Kudlow: ‘No question unemployment will be very bad’ in coming weeks


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  • These dumb antirepublic liberals! We need to ropem up and put them on reservations. Makem live next to the Siwash!

  • Well the chain of command bla bla bla…Will the sailors on that ship feel that they are being taken care of. me thinks not. The Navy is worried more about the chain of command than the health of ordinary service people. This idiot keeps repeating the chain of command and not once did he mention the well being of the personnel on the boat or that was even a minor consideration… I would not want to be on that boat

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    The GOP voter Ad Fox is afraid to run: “Even though I’ve been a Republican all my life, I can’t support Trump and his response to the coronavirus is exactly why,” five “real Republican voters” from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona take turns saying in the 33-second clip.
    “He told us this infection would just go away, even as it ripped across other countries,” the voters continue. “He’s been lying to us about available testing. He has squandered the one advantage that America had: time to prepare.” No doubt about it: Chump has totally failed to lead during this crisis.

  • Stanley Draper says:

    This is just dem losers trying to cash in on the $600 a week. I see it in my town. All the Trump haters waiting for cash. But you don't get unemployment if you quit. Trump also warned against grifters; companies/individuals who "fire" and rehire. Laid off is not fired. Everybody is using the virus to get over.

  • If you call a 'rim' job followed by America turning into Zimbabwe 'help', then what would a savior be?? Getting your head chopped off??

  • Loans on top of a Bigger loan??? I see a crash and burn coming. $600 Billion, yeah, our Children's Children's will be knee high in this.

  • 10 million people have applied for unemployment benefits in the last 2 weeks???? Someone is drinking there bathwater! Oh S.B.A. is the slowest Agency in the world! The PPP application is at this time only giving get in line? Great shall I tell my landlord just wait?

  • Remember everyone you don't have to pay your bills max out your credit cards refinance your house borrow all the money you can and in a few years file bankruptcy

  • They talk as if we have no clue that there are jobs being lost!
    The whole world is shut down and you’re like “uhhh it looks like we will be losing some more jobss uh virtually theee uh website uh is ready to go and uhh the most important part is the economy keep the employees uhh and key point and……..” go get lost!

  • That number is a joke. People cannot even get the CARE Act funds they need. It's going to get worse through the summer. More people will lose jobs. More people will lose insurance in the face of COVI-19 which will wipe out almost any uninsured family where somebody gets the virus. Biden doesn't care.

  • 7064 American Deaths Thus Far & Counting. As an American; this is an absolute shame. Trump, Fox News, Ingraham, & Hannity Only Continue To Fail Us.

  • IMurderdTheDevil says:

    Well the democrats wanted BIG GOVERNMENT and now they have it. the government shut down the economy and health care prices will go up.

  • Clarence Curry says:

    Sandra…another Fox opposition player. We'll remember who pulled with the President and those behind him, and we'll remember those who used this tragedy to push distrust, anxiety and confusion. We'll remember.

  • Ozzie Del Real says:

    No hyperinflation or depression, here's why,
    Not even with this record stimulus of 2.2 trillion we wont. Right now we have about 3-5 inflation rate, with this record stimulus that should increase it to 6-8 inflation rate. To go into a depression you have to first have hyperinflation then depression begins. So we would need an inflation rate of over 50 for hyperinflation to begin let alone a depression. (This for the US only, hyperinflation is the only way we ca go into a depression, again because we hold the reverse currency obviously besides WW3)

    Next, the US holds the reserve currency of the world which means that gives the fed the power to create and unlimited amount of money. Yes our national debt is extremely high, you ask yourself how can we still continue and not collapse, again because we hold the reserve currency. Every other country in the world would need to collapse before the US could. Don't get me wrong, I was a believer, I did the research, gold and silver fanatic, listened to Peter Schiff etc. But when you come back down to reality you see that the reserve currency gives the holder that power, it's as simple as that. It would take trillions upon trillions more to even increase inflation rate for the reserve currency to have a significant inflation rate, simple as 123. Don't get wrong either, it does do wealth distribution, OMG millionaires and billionaires get even wealthier in times like these on so many levels and reasons.

    I was just reading this article explaining how the 2008 bailout continued behind the scenes and turned into a multi trillion dollar bailout. Man, if a billion dollar bailout behind the scenes turned out to be a multi trillion dollar bailout then I dont ever want to know what this trillion dollar bailout will turn out to be behind the scenes.

    Nonetheless, Zach Carter of Huffington Post wrote that it "is not an economic rescue package, but a sentence of unprecedented economic inequality and corporate control over our politics that will resonate for a generation". He views the restraints as "purely cosmetic" and "toothless". More significantly, he notes that "$425 billion … can be leveraged 10 times over by the Federal Reserve, resulting in a multi-trillion-dollar program". That gooses it up to the sort of fun numbers that were taking place behind the curtain after 2008. Meanwhile, the New York Times did a story, In Fine Print of Stimulus Package, Special Deals for Certain Industries. It demonstrated that the unprecedented rescue package was still, at least in part, business as usual. 
    In spite of the negatives and the risks, the package represents a real political and philosophical change. We are at last moving on from Reagan's "The most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'," to "We need the government to help. Nobody else can help. Here we are." That new and improved attitude is not limited to America. It is showing up in the UK and in Germany, as well.

  • Silent Majority says:

    Dam right we should investigate!!!!
    February 27, 2020, during a private luncheon, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, Republican, told the small North Carolina State Society audience, (his owners.donors), that the virus was “much more aggressive in its transmission than anything that we have seen in recent history” and “probably more akin to the 1918 pandemic.”

    Trump February 27, 2020, coronavirus cases will soon go from 15 to "close to zero."

  • Hey Larry! I thought you said you had it contained. it's a good thing I ignored you and bought my toilet paper before the truth came out.

  • Dennis Lawrence says:

    Capitalists , including Trump sent businesses overseas to make more profits at the expense of the American workers. Trump should lead the way and bring his businesses back to America. America First?.what a joke on you Rubes.

  • Red Dragon Slayer says:

    How did we get in this position what caused the situation to happen? We depended on a country that doesn't care about its own people that uses them to sell body parts, no freedom of speech and basically wants to rule the world and would have no problem taking us out. we dependent on a totalitarian roofless godless country to Do business with. We can produce most of what we need here and deal with other countries that have a higher standard for human existence instead of a country that only wants to achieve money and power. Is this a wake-up call Did God just slap us in the face trying to wake us up. We wanted to lift this country up to the standards of the world but its government wants to basically rule it. So I asked the question when this is over with will it be business, as usual, or will we learn to stand on our own and don't focus so much on profit if we don't we are no better. The CCP is the right hand of the devil.

  • I wonder what will happen, if people cant work till end of summer… I dont think we all will be able to go back to work until the fall…I a m a bit confused about hospitals and treatments…So if people get sick and get in icu because of coronavirus they still will need to pay for this treatment? If yes, its just crazy, people will loose all money… Treatment should be free…
    I Film vlogs about coronavirus situation in LA if anyone interested to check them out, feel free to visit my channel.

  • Jackye Ferreira says:

    The Washington Post reported that the IRS draft plan “would distribute paper checks to the lowest-income Americans first, prioritizing payments for individual taxpayers with incomes of $10,000 or less on April 24.”

    “Checks for earners of $20,000 or less would be in the mail May 1, followed by those with incomes of $30,000 on May 8, $40,000 on May 15, and continuing in income increments of $10,000 each week,” according to the Post. “The IRS plans to issue about 5 million checks each week.”

    Late Wednesday, the Trump administration reversed policy guidance that would have required millions of Social Security recipients to file a tax return in order to receive their payments. However, critics said the reversal needlessly leaves out many SSI recipients and veterans, potentially causing massive delays in payments.

    “These are important members of our communities living with additional burdens in this pandemic,” Chuck Marr, senior director of federal tax policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, wrote in a blog post Thursday. “There’s no reason to add to that burden by making them navigate filing a tax return when their government has all it needs to deposit a rebate in their bank account.”

  • Colette Hulett says:

    Where are the investigative journalists??? Have you all forgotten the Watergate work?? Everyone is falling into the blame game trap exactly as planned by the controllers, like a bunch of lemmings. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look into the devastating effects of 5G technology on the human body. OBVIOUSLY if the immune system is destroyed by radiation from the towers a toxic response will be the result. You don't even have to leave your desks. The mind boggles!

  • Remember the elites were losing the trust of the working people worldwide.
    It looks like they are taking back control.

  • The Positive Bear says:

    They have no plan to get this economy going again, especially if they keep listening to doctors who haven't a clue about people suffering.

  • Sick of media drilling on this matter. Every ding dong knows that this is a real tough time for everyone. And there is NO silver bullet that can solve this right now. Be positive, stay positive rather than listening to these media people. They can't even offer a solution. So please shut the front door!

  • Republicans hate goverment in good times because they don't want to pay taxes and scream for goverment when everything goes pear shaped.

  • The huge mishandling of this crisis is just Trump’s tactic to get Mexico to pay for the wall (after this Canada will probably pay for one too)


    "We have contained the coronavirus…it’s pretty close to air-tight".
    — Larry Kudlow, White House National Economic Council Director, February 25, 2020

  • Horacio Gonzalez says:

    1200 dollars isn't going to do jack for people. There is no "help" coming. When you gave up rights in exchange for this shutdown you created a communist state where you no longer have any rights or opportunity. How do I know? I came from communism country and this is exactly what happen. Gov take all jobs away. Then call cops on people for being outside or doing anything like breathing air. This is how it starts. Unless shutdown ends communism is your only future. – Horacio

  • This is happening in every Western country in the world also. So don't let the dems use this as political gain. Unemployment went from 4% – 20% in my country. I'm absolutely delighted trump is in the white house (and hopefully for another 4 years) because when this virus is gone he'll be the main person to get economy going AGAIN and when America is doing well the west also does well 100%.

  • Democrats work like communist in every way. I see none communists countries with less money Politicians working together and the Communists letting people died

  • As part of the stimulus package we need to abolish the income tax forever The income tax is the 2nd plank to the communist  manifesto and abolishing it forever will make us a tax haven. Abolishing the income tax will make us great.

  • The people from Spain are fighting together to get money to buy supplies and fighting against the Socialist Communist Government that want people to go to work not follow Doctors advices and worst of all not buying supplies for hospitals letting 65 and up people to died because there’s no ventilators for all. The same is happening with New Yorkers.

  • In Australia the government pays $1500 per fortnight to each employee that was on the books 30th March (even if they were fired). It's called the Jobkeeper payment and is paid regardless of if the business is able to operate during social distancing and lockdown. Businesses can choose to pay extra wage on top of this.
    The Jobkeeper payment will be reassessed in 6 months and likely extended until businesses can get back on their feet. Businesses also have access to large interest free loans and other support from federal and state government.
    Government is also looking at suspending mortgage payments and commercial lease payments for small businesses.
    Standard unemployment payment has been increased by $550 a fortnight and waiting times reduced from 6 weeks to approx 2 weeks. Eligibility has been opened up so those with assets or a working partner get access to full unemployment payment, which would have been impossible earlier this year.
    The Australian government's intervention and support means there is light at the end of the tunnel. There will be businesses, there will be jobs, there will be a workforce. Landlords can't evict, utilities can't be disconnected. Essential workers get free childcare.
    I never thought our conservative government could pull it together, a government I would never have considered voting for probably has my vote next election.

  • What do you want him to do? Pull a rabbit out of his hat? This is not his fault and he is doing a hell of a lot to blunt the damag that China has done to us.

  • If a country's economy is performing well, why are expenditures persistently exceeding revenues? Simple question Larry and, you know the answer. When debt accumulation persistently exceeds the productive ability to service that debt, the economy is not performing well.

  • save ur selves  you can demand this drugs under trumps right to try and live    hydroxychloroquine  and a antibiotic  z pack as trump has told us  its saving  all who take it  who are not  too far gone anyway

  • Under Trump : 245,573 cases and 6,058 deaths (deaths are most likely and mainly the very elderly and those who have a compromised immune system). Compared to CDC report on Swine Flu under Obama: 57,000,000 cases; 257,000 hospitalized; 11,690 deaths. Obama waited until millions were infected and about 1,000 deaths happened BEFORE he acted. Where was the shelter in place order then? Why no shut down of the nation? Why no media hype and scare? Obviously, we KNOW the answers? ?

  • I get to sit in my bedroom for one month watching Perfect Strangers because some short little Chinaman ate a diseased bat! You don't believe me? "Don't be reeeedeeeculous! It's all true! ?

  • Larry, please shut down New York and other hot spots but open the rest of the country. We can’t afford to close down the entire country any longer! Please…

  • Trump worked really hard to undo all the good left behind from Obama. Looks like trump will finally bankrupt America with his ineptitude.

  • Grandma Dynomite Grandma Dynomite says:


  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen says:

    This is crazy ! Wish this could open so employees will be at work! It's not fare!!!???????⚒????

  • Keith E. Bilitsky says:

    I think the economy is going to skyrocket once this virus is under control. It's just logical if you give the workers a pay check and keep the business solvent, people and small business's when they open there doors , are going to go right back to work without skipping a beat. I have faith in this plan.

  • The unemployment be very bad for American people for 3 M for Deep State for who get donations for who make profit with medicine in America from China or for who work for American people ?

  • Kate100294764 says:

    Where is Dr AiFen艾芬? She was the one who provided the information to whistle blower DrLiWenLiang, and she gave an interview showing proof that she had, back in December 2019, alerted Chinese authorities of the highly contagious SARS-like virus. She has gone missing since giving this interview

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