KoreanBilly on BBC North West Tonight News!

KoreanBilly on BBC North West Tonight News!

now it is one of Britain’s most distinctive dialects and now the Scouse accent is reaching a whole new global audience thanks to a South Korean internet star and his interpretation of it wouldn’t seem that one coming would you seongjae Kong otherwise known as Korean Billy is a YouTube vlogger who has found international stardom with his take on UK dialects I’d love to know what he makes of a Stoke one it’s his Liverpudlian lingo though that’s helped him to go viral in Haslam has been to see him all right ler gotta go and see our kid in the Aussie doctor he was Bala I’m going to a stop with some scrambler I need new club Ola his Scouse tutorials have been watched by millions and now Korean Billy’s back in his favourite city what’s that I am suffering la just being put up a tequila you’ve been for the brothel ah who’s a fellow four years ago I used to live in Preston as an exchange student and over there all my classmates were scousers so I couldn’t help picking up their accents and learnt more about you know skulls words and phrases from them I just you know found out their scousers are friendly as well so I kind of like got naturally got into their accident as well and Liverpool is kind of my second home Billy’s here on holiday and to brush up on his cows I have to go and see my brother in the hospital gonna go and see how getting the Aussie we’re in hospital last week and there’s no television so jumping up on YouTube so for the whole four days while we were there we just watched part 1 part 2 part 3 what’s a Fraser you you could teach Billy the jigger did you what up the entry the jigger between the two houses like again oh yeah got me for that go off the jigger yeah be careful you say don’t see ya go did you get but he means breakfast and break a can also be spelt with BR a double KY yeah yeah sure yeah why is Billy such a hit the YouTube thing for sure yeah that’s boss laughs what do you think we Scouts accent I think it needs a bit away but it’s getting there you might also have seen Billy’s baby shark parody that also went viral just realized that so many people have watched my videos in the pill how does that make you feel well I feel like you know I’m not lonely anymore no filler I came here by myself but I feel like I’ve got lots of scouts mates now I know I’m from like the town at the YouTube so did you uh I did around for the mahi Freki in it Billy’s now planning another Scouts video but I’m just gonna have a boss time and live up here for the rest of my day tada lows he’ll be back Ian Haslam BBC Northwest tonight’s Liverpool love him don’t they do you know what isn’t it a reflection on the on the way of the world though that everyone in Liverpool knew Billy an Ian Haslam who’s on the telly almost every night oh sure they knew him Billy can’t they were started by Connor do with Stoke actions Duke Simon no idea what would say most the time [Music]


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