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  • Malik has produced a series of film experiments which have grown repetative and structurally lax.  His work is increasinly a collection of pretty post cards with disjointed narration. It's not poetic. It's not even original because the style has been used since the early 1980's with Koyaanisqatsi and to better effect without the dull, first year university "woe is I" existentialist first person narration.

  • I felt this had a darker tone throughout it more than most of Malick's other films. There were breaks for sure, but I feel what made a lot of his other films more successful was the contrast. For instance, the scenes with the natives in the beginning of New World being contrasted with the scenes where he returns to the camp during the winter or the scenes on the island with the natives in Thin Red Line being contrasted with the war scenes. There's this indescribable joy in watching certain scenes. I didn't feel that as much in this film and, as a result, wasn't impacted as emotionally as I was with many other Malick films. However, I still feel like I got my money's worth for a Malick film. Just not as much as with other ones.

  • Callum Shepherd says:

    Why do people always use the word pretentious when they really don't understand how to use the term? Malick does his stuff, why come here and describe it as 'pretentious' or 'self-indulgent'. It's Malick you silly bastards. He is one of the few directors who put the 'art' into cinema, and 'pretentious' is a simple way to describe something you don't – or won't – understand.

  • Daymen Lewis says:

    Prompous, Pretentious, ARTSY FARTSY………..Terrance Malick……..Most overrated filmmaker ever. YAAAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNNNN……….

  • Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Yes, sex sells. Thats why Hollywoord create perverse youth today with no moral values. So, somebody already asking why China banned Hollywood movies and all perversion that comes from Western world.

  • Sardonic Sage says:

    The cinematography looks decent but it looks like a story of the trappings of excess. I can't relate because I don't have shit. I think I will pass. I wonder what it is really like to be beautiful and get everything you want.

  • Well this was a trippy, pretty hard-to-put-into-words, almost "spiritual" experience or journey …the movie that is. It triggered a lot of emotions in me and had me entranced…mesmerized by what I was seeing, which wasn't much, but at the same time was soo much! Very weird, for sure, and not all of it was clear and spelled out for you, but damn… it was something 😔. It's definitely gonna stick with me for a while…and that haunting soundtrack!! 🎶 That's probably going to be stuck in my head even longer. 😖

  • Nathan Myers says:

    Big Malick fan, and this movie was his worst. Unless you really like staring at the back of Christian Bale's head — then it's great.

  • Just watched it, what a shitty movie, half of the film him having sex with young beautiful girls and the other half walking around the city saying meaningless things. No story line.

  • Damazy Włodarczyk says:

    this malick bullshit started with tree of life, then to the wonder, then this, all disasters, empty, vapid, pseudo-poetical, stupid movies with nothing to say but big important life truths covered in empty bullshit upon bullshit layers of bullshit, FRAGRANCE COMMERCIALS

  • Terrance Mallick, where do you begin?  Well one of these days he is going to make the greatest movie that can be made, he really is, the problem is he needs actors to do it and they don't have his vision. When he can find an actor that has his vision than find a writer who has the same, I believe he can creat something truly amazing, something that we have never seen before something that we will love. the problem is there are to many ifs, I think he has the actor in Brad Pitt, I have not the writer or neither does Mallick. That is the problem, he probably should think of doing something about God, but he may be an atheist, but one thing I can tell you there is an absolute masterpiece in him that he comes close to making, but he has not, yet.

  • Cats with Firecrackers says:

    Mankind's search for ___ and you can fill in the blank. Sure there is redemption, if you sincerely desire redemption. Depending on your belief system, You may or may not find it here on this earthly plain. Be reassured, provision has been made for those desire redemption and so much more. The journey is the path we all make to our final destination. We may take a different route than others on our soul's journey, but we all have a final destination. Thus, the search or exploration is the quest to find our answers to our questions, hopes, desires, and dreams. There would be no hope for film, much less mankind without the exploration, regardless of where you start. To believe mankind is the final and only answer would be like living without ever loving someone and being loved, or hope for mankind's quest to find ____.

  • Juan Diego Escobar Alzate says:

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  • I understand why people dislike Malick's films, and I think it's fine, but I'd take something like this any day over another fucking "cinematic universe" film which is made just for the money.

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