images that we see of suffering is hidden something, which is manipulation, but hey,
that we are going to leave for another video, the mass manipulation … from the TV,
You have been educated to live in fear, Charlton Heston and his … [MUSIC]


17 thoughts on “LA SOCIEDEDAD ENFERMA DEL TELEVISOR ( Puede herir tu sensibilidad )”

  • en mi casa no vemos la tele, empezamos quitando tele5 hace mas de 15 años y un año después decidimos que la tele nos hacia mas mal que bien, desde entonces somos más felices.

  • Una gran reflexión , lo que me lleva a darme cuenta que contra más solo está Pedro ( en visitas me refiero) más vídeos de reflexión saca . Yo llegué aquí por las malas experiencias 😂 pero no me disgusta este contenido .

  • Yo no veo television, pero veo algunos canales de mierda aki en youtube.
    Los caramierdas de dalas y javiolimierda han hecho un video en contra de podemos

  • No creo que la causa sea la televisión, sino que justamente estas prácticas asquerosas que utilizan en los medios de comunicación son uno de los síntomas más grandes de la falta de empatia de algunas personas. Nunca voy a entender a la gente que envía vídeos así por whatsapp como si fueran un espectáculo, sin pensar que lo que ven detrás de la pantalla conlleva un sufrimiento real. He visto a compañeros de clase aparentemente normales riendose viendo la muerte de personas que ni siquiera conocen…

  • Totalmente de acuerdo, venden morbo por que la gente al final es lo que demanda, y es muy peligroso para las generaciones futuras que lo ven como algo normal.
    Pd: grande ska-p

  • Toda la razón Peter, justo hoy el telediario ha abierto con una pelea en Barcelona con cantanas, hachas etc. Y ponen un vídeo de gente tirada llena de sangre(incluso puede que muerta) y solo con un mínimo pixelado en las caras, pero que se veía todo vamos,hasta podías distinguir las zonas donde tenían cortes, increíble.
    Un saludo!

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