Kristen Stewart Fights “All Things That Suck” with Charlie’s Angels

Kristen Stewart Fights “All Things That Suck” with Charlie’s Angels

-Let’s talk “Charlie’s Angels.
-Okay. -Congrats on this.
That’s super fun. -Thanks.
-This is Elizabeth Banks directing.
-Yes. -And you get to be
very funny in this, which I love
to see your funny side. You don’t get to do that man
comedies and funny stuff. -Yeah, yeah. It was fun. It was fun to do it with her
because she’s, like, very funny to me.
-Yeah. She actually is, yeah.
-Yeah. She’s really funny. I always joke around,
like, I genuinely think that if something’s
supposed to be funny, I will, like suck the funn
out of it. Like, I will just, like — all
the air in the middle of the – -What are you talking about?
-Well, just — I mean, like — -We always have fun on my show
You’re always funny. -I mean, you know,
I’ll take that, but all I’m saying is
I felt safe doing it with her, and I kind of just knew
that she’s such a winner. That girl doesn’t lose. -Yeah.
-Do you know what I mean? Like, she’s just so —
And I’m so proud of the movie. As far as I’m concerned, like,
she knocked it out of the park [ Cheering ]
-Oh! Get the reference, yo Um, can you set up the movie
at all? What do people have to expect if they don’t know the TV sho
or the other movies? -Okay. So, well, the Charlie’s Angels
are a network of women across the globe
working together to fight all things that suck. And so we’re like
a philanthropic company, and initially, like in the show,
there’s three girls. There’s three of us
in this as well. We’re a team,
but it’s actually — the company’s really grown And so it’s like, you know
the idea that Charlie is really
just what connects us all and makes us stronger and better
and able to sort of — just, you know,
strength in numbers and girl power and all of that And it’s fun, and it’s, like stupid sometimes
in the best way, ’cause, like,
girls know how to be silly and, like,
weird with each other. -Yeah, and you wear wigs
and it’s fun. -Yeah, it’s fun. It’s fun.
-It’s just fun. I want to show everyone a clip Here’s the super cool,
super fun Kristen Stewart in “Charlie’s Angels.” Take a look. [ Bell dings ] [ Grunting ] -Bosley!
-Here, Angels. -[ Sighs ]
-Ah. Oh, this looks very promising. Outstanding. But what about
Australian Johnny? -Ta-da.
-[ Exhales ] Oh, you’re gonna regret this
-Yeah. -I was gonna give you the world.
-The thing is you just talk way too much, an
you’re super clingy, and you come on way too strong -And you are the most incredible
woman that I’ve ever met. -I know. So, that’s four month’s
surveillance, two countries, and the most embarrassing date
I have ever been on in my life Are we good?
-I will address this to the US Justice Department along with, uh,
all your new friends here. We’re good to go.
-Sweet. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] That is Kristen Stewart,
everybody, knocking it out of the park.
-That’s right! -“Charlie’s Angels”
is in theaters November 15th See her, obviously, on “Saturday
Night Live” this weekend.


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