Kristen Bell Divulges a Secret About the Breakout Song of ‘Frozen 2’

Kristen Bell Divulges a Secret About the Breakout Song of ‘Frozen 2’

By the way, I just
saw the movie. It’s amazing. You are tremendous in it. Thanks. It is better than the first. I love it. I can’t wait. Better than the first one? Yes, yes. There are songs
adults will love. There is a song by
Kristoff that is literally, it is the most hilarious, it may
be the funniest, coolest thing. It’s so great. I mean, it might be one
of the breakout songs because we actually
just shot a very fun– Weezer covered it and did
a very fun music video and you might know
somebody who’s it. It’s a really cool. Me? Am I in it? No, you, you! Me. That’s me. Got it, got it. You’re right. Got it, got it. It’s great. I’m very proud of it. And you just must be so happy. I am. The fact that it’s
been, you know, being part of some
sequels myself, like “Hangover II,”
“Hangover III,” when sometimes the anticipation
and the years’ buildup, it just must be so
nice to have it– That’s it’s here. Yeah, it’s here! Yes. And also because I,
again, in my desperation to show my kids I’m cool, I told
them everything about the plot, like, two years ago. And then it occurred to me, oh,
I’m in breach of my contract. So, I signed an NDA and I
did not have them sign NDAs, so I’m two weeks out from the
heart palpitations of them spilling the beans
and Disney suing me. I’ve got two more weeks
to go and then I’m no longer in breach, so I’m
very excited that the movie’s finally here. That totally is awesome. [APPLAUSE] Speaking of Disney, you also
have a new show for Disney+. Yes. Which I think truly is
maybe the most proud I’ve ever been of a project. And it’s called “Encore.” It’s called “Encore.” It’s unscripted, but it
is entirely positive. We take former high school
musical theater casts, we reunite them, and they have
to do their show in six days. So it’s very funny because no
one fits into their costume anymore. But we have– we
used millennials, we used baby boomers, we
have people who haven’t seen each other in 45 years. So emotional. And it’s just so uniting,
it’s so positive, it’s so fun to watch,
and it’s the thing I think I’m most proud of
that I’ve ever been a part of. Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to see it. You have “Encore” on
Disney+, “Frozen 2” in theaters November 22. Please give it up
for Kristen Bell.


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