100 thoughts on “Kurdish protesters throw food, rocks at retreating US military”

  • Trump is relocating them to Saudi Arabia and the Israeli territories in Syria to protect the oil, while handing the Kurdish territory to Turkey and Putin… because he's "smarter then the Generals"…

  • President Trump says we don't need to fight wars anymore. Our soldiers don't need to be in endless wars…they don't need to be in harms way…they don't need to die…because now, under his Presidency, we can solve every problem with ECONOMIC SANCTIONS! If Countries don't want to follow our Foreign Policies, we just have to use ECONOMIC SANCTIONS. I guess had he came to this epiphany before we partnered with the Kurds to fight ISIS, we wouldn't be in this mess. Because instead of using the Kurds to help us contain ISIS, we could have just levied ECONOMIC SANCTIONS against ISIS! As a matter of fact, now that we won't be fighting wars anymore…WHY DO WE NEED A MILITARY? President Trump said he REBUILT our military and made it stronger…Why would you do that if we don't need to fight wars anymore? If we can solve every problem with economic sanctions, then why spend all that money rebuilding the military? and did he really make it stronger? If I didn't think I needed something, I certainly would not spend money rebuilding it and making it stronger…that makes no sense. And if it is as strong as he says, then why did he run from Turkey?…maybe he didn't make the US military stronger…maybe he really made it weaker and he got the hell out of Syria because he was SCARED a conflict with Turkey would EXPOSE the fact that he made our military WEAKER not stronger.

  • Donald Trump is too stupid to realize that if Russia controls this entire region it will cause ISIS to be a more dangerous enemy against the USA  ….. Russia has always been an enemy of the USA why can't Trump see this

  • We've been helping, arming, training for many year's and now they throw crap at our troops. They're doing it because they feel the U.S. is abandoning , we didn't have to help in the first place! This is why we shouldn't be fighting for other's! They really do hate Americans.

  • We shouldn’t be in that area unless we’re going to go at it full force and take what we can, such as the oil. In other words, go big or go home! As in conquer it!

  • For those totally Ignorances! US made to promise to Kurds.. if they help to fight ISIS then will protect kurds form Turkey.. Also, Kurds was the only nation who welcomed our troops there while Turkey, Syria, and Iraq militants were attacking US troops. Now, after the fight over Trump told them we no longer friend and have them killed by Turkish.. this is will be documented in our history! We sell our friends & allies!

  • Michael Springer says:

    Shame, shame, shame. Don't blame the Kurds that they trusted us and we kicked them in the teeth. trumps ignorance of the Syrian situation could not be more profound. We had approximately 80 special forces troops working with the local people to organize militarily against a common threat, in this, case ISIS. Oh, they were so successful against ISIS, with our assistance took back their own ISIS conquered territory chased the deep into Syria. Trump also betrayed all those special forces troops that have worked for years. I was Air Force, my father was special forces in Vietnam. His team worked Montagnards. Fortunately for him, we had better presidents then.

  • Throwing rocks at our troops? Gee, when Trump said they were no angels, I didn't realize he would be proved right on video so soon.

  • Who cares. These animals have been killing each other for centuries. Nothing will ever change there. Don’t anyone kid yourself

  • I wonder if the Kerds ever thought of fighting ther own battles. Build a army and go at it .There like a bunch of kids expecting the one kid to protect from the bully in the school yard.

  • How many Trump Towers are there in the Kurdish territories? None. How many are there in Turkey? Two. Why should Trump help the Kurds against the Turks?

  • As a former US service member that served with Kurdish Peshmerga I’m ashamed at how we are abandoning our only true ally in the region. The Kurds are good people and are fierce warriors. It’s disgraceful what we are doing to them.

  • That's "friends' for you. Throwing objects at those that fought for them, gave them weapons, equipment and training. This is why we need to leave Syria. Friends today, enemies tomorrow. We need to take a lesson from the Russian Afghan war where we helped Osama bin Laden and the Mujaheddin fight against Russia and then they turn against us and attack us in the USA.

  • Iraqi opposition will not allow this so called relocation into Iraq soil. Not wise move, inevitably putting pressure to the Iraqi government.

  • Those were not Kurdish protestors. They were Syrians and they don’t want us in their country. Man the media just doesn’t know the truth.

  • Fine way to say thanks for what they did all this time. Why go into Iraq…for God's sake just bring all those troops safely home. Get out of the East.

  • So Trump says he's trying to "end wars" & in the same breath & sentence, say "we may have to get into wars." LMFAO
    Just like he lied & said he's bring home the troops & did nothing but sent them to Iraq.
    He's the war loving Zealot that you dummies thought he wasn't>>>>> because he said so! 😂😂

  • Look like the Kurdish fighters will only trusted the two people is President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama to fix Dumb Trump big mistakes ever.

  • Yall Realize Dumb A$$ chump trashed relationships with Countries Our INTEREST are Aligned. I guess you forgot WW 2. England fought ALONE for 11 MONTHS and 28 days – Darkest Hour (France had Fallen and Russia Invaded) U.S. ENTERED WAR DECEMBER7, 1941.

  • Why do US soldiers need to protect oil field from ISIS if President Donald Trµmp has repeatedly said they have been completely defeated?

  • Oh Great. Now Draft DODGER,
    Crouch Grabber. Showing our miltary how to run away like he did when he DODGED the DRAFT.

  • Wow im so sad to witness world largest military power left its partner in arm to be slaughtered. Hope next generations of Americans knows the friendship, partnership, and price of human life. This generation of americans making us divide especially: senator Mitch the Corrupt, Trump the Bully, Ted Cruz the liar, Fox the Fake news, and Republican the A-holes. Please end this generation with no effect to new generation taking on politics and military. One day some smart and loving person will elected and tax and prosecute these greedy rich people and corrupted officials

  • That's their way of saying we'll miss you, yuk, F them. I just wonder if Graham and Romney threw rocks at the US army too.

  • Bowhunter Jones says:

    Those people who throw things at our troops should use that energy to fighting for them selves defend your own home they want our troops to die for their home land if the cowards won't fight for themselves let them die

  • William Carlile says:

    Retreating is not the correct word in this situation…the troops are simply leaving. I can think of a few choice words for the people throwing rocks and food as well!

  • They through potatoes because they didnt want Americans there.
    You copy video from Abc and lied they felt betray.
    No they didn't want us there in first place.
    Syria Videos prove this.
    They don't like America stealing their oil.
    Stop lying to the public Shep Smith the 2nd.

  • So let me guess… (fox news) thinks that this was important to show us because why??? I'll tell you why. They want to infer that this is Trumps fault. They want click bait. There is NO OTHER reason to show us this, other than to smear. Does one American care that a few people are throwing food at soldiers? No..they don't.

  • You americans understand nothing! Those people feel betrayal of US. Because Erdogan started invasion after US escape. US just take their Oil and when it is danger for them just leave.

  • Horses are cool says:

    These are the people who CNN and the rest of the corrupt liberal media proclaim as ‘ our friends ‘. Looks how they treat our Troops who have protected them, feed them and housed them.. With ‘ friends ‘ like this who needs enemy’s? We need to get out of the Middle East for good never get involved in the Middle East again!

  • I’m honestly surprised they stopped. I would’ve just keep driving. If they want to headbutt my front bumper then so be it

  • Those were nbc reporters throwing rocks
    Liberal media idiots .
    Ask yourself why we can't secure our southern border were 33000 murders happen every year. But Democrats want to stay in Syria.? Could it be both democrats and Republicans who own stock in defense contractors are looking for there wallets .to fatten up. Insider trading is out of control in DC .
    Biggest crime wave in 20 century.
    Pelosi and Biden are just the tip of the ice berge. Clinton s strait crooks

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  • It is a shame that Turkey is in NATO. Turkey is the country that send the French Foreign Legion to Syria in 2011 to start the destruction of Syria. Turkey created ISIS and purchased the oil ISIS stole from Syria. Now they invaded Syria as well.

  • Long standing NATO ally, you mean the Turks who've been shielding ISIS, who've been buying oil from ISIS, who stood at the border and watched through field glasses while ISIS murdered Christians and Yazidis…Kurds better make a deal with Assad and Putin because Erdogan that Long standing NATO ally is bringing ISIS back.

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