15 thoughts on “KPIX Sunday Morning News Wrap”

  • the groove machine says:

    When he says the cookies are flying out the door he is a liar. Used as frisbees or door stops maybe. Weird stuff.

  • "Todays top stories" lol, all media outlets are gonna ride the fear pushing agenda as long as it has clout!!! Turn off the news, stay safe, and take care of ea other ??????????

  • Everyone's been great during this crisis, except the moral lacking american citizen backstabbing politicians that lied early on in order to sell stocks before the market fell, then do buy backs of those same stocks when corporate welfare money went out.

  • Civil unrest is now happening in Southern Italy, but they have 4 or 5 more months left inside maybe, tanks and troops on the streets soon? Never say never! We didnt think it could happen here, remember? If they let them out, restart the economy the virus could make a comeback, if we wait 5 months it could still make a comeback, with a vaccine it could still make a comeback. The virus is at every place still open, thats why they closed everything else. Anywhere theres/was people you can get it, its airborne. Not much will change this Summer and when it gets hot, not many have air-conditioning, they will be bored looking for places to go. We might be inside through Labor Day, hope its Memorial Day or Independence Day, but I dont think so

  • The attempt at narratives that are both devoid of information and yet meant to evoke a feeling state, is at this time so obvious and vapid that one wonders if the anchor himself cannot take it anymore and just wants to shout fucci is a plastic figurehead representing very little factual data!!! No probably not. The anchor just keeps eating cookies..

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